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It was a nice, long, well deserved break, but The Horn is back and thankful that all you Hornballs still want to hear how we decipher all the Crap around us.

Given that Crap doesn’t take a break for holidays, let’s get to it…


Another Monster Falls

Syracuse — There’s another NCAA Coach out to win Creep of the Year. Syracuse just fired 30+ year Assistant Basketball Coach, Bernie Fine after a third victim came forward with accusations that Fine molested him as a young boy. Even more horrifying is that Fine’s wife Laurie knew about the whole thing.

ESPN released a 2002 tape made by accuser Bobby Davis (now 39) of a telephone conversation between himself and Laurie Davis. In the recording, Laurie admits she knew her husband liked boys and even witnessed Bernie touching Davis on one occasion. She was so open with this information with Davis, because (are you ready to raise the Creepy factor up a notch?) Laurie later had sex with Davis as well – though at least waited until he was 18. How effed up is that?

However she justifies it, Laurie was aware the whole time and did nothing about the abuse. She has to be punished. Davis turned over tapes of his conversation with Laurie to police in 2002, but the Detective barely gave him the time of day (citing expired statutes of limitations). ESPN had the tape since 2002, but they did nothing. So once again, a sexual predator flourished because people knew but failed to act. Hopefully these two high-profile cases will bring more abuse victims forward across the country, and force more witnesses to realize how harmful it is when they look the other way.

Listen to the troubling transcript below…

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Frack Off

The EPA is expanding oversight into one of the more dangerous aspects of Fracking…the fluid used in the controversial process. I’ve railed on about the process of Fracking before (Are you Fracking kidding me?), and how ridiculously stupid and dangerous it is. Natural Gas is a powerful, “clean” form of energy, but it’s often tough to reach under layers of impenetrable rock. To access the gas, a chemical mixture is pumped into the ground at high-speeds which opens fissures that allow the gas to be captured.

Although the energy companies deny the carcinogenic fluid pumped deep into the ground is far enough away from soul or water to affect humans, it just doesn’t pass the sniff-test. Cancer has risen in areas around the fracking sites, and many water sources now have enough crap in them to be flammable. Its just no good.

The Industry has been able to keep their Fracking mixture a mystery as part of some insustry trade secrets thing, but now the EPA is demanding to know the contents of the dangerous mixture that they’re pumping into our earth and our ecosystem. Of course we’ll hear how forced reporting of the harmful contents, (and inevitable requirements to change the mixtures), are obstructionist tools of government intervention that will kill job creation, but in reality all that fluff should be translated to “It will cost us money and hurt our profits if we need to make sure our product doesn’t kill people or give them cancer, so don’t make us fix it.”

Fortunately the EPA is still here to protect our health and our environment, at least until the next time a Republican wins the White House since they all vow to end the Environmental Protection Agency because it kills jobs.

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Making a World-Ending Virus

Netherlands — Apparently the Avian Bird Flu wasn’t deadly enough. What’s 500 deaths when you can wipe out 7 billion? Scientists in the Netherlands have apparently perfected the H5N1 virus by tweaking 5 different genes. They tested it on ferrets and confirmed that their mutated flu is capable of wiping out the entire planet.

Scientists usually prove their claims by sharing their findings with the rest of the test-tube society, but fortunately these fine Nether-folk realize that publicizing a how-to on weaponized virus-making isn’t exactly great for society. Everyone is suddenly worried about what could happen if it “falls into the wrong hands.” I saw Outbreak and Jurassic Park, there are a million ways that this could screw up the world, even if it doesn’t fall into terrorist hands. What if it was able to spread another way?

Why do dangerous viruses like this ever make it past the planning stage to the creation stage? Why does scientific hubris always override common sense?

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"If you've seen this Bird, please call this number. He is very sick and very dangerous."


Gotta Have Faith

Former UK PM Tony Blair wrote an op-ed piece on why the world needs Faith, and I immediately agreed. After all, Ms. Hill is gorgeous, but then I realized he was referring to faith in God. Knowing that, I agree even more strongly.

Although you often hear me rail against how many around the world use faith for horrible manipulative purposes, especially those who try to force religion into government, I am a strong believer that Faith is an important aspect of human nature. Mr. Blair lays out an impassioned defense as to why religion and the modern society need to embrace each other, rather than pretend they’re mutually exclusive.

Not for nothing, but when are they going to make Tony Blair the voice of Siri and all GPS devices?

Read: Why the world needs Faith – by Tony Blair

"I told you guys this years ago. And my armpit smells terrific"


Washington Underground

Washington DC — What the hell is going on underneath the White House? Since May 2009, a huge excavation project has been underway on the White House grounds. The official explanation is “upgrades and replacement of utility infrastructure” but few are buying that vague nonsense. Is it another high-tech bunker? Is it a series of secret tunnels and situation rooms? Is it a new movie studio to film future moon landings?

Most people don’t realize there’s a whole ‘nother world underneath the streets of Washington DC. Of course, secret-keeping is much easier with numerous facilities underground, but secrecy isn’t always the issue forcing the downward push. DC’s height restrictions keep all buildings shorter than the Washington Monument and National Cathedral, so often it’s just easier to build downwards.

Check out the article below which goes into the many worlds that exist under The District.

Read: In the Nation’s Capital, Underground is where it’s at –Washington Post

There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of Washington DCÂ


Man’s Best Friend

China — With all this obnoxious Crap, I figured you might need a little heartwarming story about never-ending love. Sure it has to do with a dog, but anyone that doubts animals have feelings should watch this video of a pet/friend who refuses to leave the grave-site of his owner. The loyal dog caught the attention of local villagers because the dog remained by his deceased owners’s side for more than a week without food or shelter.

The dog couldn’t even be tricked away by food, so villagers are going to build a kennel next to the burial site so the dog can stay there indefinitely. Sometimes its just tough to let go, and its nice to see China caring for dogs rather than eating them.

Watch: Grieving dog guards burial site of owner — Youtube



Monday Fun

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