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TV Knows Best 

South Carolina — Do we really get to choose to the President of the United States, or do we only get to choose who the Media wants us to choose between?

The News decides the whole damn thing. We like to pretend we make up our own minds, but the Media’s portrayal of the candidates manipulates and frames our thinking. If the news presents the candidate as a non-factor in the race, the public will soon believe it. If the media wants you to think the candidate is crazy or stupid, they only shows clips that drive that point home.

The case is made glaringly obvious in the coverage of the Republican candidates. The GOP has yet to hold a primary vote, yet somehow the Media has already decided who is and who isn’t a legitimate contender. Rather than letting everyone debate, the news stations choose who who gets up on stage. They exclude candidates with strong followings such as Buddy Roemer and Fred Karger because they allegedly don’t poll high enough nationally. Instead they tell us Romney and Cain are the front-runners, so that’s the choice America will get to make.

A recent CBS memo that was accidentally leaked to the Michele Bachmann campaign proves that CBS tried to limit the airtime of Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. Apparently CBS already decided their campaigns are keput, so they would focus only on those still in the running. But Ron Paul is polling 2nd to Mitt Romney nationally when pitted directly against President Obama, yet CBS only allowed him less than 90 seconds of airtime to speak? That’s 89 seconds of a 90 minute debate!

How could that be seen as fair to Mr. Paul or the American people? Why does the Media get to decide that Paul’s ideas don’t matter when clearly a large part of the country does?

This isn’t a Liberal media thing, its an anti-establishment thing. The Media is run by people with money. Those people don’t want the Libertarian coming in and messing up their world, so they try to convince everyone else that he’s crazy or out of the race. Sure, Paul is kinda crazy and most certainly won’t win a national election, but that still doesn’t give them the right to silence his voice. Americans should be the ones to decide what they do and don’t want to hear, not just filter through what the Media feels they are entitled to.

Read: Ron Paul gets 89 seconds to speak in CBS Debate —


Lords of War

The US often has good intentions, but too often those intentions benefit America to the detriment of another nations. One of the worst, most egregious examples is the US government’s arms trades that often make the world a much worse place.

Andrew Feinsten wrote a great, informative piece about 7 instances where the US traded a crap-load of arms to shady dictators or rebel organizations. What started out as business arrangements often ended with Despots using the weapons on their own people, or eventually against us. Who do you think armed Fidel Castro? Saddam Hussein? Al Qaeda? Yup, yup and yup.

Our government always feels that it knows what’s best for the world. When you’re the “moral authority” you expect everyone to understand that your actions were supposed to bring more good than harm. But what about those that were harmed? Where is their solace?

The arms trade is a huge, ridiculously profitable industry, and just like with any business, to keep profits up, you need more product and more buyers. That means lobbying the government to trade more of their goods. That also means finding/perpetuating conflict to ensure that more of your product is needed. I think you can start to see the inherent problems with conducting the business of war.

The US often takes sides in conflicts to ensure that the board is set with pieces that favor our interests. Unfortunately, those pieces usually just don’t give a crap what we want.

Read: 7 instances where US ruined world by selling arms — Andrew Feinstein

"No, sir. I do not need your AKs. I have something more devastating to the world...3 crates of Ghost Rider DVDs"


China, WTF?

China — Oh, Google Earth, how we love when you show us the the shady crap going on in the world. Gizmodo ran a story today showing some pretty bizarre things taking place in China, and it has everyone scratching their heads. The satellite images show massive undertakings over many miles in the Chinese desert, large enough to be seen from space. WTF?

Are they runways? Mapping systems? Guidance systems? Are they grids intentionally meant to be seen from space? I’m sure if we’re ever given an explanation it will be something to do with weather or avionics research, but I’m certainly guessing this crap has militaristic purposes.

Definitely take a look at this article to just see some of the crazy crap taking place in the world, and to start making your own conspiracy theories.

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Taking the Chinese Calculator to a whole 'nother level


Hell on Wheels

California — A blown tire caused Natalia Sambhi to lose control of her car, and crash. Natalia was wearing her seatbelt, so she survived. Unfortunately her 16 year old son, Devin, wasn’t wearing his seat belt. He flew through the windshield and died.

Sunil Sambhi didn’t deal so well with the loss of his son. He blamed his wife, and was overheard making threats to her and himself. Authorities decided he was just grieving and not a danger, so they let him leave the morgue on his own. It was a bad decision.

Sunil hit the San Diego Freeway with a death wish. He drove headfirst into oncoming traffic, and while some avoided him, everyone couldn’t. One car tried to swerve out of the way, but Sunil swerved right into it and died.

Grief is disgusting. So is the fact that Sunil blamed his wife for a tire blowout, and then deciding that the best way to deal with loss of his son was to possibly put another parent through the same damn thing.

Man, if only women were better drivers this whole thing could have been avoided.

Read: Sunil Sambhi, intentionally kills self on road after losing son in crash – NBC San Diego

View more videos at: 


Porn for Kids

Compton — Can you imagine how stoked you’d be to have a hot celebrity chick come in and read to your class? How about when you go home and research the woman who came to visit, and you found out she was a porn star? Would that encourage you to read more? Or start you on a chronic path towards masturbation and non-reading?

Sasha Grey, an actress with credentials more cum loudly than cum laude, was kind enough to take time away from facials to read to Elementary school kids in Compton as part of Read Across America Day. I’m not sure how a porn star was an elementary school VIP, but it was all very sweet until parents realized Sasha wasn’t just from Entourage, but more famous for gang bangs and bukakee.

So when parents lost their crap, School officials claimed it never happened. There were adamant that they’d never let a porn star read to their kids. After all, a porn star isn’t a proper role model for kids. But unfortunately for the liars at Emerson Elementary, Sasha already tweeted that she loved the experience. If that wasn’t enough, some daring person had the gall to take pictures. Damn you technology!

For her part, Sasha took it all in the butt stride:

“I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent,” she says (via TMZ). “I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am… I believe in the future of our children, and I will remain an active supporter and participant in education-focused initiatives.”

It’s nice that Grey doesn’t want her past to define who she is, but isn’t that exactly what you’re supposed to do? What else are you supposed to judge people on, if not their past? The only thing that would make me forget about her shady past is that she’s hot and likes to bang, but that’s the very thing she wants us to omit from our spank banks memories!

Everyone who steps foot in a school is a role model. Unfortunately, given her past, Sasha doesn’t get to choose who people see her as, but only if she wants to be an example to follow, or a scared-straight example of what NOT to follow.

Read: Sasha Grey, Porn Star reads to kids at school – Huffington Post

"This is called an 'O-Face'..."Â Â


Michael B Goode

Michael J Fox was a hero of my childhood. Not only was Alex P. Keaton the reason I started following politics at an early age, but Marty McFly was the epitome of cool.

Fortunately Parkinson’s can’t shake the cool out of Michael J Fox, as he busted out with Johnny B Good and turned his Michale J Fox Foundation’s  A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Cure Parkinson’s benefit seem into the Under the Sea Dance.

You might not be ready for the video below of Fox rocking out, but your kids are gonna love it.


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