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Yeah Matt, we're shocked too


It was an interesting weekend for Sports. Here are a couple stories that my South Florida brethren should find worth a read….


Dolphins Blow Out

Miami — Dol-fans can’t believe what they’ve seen at home recently. After dropping 12 of 13 at Sun Life/LandShark/Dolphin Stadium, the Dolphins won 3 in a row at home, with two straight blowouts. Yesterday the Dolphins destroyed the Oakland Raiders 34-14, and looked far from the crappy squad that opened the season 0-7 and left fans begging to Suck for a college QB.

Matt Moore looked amazing, dismantling the Raiders with precision passes and touch we forgot a Dolphin QB could have. Reggie Bush rushed for 100 yds for only the 3rd time in his career, but 2nd time this season. Kevin Burnett’s interception recturn for a TD was the first Dolphins Pick-6 since Vontae Davis in 2009.

The Fish are winners of 4 of their last 5 and are arguably one of the AFC’s best teams since November. Who’s to credit for the turnaround? Coach Sparano motivating a winless, playoff hopeless, 0-7 team to play with fire and emotion? Is it Matt Moore who’s demonstrating leadership not seen in aqua and orange since Chad…Pennington? Is it the suddenly resurgent defense who held the Raiders scoreless until the game was already way out of hand?

Either way, if the Dolphins offseason is certainly about to get a bit trickier. What do you think? Has Sparano earned himself another shot? Does GM Jeff Ireland get to stay? Is Matt Moore the answer?

Read: As Dolphins win, can Sparano get re-hired? — Sun-Sentinel



Tebow Wins Again

Minnesota — Guess what? The Broncos were losing in the 4th quarter. So, you already know what happened. Tim Tebow brought them back for a 35-32 victory on the road. Tebow threw 10-15 for 202yds, 2TDs and a 2 pt conversion, and was once again solid in the waning moments. The Broncos are now 6-1 since Tebow took the helm and sit atop first place in the AFC West since the Raiders crapped the bed in Miami. For the record, the current 5 game winning streak is the longest since Elway was at the helm.

This game was a dream for Gator fans as Percy Harvin also lit up the scoreboard for 8 catches for 156 yds and 2 TDs. For those of you keeping track, that’s 5 come from behind victories for Tebow in his first 10 starts. Sure that means his team is always playing down, but it also means that Jesus is clearly only watching the 4th quarter.

By the way, do you know how hard it is to type while Tebowing?

Tim points out the amazing architecture of the Metrodome roof.


Around The League

As far as the AFC East is concerned, the Pats and Jets both won, bringing some dismay to my Sunday. The Bills had a shot to come back, but Fitzpatrick couldn’t muster any last drive magic and they fell to the Titans behind Chris Johnson and his 153 yds and 2 TDs.

Aaron Rodgers tossed 4 TDs (again) as the Packers marched 69 yds in the final minute to held off big-tongued Eli Manning and his Giants to remain undefeated.

The Texans rallied behind 3rd string rookie QB TJ Yates to stay atop the AFC South. Arian Foster was his normal dominating self, but Andre Johnson came up limp with hammy problems….again.

The Cowboys were upset by the lowly Cardinals in OT, ending their 4 game streak and making me smile.

Cam Newton scored 3 on the ground to set the season-season record for rushing TDs by a QB. Cam also tossed a TD in the victory over the Tampa Bay.

In other rookie news, Coach Jim Harbaugh and his 49ers cliched the NFC West for the first time since 2002.

The Bears woes get worse as Matt Forte took a helmet to the knee and tore his MCL. With no Forte, no Cutler, the Bears have no chance.

Cam leaps over the creamcicles and into NFL history



It’s official. The BCS sucks confirmed Alabama is the lucky team to challenge LSU for the National Championship on January 9th. Yet another year that the BCS proves the necessity of some type of playoff system. Alabama lost a 9-6 snoozer at home to LSU back on November 5th, but somehow the brilliant system determined that a rematch of the SEC powerhouses was more fair that letting a team that hasn’t already lost to LSU play for the crystal football. Oklahoma State Cowboys, the other top one-loss team, was edged out in the BCS rankings by .01 (.941 to .933). That seems legit.

Why do the two “best” teams on paper get to play in the big game? What happened to earning it? How can a team (Alabama) be in the National Championship without winning their own conference? Sure, LSU and ‘Bama are in the same Conference, but tough luck, if you dont win your conference championship, you shouldnt get a shot at the title.

Fortunately, the game is in New Orleans so its a de facto home crowd for LSU. Nick “The Dick” Saban will have his work cut out for him.

Rose Bowl presented by VIZIO, Jan. 2, Pasadena, Calif., 5 p.m.: Oregon vs. Wisconsin

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Jan. 2, Glendale, Ariz., 8:30 p.m.: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford

Allstate Sugar Bowl, Jan. 3, New Orleans, La., 8:30 p.m.: Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

Discover Orange Bowl, Jan. 4, Miami, Fla., 8:30 p.m.: Clemson vs. West Virginia

Allstate BCS National Championship Game, Jan. 9, New Orleans, La., 8:30 p.m.: Alabama vs. LSU

Sorry, Trent. You're awesome, but you got 1 more game on a Saban team, which means 1 more game I'm rooting for your head to get ripped off.


Marlins Land Reyes

Miami — The Marlins are making big moves in 2012. Getting ready to move into their new home in their new uniforms, the Fish went out and snagged NL batting champion, Jose Reyes. The previously frugal Marlins reportedly inked the deal with the Mets Shortstop for $106 million over 6 years. The deal is huge, not only because they already had a superstar shortstop, but because its the first legitimate MAJOR signing for the notoriously frugal Marlins since Carlos Delgado in 2005.

Amazingly, it might not be the last move. Taking a cue from the Miami Heat, the Marlins want to stock the line-up with superstars, and are seeking to nail down living legend Albert Pujols. Many suggest that the Marlins are more in need of lock-down pitching than Offense, but with Reyes at short, Omar Infante at 2nd, and Hanley likely moving to 3rd, Pujols would give the Fish the most awesomely Hispanic non-soccer team in all of sports.

The big question is how does top dog Hanley Ramirez welcome the new superstars to his squad. He already has to switch positions to make room for Reyes, but can the notoriously fickle diva handle not being the “one”?

Also, have the Marlins burned all their good will in the city, or will more than 1500 fans actually come out to watch the Fish swim through the NL?

Read: Miami Marlins land Reyes — Miami Herald

Read: Pujols over pitching, probably — Miami Herald


Will Hanley always be so welcoming to Reyes?


Tiger Claws Back

Thousand Oaks, CA — Tiger Woods is out of the hole (that’s what she said). The golfer formerly known as the best ever, won the Chevron Invitational after coming back down -1 with 2 holes left. As El Tigre said afterwards “to birdie the last two holes is as good as it gets”.

This was Tiger’s first victory since November 2009, when there was something or other going on with his wife…not sure if you heard about it. Either way, while it was a great day for Tiger and his caddy, it was an even better night for Tiger and his escorts.

By the way, can somebody please tell me WTF? is with Mashed Potatoes (see video below).

Read: Woods wins Chevron title to end drought after 749 days —

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