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Super Congress FAIL

Washington DC — In the least surprising news since I found out Twilight sucks, the Super Congress Chairs formally announced that the two sides were unable to compromise. The twelve Super Friends (6 Reps, 6 Dems) were entrusted with the responsibility of fast-tracking deficit-cutting measures because the entire Congress chose party-loyalty over governing. Regardless of how it’s spun, Congressional Republicans are mostly to blame; their political games and steadfast refusal to close tax loopholes and eliminate tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans are what brought us to this mess. They will try to claim that Democrats refused to cut enough, but why do the poor, elderly, sick, and needy need to get less so those who can help will give more?

The Super Friends had months to decrease the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and if they failed to get something done,  automatic triggers would cut $1.2 trillion, primarily from Defense, Medicare and other entitlement programs. This heavy-handed punishment was decided upon to entice the Super Congress to compromise. Many hoped that “Compromise” meant budget cutting and raising revenue. One party was willing to do both, the other refused. It’s that simple.

They were never going to compromise; they couldn’t. Almost every Republlican has signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to NEVER increase taxes at all. To go against Norquist, the most powerful man you never heard of, is career suicide. So when it came time to talk about repealing the Bush Tax cuts, Republicans not only insisted that they wouldn’t allow the temporary cuts to end, but also insisted they be made permanent. Automatic Deal breaker.

Humorously, Republicans are pushing to amend their “punishment”. They say arbitrary cuts to Defense Spending are too dangerous for the Country. Idiots, that’s why the cuts were put there! They were supposed to be a deterrent so Republicans would see how dangerous it was to not come to an agreement.

Fortunately, these punishing Auto-Cuts can still be avoided before they’re enacted in 2013. This is why Super Congress had such an easy time punting the ball rather than taking action to better our country. Now this will become election fodder, and voters will decide. That means a year of listening to obfuscation and misinformation.

In reality though, everyone knew the Super Congress wouldn’t fix anything. Republicans headed in with no intentions of removing the tax loopholes or breaks for the richest Americans and corporations, and Democrats had no intention of cutting all their programs without a “sacrifice” from the other side.

It was fix it or else, and they chose “or else”. This was a Congress with an already historically low approval rating, and now they showed they still refuse to govern. Will the voters show them what “or else” means?

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Police v. Civilians: World Edition

Protests are taking place all over the world. Its a time of people power, and naturally States are fighting back. One great weapon for the People is the widespread use of videocameras and social networking. Images can turn a Revolutions one way or the other, and Police brutality pushes the public towards to the People. Here’s a quick look at how Police are treating the protesters around the world….

California — Last Friday, police tried to remove protesters from the UC Davis campus. A group of students were lined up peacefully on their knees when Lt. John Pike walked up and sprayed the students with pepper spray. Pike was so nonchalant he could have been watering flowers. How can a human be so flippant about inflicting harm upon other humans?

There’s NO EXCUSE for treating peaceful, non-violent protesters this way. Don’t these idiots know that cameras are everywhere? Pike and another cop have been suspended, but now this beaiutiful watering-the-protesters moment has been captured in internet meme for posterity, and will be an image for protesters to rally behind. Nice job, Pike!


Egypt — You might remember way back this summer when Egpytian protesters took down a 30+ year despot. Mubarek stepped down, the Egyptian Military stepped in to ensure a smooth transition. Problem is, the military wants that transition takes as long as possible, you know, like forever.

The newly “free” Egyptians see through the Military farce, and are protesting for immediate transfer of power back to civilians. Unfortunately, those with the tanks rarely step down. Thousands gathered across Egypt, and the military and police went apeshit, beating the crap out of hundreds, and killing dozens.

Cairo’s Tahrir Square was one that was cleared over the weekend, but then protesters got the word out and filled the Square with tens of thousands. So now, Egypt is revolting again, trying to make those in power step down. Jefferson once said that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, but I don’t think he meant every 4 months.

Syria —  Bad Ass of the week is Mohammad Mulla Eissa, 15, shot in his school because he refused to join a Pro-President Assad parade. Pro-Assad forces then shot the kid, and beat the crap out of him. To ensure the message was recieved by all other school children who might want to exercise free speech, the order was loudly given, “Shoot him again, make sure he dies.” They did, and Mohammad became the 282 child killed in the Syrian uprisings that have claimed more than 4000 Syrian lives since January.

Eissa’s funeral brought more than 20,000 mourners, and further galvanized the opposition to the brutal Assad. Some places in the Middle East enjoyed a Arab Spring; Syria is still locked in the harsh winter of Civil War.

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When Kids DONT Speak Out

1 in 6 males are abused before the age of 18. One in Six. Unbelievable, especially considering how rarely you hear young male victims speak out. Katti Grey wrote a sad, must-read article on why sexually abused males stay silent and don’t come forward.

“It’s somehow much more shameful for a male to admit to being abused. It not only stirs their sense of weakness about being victimized but also the whole issue of sexual attitude and identity”

Sexual predators are well aware of this internal conflict, and it’s what allows them to succeed. The silence is one of the main obstacles we’ve encountered while pointing out the horrible behavior of North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin and trying to remove him from his job as mentor to high school students.

I can’t tell you how troubling it is when people say they don’t believe someone’s a child molester because only one person has come forward to accuse them. Why is it that people feel you’re only a child molester if you have multiple victims? Isn’t one harmed boy enough?

Hopefully, as the story spreads, more people will find they aren’t alone in their pain. Speaking out won’t only bring them justice, but also justice to all of those still scared to come forward, and those not yet harmed. Please help spread the word and save children from potential harm.

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It was this show that taught me to speak out. If Arnold didn't have a big mouth, Mr. Horton might still be showing naked Mighty Mouse to more Dudleys


Miss You to Pieces 

Illinois — Don’t you just hate it when you lose your head at work? This particularly sucks when your job is a tree trimmer.  Richard Risenger, 54, will be calling into work “Dead” for a little while because  his jacket got stuck in the wood chipper and swallowed him whole.

Unfortunately he wasn’t spit out that way.

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Fortunately, this is the type of mistake you don't make twiceÂ


Guns Kill…your street cred

Guns don’t always kill, sometimes they just embarrass the crap out of you. Fortunately someone on the intra-web put together a nice little video that reminds us that just because we have the right to bear arms, doesn’t mean you have to.


Hot Chicks Make You Smart

So much upsetting news today, it only makes sense to pick up your spirits with some knowledge. Nothing makes you feel smarter than learning with hot chicks.

You’re welcome.

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