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Sandusky isn't loving the Walk of Shame. Officer #2 surely is

Pennsylvania– Even though #12-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions are having a helluva season, things are not so smiley in Happy Valley right now.

Long-time Penn State Defenseive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested on 40 different charges, many stemming from sexual assault upon  minors.

Sandusky’s charges cover sexual assaults (advances, touching, oral, and anal) on 8 teenage boys (and possibly younger) over a 15 year period, from 1994 to 2009.

Tim Curley (Athletic Director) and Gary Shultz (VP for Finance and Business) were also arrested for perjury and failure to report the alleged sexual assaults.

Sandusky, 67, spent 32 years on Paterno’s staff, many of them overseeing what’s affectionately called “Linebacker U”. The Nittany Lions won 2 National Championships under their reign, and for a while Sandusky was next in line over Paterno’s dead body to coach the team. He retired in 1999, but his standing and reputation meant he was always welcome to use Penn State facilities for his charity, The Second Mile.

Sandusky started The Second Mile in 1977 to help at-risk kids, but it later proved to be a breeding ground for his alleged sexual prey.

The Grand Jury report reads almost like “Sexual Predators for Dummies”. Coach Sandusky used his most-trusted and revered status to lavish gifts and favors (including guarantees of a future role on his team) upon kids before putting them in precarious situations. Of course by “precarious” I mean involving his penis.

(Read the disgusting details here.)

The alleged Penn State Pedophile’s world came crashing down in 2002 when a Coaching Assistant witnessed Sandusky force himself on a 10 year old boy in the team locker-room shower. He reported the incident to Coach Paterno, who must have went to the police, right? No. Paterno swore to the Grand Jury he was never provided with the salient details, so he didn’t know how serious the allegations were. Instead Paterno reported it up the chain to Curley and Shultz.

Joe Pa was given an important ball, and he handed it off.

And did Shultz or Curley report the incident to the cops? No. They didn’t even sever ties with the guy. They just told Sandusky to keep his boy-diddling off campus; no more Second Mile on Nittany Lion facilities.

Hey Penn State…if you actually have to enact a rule that prohibits a man from bringing minors onto your facility because he’s a danger to those minors…yeah, you might want to alert someone to that danger.

As a result of their failure to report Sandusky to the authorities, at-risk kids found themselves subjected to greater harm. An investigation will surely follow that will likely uncover further negligent behavior by the school, and do some serious damage to some serious reputations.

"Man, Jerry. Who woulda thunk this prison would have so many good footballers?"

Paterno just became the winningest coach in college football history. Over the course of his LONG and glorious career he’s helped thousands of student-athletes, yet now his legacy will surely be marred. How could it not be? Paterno obviously cares about young men (not in the Sandusky way), but then allowed an accused child predator around them.

There’s no such thing about being too cautious when it comes to any accusations of sexual abuse, especially when it involves kids.

Paterno claims that because Sandusky was no longer on his staff, and that he did his duty by reporting the incident to school officials. That’s crap. Paterno should have notified Police, or at the very least, ensure that the matter was dealt with. His claim of naivete is the supposed reason that he wasn’t charged with a crime of failure to report along with Curley and Shultz.

I’m sure Joe Pa knows everything about anything when it came to his staff. If Curley and Shultz knew enough about Sandusky to warrant charges, then surely Paterno did as well.

Paterno knew something improper took place in 2002, and the Grand Jury report says other incidents carried on until 2009. That’s 7 years of abuse could have been stopped if the proper authorities were notified rather than keeping it in-house.

They should be ashamed of themselves. There are at least 8 boys out there that probably are.

Sandusky is the lowest of the low. He abused his position of authority and caretaker to force naive boys into horrific situations. This is probably where I’m supposed to say something about innocence until proven guilty, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Maybe if it was only 1 accuser I’d be more inclined to label this as a case of “two sides to every story”. So far, Sandusky has 8 accusers and I seriously doubt they’re all conspiring to bring down a man who, on paper, brought good to their lives. (Someone tell me again why we don’t have forced castration or the death penalty for sexual predation on minors?)

Sandusky will finally face the music, and if the Force is strong, he’ll hopefully feel what it’s like to be sodomized by someone twice his size.

But what about the trusted figures who allowed friendship and reputation to cloud their judgement?

Assuming they were aware, Curley, Shultz, Paterno, and any other PSU official who put the safety of their cherished football program over the safety of any boy coming in contact with Jerry Sandusky, should be punished.

That day of reckoning might be around the corner as rumors are flying out of Happy Valley that Coach Paterno’s storied career is about to end with an ugly chapter. It’s likely he will be out soon, if not before the end of the week.

As for Penn State? They’ll weather Paterno’s exit (after all, he was more of a figurehead these days) but maybe not the horrible stigma this staff has now left behind.

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"No thanks. You have a little too much arm hair."

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  1. Sandusky is the Dahmer of child molestors. He will not survive in jail.