Finally…”The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer

The new Batman trailer was released this weekend, and crap, does it look awesome.

You Hornballs have been subjected to much “breaking” Dark Knight Rises news since the summer, and inundated with footage from the shoots themselves. Some of you probably wondered how it all would translate up on screen. The answer: wonderfully.

Couple things to note…first is the obvious “Occupy:Gotham” message from Catwoman to Gotham’s wealthiest man, Bruce Wayne: “You’re all gonna wonder how you could ever live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” Knowing that Nolan’s crew filmed near the Occupy Wall Street movement, one could be led to believe that the mass-movement led by Bane is Occupy-like in nature. Will this still be relevant come June, or stale after the movement dies from Winter and local-government attacks?

The other thing to note: just how creepy the damn chanting is. Composer Hamz Zimmer asked fans across the world to record themselves chanting something that sounds like “De-Shey Bashara” (the preview says it means “rise”) and the result is downright creepy as hell.

Also, will someone please tell me if that Hines Ward TD will count? I’m deciding whether or not to start him this week…

As for the line I’ll be quoting for the next 6 months? Bane to a broken Bruce Wayne: “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die”.

Oh, Summer 2012 can’t come soon enough.