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Occupying Time

Occupy Wall Street has spread across the country (and the world)  but what will come from it? Many worry the protesting will be for naught if certain changes to organization and message aren’t made before its too late. Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer wrote a piece for The Slate over the weekend with advice that OWS should  heed before the movement loses momentum.

The first round of suggestions range from better coordination of protests and better utilization of passionate supporters  (like not-so-busy college kids). Right now there’s just too much confusion in the “ranks”; too many people have their own ideas as to what will work and too many people go off on their own. The results often lead to violence and are often detrimental to the movement as a whole. Take last week’s occupation of the Port of Oakland; sure it pissed off the businesses who lost money when the port was shut down, but what about those thousands of workers who lost out on those pay-checks that day? Can a movement survive if it hurts the very people its trying to help?

Spitzer also had a number of suggestions for specific legislation and legal changes to hold Wall Street and our supposed government watchdogs more accountable. Such rules include an immediate repeal of the Bush Tax cuts and penalizing Wall Street execs whose irresponsibility led to the current state of the economy, as well as those who made billions betting against the very mortgages and bonds they were selling to Americans.

Either way, tangible results are needed ASAP before support for the protests is lost. Soon it’s gonna be too damn cold to take it to the streets anymore.

By the way DEFINITELY watch the video below for an Irishman’s hilariously on-point fooking take on what’s wrong with Wall Street…

Read: Occupy wall Street: 8 Ideas for making the protests more successful — Eliot Spitzer on The Slate


Un-Happy Valley

Pennsylvania— Things are not so smiley in Happy Valley today after long time Penn State Defenseive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested on 40 different charges, many stemming from sexual assault upon  minors. The charges cover sexual assaults (advances, touching, oral, and anal) on 8 teenage boys (and possibly younger) from 1994 to 2009. Tim Curley (Athletic Director) and Gary Shultz (VP for Finance and Business) were also charged, but for perjury and failure to report the alleged sexual assaults.

Sandusky, 67,  spent 32 years on Paterno’s staff running “Linebacker U”. The Nittany Lions won 2 National Championships under their reign, and for a while Sandusky was next in line over Paterno’s dead body to coach the team. He retired in 1999, but due to his standing was allowed to use school facilities for his charity, The Second Mile. He started this charity for at-risk kids in 1977 and it proved to be a breeding ground for his alleged sexual prey. Sandusky would use his trusted status to lavish gifts and favors upon kids before putting them in precarious situations, and by “precarious” I mean involving his penis. (Read the disgusting details here.)

Things came crashing down in 2002 when a Coaching Assistant witnessed Sandusky forcing himself on a 10 year old boy in the team locker-room shower. He reported it to Paterno, though he allegedly wasn’t specific with the horrific details (I guess out of deference to Joe Pa’s old ticker). Paterno reported it up the chain to Curley and Shultz, but other than barring Sandusky from bringing minors to the Penn State facilities, the horrible accusations were ignored. Turns out that this wasn’t the first allegation reported against Sandusky, and it wasn’t the first allegation that went unpunished. People knew that this cloud was hanging around Sandusky, yet they allowed their friendship and his reputation to cloud their judgement. As a result, at-risk kids found themselves subjected to greater harm.

This is where I’m probably supposed to say something about being innocent until proven guilty, but it ain’t gonna happen. If it was 1 accuser, I’d say it could be a case of “two sides to every story”. Here Sandusky has 8 accusers, and I seriously doubt they’re all conspiring to bring down a man who, on paper, brought good to their lives. Someone tell me again why we don’t have forced castration or the death penalty for sexual predation on minors?

Read: Penn State Assistant Coach facing multiple charges of sexual assault on boys —

Read: Grand Jury Report — New York Times

Read: Timeline of alleged Sandusky abuse of 8 boys —

Read: Paterno says everyone was fooled by Sandusky — ESPN

Being carried off by his boys was Sandusky's favorite part of the victoryÂ


Anonymous makes Cartels Flinch

MexicoLos Zetas don’t take crap from anyone…unless your Anonymous. Last week the social hactivists called out the drug Cartel after they kidnapped a fellow Anonymous member, and threatened to release information and divulge all Los Zetasmembers and contacts. This was a pretty ballsy move for the hacking collective as 6 weeks ago bloggers critical of the cartels were found disemboweled and hanging from a bridge. So did they string up their Anonymous hostage to prove that no one fucks with Los Zetas?

No, Los Zetas quietly released their prisoner before the deadline. It’s a pretty big “victory” for Anonymous and demonstrates that their power and hactivism knows no boundaries. But will Los Zetas, whose power derives largely from fear, take this in siesta? No chance, they’ve already threatened to kill 10 people for every cartel name leaked from this point forward, and I fully expect there will be some kind of revenge regardless. In the meantime, I can’t imagine that Guy Fawkes masks are going to be a huge seller in Mexico.

Read: Hacker group member released by drug cartel — PCWorld

The digital pen is mightier than the machete


Forever 21 Porn

I know I speak for many a dude who feel like a pedo-creep when walking through the mall. Its partially because moms let her 15 year olds out of the house dressed like Vegas escorts, but also because Retail America throws teen sex in our faces to peddle their wares. Every “hip” clothing store seems to have some sexual suggestive teens barely rocking their clothing or teenage attendants dressed to attract  pervs their popularity-seeking peers.

Rachel Kane of the Huffington Post noticed how Forever 21‘s ads were basically egregious teengage cameltoe shots passed off  as underwear ads. Kane posted some examples of the teenage-porny pictures on her Facebook page for discussion. The next morning she found the post was removed by Facebook for violation of terms. Assuming the violation was for borederline kiddie porn, is shows how absurd these ads really are.

As my family in Alabama likes to point out, I sometimes post some pretty risque crap on Facialbook, so I can only imane what it would take to take to cross the Zuckerberg morality line. How can something be too racy for Facebook, but considered the norm for advertising? Why does Abercrombie and Fitch get to blow up pictures of teens banging in a meadow, but that same picture would be felonious if found on a highschool teacher’s laptop? Either make it illegal to advertise with that crap, or find a way to make me feel less guilty for having my eyes open in their store.

Read: Forever 21’s crotch shots too sexy for Facebook — Huffington Post

I'd find this more humorous if this was an ad for "The Gap"


Unmasked and Unemployed

Seattle — Bruce Wayne never had to worry about losing his job. That’s no small comfort to Benjamin Fodor, better known as one of Seattle’s vigilante superheros, Phoenix Jones. Fodor tried to break up a fight one night in Seattle, but the people soon turned on him. He used pepper spray on the unruly bunch and was arrested for assault.

Fodor was unmasked after the ensuing hoopla, and soon lost his job working with autistic kids. Although he can be reinstated if no charges are ever brought against him, he now finds himself with more time for his night job as Seattle’s savior.

I understand that vigilantism can’t be celebrated, but considering no one was truly harmed, it seems pretty crappy to think we live in world where an unselfish guy who does so much for others can be brought down for trying to be a good Samaritan.

I’m trying to remember a story with a moral about how helping others helps yourself in the long run, but i cant seem to find one.

Read: Seattle Superhero “Phoenix Jones” loses job — NPR

Sure things got weird after  "House Party 7" but Play would be very upset to know that Kid lost his job. Â


How the hell…?

Not sure how anyone is able to do this, but David Crowe is like the Michael Winslow of dubstep beatboxing. Crowe took his act to the streets of Milan, and we’re lucky that someone was amazed enough with the human sound machine to record it for our viewing pleasure.

Things start getting especially awesome  0:26. Check it out…


Monday Fun Day

Future Horn-ball

Not Mom of the Year

"Would you believe I don't have any ID?"

This is what happens when you swim in their toilet

"You de-clawing motherfugggghhhhhs!!!"Â

Drink Me

Tebow partied hard after last Saturday's win against Vandy

"You sure? It's strong, might put hair on your...too late."Â

Have a Horn-y Monday

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  1. I love the suggestions for the Occupy movement. I still wonder if they’re going to hold out until December or if they’re going to push to stay longer. I’ve said it before, how effective is an Occupy movement (it’s not a protest, but an occupation)if there’s a deadline?

    I especially like the basic suggestions of better coordination and the use of overzealous college students. During the MLK protests the adults came to the conclusion that they needed to get back to work so they brought in students. This gave them a new pool of talent to tap in to. The Movement, one would think, should be smart enough at past protests to see what has worked in the past and what has not. That’s their reasoning behind their use of the Arab Spring technique, isn’t it?

    In regards to Zuckerberg’s blocking of the kiddie porn that is Forever 21, the guy may be a tool for a lot of reasons but he sure isn’t dumb. We may post all kinds of shady stuff, and dumb stuff but no one tolerates child pornography…well, unless your name is Jerry Sandusky. There’s a line that you cross from stupidity to blatant criminal activity. While the models are surely over the age of 18, I would assume FB just flat out doesn’t want to go there. Why “expose” yourself like that?

    • Even if its not kiddie porn and the models are of-age, the camel-toe shots (thought beautiful) cross the line-of-decency for advertisements.

    • While OWS should look to past models of civil protest to see what worked, these protests are very different from the Arab Spring uprisings. Those uprisings were against dictators and fascist governments. Its relatively easy to call for the ouster of a Junta, you just scream until they step down or forced out. In this case, OWS aren’t protesting for a new government, but for a change to the system. A complete overhaul isn’t what’s needed, but rather specific changes that would immediately rectify a system that favors a minute percentage of the population.

      Someone needs to draw up an Occupy Bill of Rights ASAP