Pipeline Dreams May Kill Bill


Tax Cuts or Oil Pipeline? Hmmmmm….

Washington DC — Not sure if you heard, but the economy’s been in the tank and many in Congress are too focused on playing politics to come up with a plan to fix things. Democrats, the horrible politicians they are, are at least searching for ways that the Government can better the situation. Republicans are only searching for ways to better their Bankrollers because the Bankrollers promise to better the situation themselves.

Case in point, one of the Bills in front of Congress right now is to extend unemployment benefits as well as a payroll tax cut. The unemplyment benefits would give funds to those without work through the holiday season, and the payroll tax cut  extension would keep the tax from jumping from 4.2% to 6/2% a difference of about $1000 for families making $50k. Congress is anxious to pass the bill before the holidays because our country needs these extensions to alleviate the harm of millions of suffering Americans. That’s where Congressional Republicans stepped in to screw things up.

House Republicans forced a rider into the House bill to build the controversial 1700 mile Keystone oil pipeline that would run from Canada to Mexico. WTF? does a controversial oil pipeline that wouldn’t begin construction for some time have to do with the government immediately fixing the economy before the holidays? Absolutely nothing, but Republicans wanted to use the extremely necessary bill to force their own political gains and manipulate their Democratic counterparts.

The pipeline is an extremely contentious partisan issue (environmental effects as well as dangers of “tar sands” oil) and Republicans hope for quick passage without a long drawn out debate. They also hope to force Democrats to vote AGAINST the bill so they can say Democrats also voted against the payroll tax and unemployment benefit extensions.

The Bill passed the Republican controlled House and is now in front of the Democratic controlled Senate where it will get shot down. Then its back to the “negotiating” drawing board. So the whole thing was a waste of time, and millions of American lives are hanging in the balance while Congress (Republicans) plays political games.


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