Who Roofied Rick Perry? (Video)

Seriously, WTF is with Rick Perry? Last week the Texas Governor spoke to some “fans” in New Hampshire speech, and he guy was either wasted, or he was REALLY wasted.

The only other plausible explanation for his behavior would have come if Perry passed out on the podium with a huge smile plastered to his face (“Love that Joker!”). Alas, that wasn’t the case, so if you’ve ever seen Rick Perry before, there’s no way you’re not convinced he’s loaded here. For the record, my problem isn’t that he got a little loose before addressing a room full of people, my problem is the dude can’t hold his liquor!

But his campaign swears he wasn’t sauced. Don’t they realize how much worse that is? If this is Perry sober, can you imagine him as President of the US? Let me know what you think…