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I know, I know. There was no Monday Crap for you Horn-balls, but the Ryno’s been just too damn sick to even turn on the computer. But as the world never stops throwing this Crap up, I figured I’d give you a little somethin-somethin to get yourself going on this Tuesday.


Kim Jong Il Dead

From Il to Un. Kim Jong-Il died on Saturday night, and for a while, the world had no idea. Think about that for a second. The man once named by Junior President Bush as one of the 3 most evil men in the world passed “peacefully” aboard his train, yet no one knew who was to take over the rogue nation.

Kim Jong-Il took over North Korea when his Father died in 1994, but he wasn’t the full leader (think uniting the championship belts) until 1997. Since then the diminutive dictator has made it his job to provoke/terrorize the world while doing nothing to help his 24 million people climb out of the dark ages. At 69 years old, Il died in his sleep, reportedly from “great mental and physical strain”. I’m sorry, but this particular conspiracy theorist doesn’t believe any piece of news coming out of that country, even more so when it has to do with the death of a leader. A 69 year old man doesn’t usually die in such a way.

Il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-Un was named successor over his two older brothers and his brother-in-law. Make no mistake, no one likes to be passed over, and all three might seek to usurp the throne away from the younger Big Un. But for now, the chubby 26/27 year old (his age is uncertain, his obesity isn’t)  with a reported penchant for videogames and NBA basketball, heads the 4th largest standing army in the world and the nuclear weapons that come with it. No one can tell for sure what the kid’s policies will be, but considering he was hand-picked by his father over his two brothers, one has to assume it will be more of the same.

What’s scariest is that North Korea didn’t announce Il’s death until 2 days later. How did the world miss this? What the hell happened in that 2 days, and should the world be crapping its pants knowing that a power-play in the rogue nation was likely in play? Or should the pants-crapping be saved for waiting to see what the kid will do with his new-found nuclear arsenal?

Take a look at the video below to see the ridiculousness of the forced hysteria in North Korea. You only react like this when your child dies, not when your leader passes who has starved you and your people for 20+ years. So were they forced to act like this in front of the camera or are they all brainwashed? Man that country scares the hell out of me.

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Obama’s Secret Drone War

Pakistan — We don’t talk a lot about the war in Pakistan, primarily because legally speaking, we aren’t at War with Pakistan. How does that piece of news play to the anywhere between 1,350 to 2,250 people killed in US Drone strikes in Pakistan over the last 3 years? Since September alone, over 60 people have been killed, but the White House only claims 1, Janbaz Zadran, a top official in the Haqqani insurgent network. Its this type of info that gets lost when the CIA is running a secret war.

The reason we don’t talk about it is because Pakistan is our “ally” in the war on terror, but a great deal of the campaign is fought inside Pakistani borders. Pakistan is largely a lawless tribal land, and the only way to maintain a government over Tribes is to do a lot of shady shit to appease each one.  In too many cases, that means supporting, or harboring terror. The US doesn’t want to talk about it, but Pakistan screws us just as much as it helps us. Unfortunately, we need their land as a staging ground for most of our middle east strikes and we need their intelligence service, for what ever that amounts to.

But now there is so much heat around the US Predator Drone Strikes constantly underway in Pakistan taking out “Terrorists”. The US says the bombings are critical strikes on high value targets, but Pakistanis say too many of their children and family members are slaughtered in the strikes. While I’m assuming that many targets have been taken out by these strikes, the fact that the CIA is leading them makes me think that we’ll never get the truth. I’m guessing that the high-value targets are repeatedly “hiding” among civilians, and the CIA considers those acceptable losses. Obviously the Pakistanis do not, but rather than helping the US limit these losses, they repeatedly play their shady games which leads to further confusion and loss.

Either way, more information is surely needed, but Obama’s White House doesn’t want to share any. So for now this is all conducted in secret, which is a surefire way to piss many people off. Pakistan might be our “ally” but they certainly are not our friend. Its only a matter of time before they become complete enemies, and an unstable enemy with nuclear weapons isn’t ideal.

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"I ran on a policy on ending unilateral if I don't call it a war, then I never lied, right?


A Tech-Look into the Future

MSNBC ran a cool article about a couple of things we can expect to see in the near future. One of the ideas is that our bodies can be used as batteries. Before you start thinking all Matrix-y, its the use of the kinetic energy created by our bodies. Batteries that charge by movement could be placed in your shoes and provide enough power for your phone, your iPod, or even your pocket-vibrator.

Another cool thing to look forward to is the software behind Watson, the Jeopardy computer, will help personal computers/smartphones file and recall information in such a way that will help determine personal preferences way beyond anything Siri can do for you. This is pretty awesome in daily life, but could be potentially harmful if hackers/con-men/government can garner information about you in such a way and use it against you.

Such is the constant debate with emerging technologies: ease vs. privacy. Do you feel like technology is giving you more than its taking away?

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Life was easier with Duracell


Paying it Forward

There’s something weird going on this holiday season, and its a “weird” I’m happy to hear about. Seems that anonymous donors are showing up at K-marts across the country and paying off other people’s layaway accounts. Customers arrived to either pay for the gifts they put on layaway (or to make up excuses why they couldn’t pay but still needed the gifts in time for the holidays) and were told by K-Mart employees that their bills were paid in full. The donors didn’t want to be recognized, only to remain anonymous and let others enjoy their holidays.

In one case, a woman in an Indianapolis K-Mart paid off more than 50 layaway accounts, then handed out $50 bills to people standing in line. According to the Sun-Herald:

“She was doing it in the memory of her husband who had just died, and she said she wasn’t going to be able to spend it and wanted to make people happy with it.” The woman did not identify herself and only asked people to “remember Ben,” an apparent reference to her husband.

As one lucky recipient said “It made me believe in Christmas again.” It’s wonderful to see those who have sharing with those that don’t. Life isn’t always about hoarding wealth, but sharing it with others. After all, is true wealth just coins in your pocket, or is it the satisfied soul?

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Shop at K-Mart and your bill might be paid by someone else? Great marketing campaign or nice people?

Dark Knight Rises

The new Batman trailer was released this weekend, and damn does it look awesome. You Hornballs have been subjected to so much “breaking” Dark Knight Rises news since the summer, and inundated with footage from the shoots themselves. Some of you probably wondered how it all would translate up on screen. The answer: wonderfully.

Couple things to note…first is the obvious “Occupy:Gotham” message from Catwoman to Gotham’s wealthiest man, Bruce Wayne: “You’re all gonna wonder how you could ever live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” Knowing that Nolan’s crew filmed near the Occupy Wall Street movement, one could be led to believe that the mass-movement led by Bane is Occupy-like in nature. Will this still be relevant come June, or stale after the movement dies from Winter and government attacks?

The other thing to note: just how creepy the chanting is. Composer Hamz Zimmer asked fans across the world to record themselves chanting something that sounds like “De-Shey Bashara” (the preview says it means “rise”) and the result is downright creepy as hell.

Line I’ll be quoting for the next 6 months? Bane to a broken Bruce Wayne: “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die”.

Oh, Summer 2012 can’t come soon enough.


Tuesday Fun-Day

In honor of North Korea’s time in the news this week, I figured I’d treat you to the best their land has to offer. Now, given the inherent recism of the internet, I doubt that half these chicks are actually Korean, but just go with it. They’re hot, and you’re Horn-y.  


Have a Horn-y Tuesday

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