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Cain and Fables?

Earlier this week reported that Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment back in the 1990s. Two separate female employees accused Cain of sexual harassment, but the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Cain admits the accusations were made, but denies anything improper ever took place. Cain also admitted that he knew the case was “settled” out of court, but denied knowledge of any details (particularly if they were paid or not) of the settlement.

But now, rather than addressing the issue, the conservative Right somehow wants to paint Politico as maliciously leaking a false rumor. They claim that Politico was irresponsible in their reporting because they cite anonymous witnesses. Of course, the vicious Right Wing talking heads conveniently forget that as part of the settlement agreement, the accusers had to remain confidential and silent on the matter. Politico didn’t make anything up…Cain himself admits all this happened!

Now of course everyone knows that while sexual harassment should never take place, a ton of what gets labeled as such is often just a result of ultra-sensitivity or revenge. I believe something likely happened; after all, big payouts in exchange for silence usually means there’s something damaging someone doesn’t want you to hear. But the hypocritical mouthpieces of the Right Wing always hit back hard with their own BS if the facts are damaging to their candidate. Obviously that includes attacking a whole news organization for reporting actual news rather than just making everything up like FoxNews.

Unfortunately, the Right will continue to have a field day with the “anonymous” sources, unless the two women are finally released from their pact of silence dictated by the settlement, and are able to tell their story. Until then, all we’ll hear is Cain preach his innocence, and Fox News preach their false interpretations and hate mongering.

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"If anything, they harrassed me! They said I was only 'this big', I had to prove them wrong!"


Who’s Got the Better Blacks?

But if you thought attacking a news-site for running a story with facts was bad, wait until you hear their reasoning WHY the “Liberals” (I guess “liberals” now covers all news stations that run factual stories) are jumping on this story…Apparently Liberals are racist.

Sure they’re the people that fight for civil rights and equality for all, but now the Right (meaning FoxNews and Republicans) claims that all Liberals are racists and scared of the “strong, Conservative black man”. Obviously this idiocy is just a plot to deflect attention from the ACTUAL FACTS at hand, but all they’re doing is letting their own racist colors come front and center.

For example, take what Ann Coulter said on Hannity (the most disgusting “newsman” on the air) Monday night. She says that history proves that Liberals always bring down the Strong Conservative black Man, and this is the “second time a conservative black has had outrageous and what appear to be false allegations of a sexual nature leveled against him by the left.”

Coulter has already decided that the allegations are false and outrageous made by the left. Is she an idiot or are all Fox viewers? These aren’t allegations made by the Left! These were allegations made by two women and were strong enough to warrant a settlement agreement from Cain.

For the record, according to Coulter, the first time a black man was leveled by the “outrageous” and “false” accusations was Clarence Thomas when Anita Hill testified against Thomas at his Supreme Court vetting hearings. Does Coulter realize how racist it sounds that she claims they attack EVERY strong Republican black man, but the last one she could name accidentally fell through the cracks rose through the ranks in the 1990s?

But don’t worry, Coulter topped that idiocy with even more blatant racism:

Our blacks are so much better than their blacks. To become a black Republican, you don’t just roll into it. You’re not going with the flow…and that’s why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party.”

“Our blacks” and “Their blacks”???? Are blacks still owned in this country? And her statement proves just how hard it is for Blacks to actually be Republicans. Coulter is a a smart woman (though manipulative and misguided) and usually has a reason behind her idiotic inflammatory statements, so I’m assuming (hoping) that she just wants to deflect attention from Cain by becoming the story herself. She can’t possibly believe the crap that’s coming out of her mouth, right?



ESPN Runs College Football?

The NCAA is going through a major transformation, but is the conference realignment a case of the tail wagging the dog? Many in the know are saying that ESPN is behind the entire thing.

Such conspiracy theories were only bolstered when Boston College A.D. Gene DeFillipo admitted (though later retracted) that ESPN “told us what to do” in regards to the ACC accepting Big East defectors Pittsburgh and Syracuse. ESPN is the sole broadcaster of the ACC, so its obvious that they’d want to stack their deck while pilfering from the Big East which their competitors carry.

Further ire spread through the conspiracy web when Andy Geiger, former AD at Ohio State University said:

“We’ve created … I was going to say a blurry line, but I don’t think there is any line anymore as to who’s in charge…We’re doing business with an entertainment company whose only way of surviving involves the number of eyeballs watching the screen. That is the driving force in what I see as all the decisions being made.”

So are the NCAA changes the results of schools trying to do what’s better for their institutions, or is ESPN controlling the whole thing to get a monopoly on college football? According to the  the USA Today:

With sister network ABC, ESPN holds at least some of the football and/or basketball TV rights of a vast majority of the NCAA’s Division I conferences and all but two of college football’s 35 postseason games — including the five games in the top-tier Bowl Championship Series. ESPN is the outright owner and operator of seven lower-level bowls.

It’s always a tough pill to swallow when you think that educational institutions are doing the bidding of Big Business, but is it wrong for ESPN to “suggest” to the conferences who they should bring in that would increase ratings and BCS entries? Isn’t such information beneficial to the schools who stand to gain significant money from the realignment?

The moral questions are sketchy, but at least now we know “why” this has all been taking place.

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(there are no real good photos to go with this story, so bear with me, I give you a girl Tokyo Drifting out of her top at :28)


Big Easy UFO? 

New Orleans — On October 27th, the Saints destroyed the Colts 62-7 on Sunday Night Football. If anyone was still watching late in the game, they saw something a bit more troubling than the Colts impotence without Peyton Manning. At one point, the NBC cameras panned around New Orleans and showed the historic St Louis Cathedral, but the triple-steeples weren’t what are drawing attention of UFO afficiandos.

The footage clearly shows a couple of streaks flying across the sky, but when the footage is slowed down, the streaks look suspiciously like UFOs. They appear to be long rods with lights on top of them. Doubters say the images are just out-of-focus bugs flying close to the camera, but further inspection “proves” that the streaking objects were far off the distance, even flying BEHIND the cathedral steeples in the distance.

Pretty creepy stuff, and a must watch video below….

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Nostalgia of the Day

If you’re like me, you eat up behind-the-scenes stuff, especially when it has to do with the childhood classics. TheChive ran a great pictorial with tons of candid shots from the sets of the Star Wars films. The pictures are amazing, especially because you can’t feel George Lucas ruining them. Take a look, and try not to feel bad for Carrie Fisher because she used to be so damn cute.

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"Join me Luke, or fall to your demise in Mattress City"



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  1. These Hump Days are making me Horny!

  2. I’m definitely no political activist or apologist for any single candidate, but I’d be careful about the whole “well there was a settlement so SOMETHING bad must have happened” theory. Bullshit cases get settled all the time to avoid legal spend and, without more details, it is not even clear whether Cain made the decision to settle the case. I am not sure if these plaintiffs worked directly for him or if he was merely their supervisor at some larger company. In the latter situation, the lawsuit is almost always just filed against the company, rather than the individual offender. The company hires and directs the attorneys (or their insurance carrier does) and makes all the relevant decisions. Many times, that decision is a nominal settlement plus confidentiality in lieu of spending 5-10X the settlement amount in legal fees to take a potentially public and embarrassing case to trial, where a jury could do anything.

    • While I agree that a settlement doesn’t necessarily prove something “obviously” happened, (and I changed the wording in post from “obviously” to “likely”), giving a woman a year’s severance pay (there’s a discrepancy if he paid out one woman that much, or both) and requiring her to maintain absolute silence even now, 2 decades later leads me to believe that something likely went down that he doesn’t want shared. Especially when Herm keeps lying about what he knew and didn’t know, then changing his story an hour later.
      To make matters a little more interesting, a 3rd woman is now speaking out, but she never brought suit. Granted I tend to believe it less because she didn’t do anything about it back then and is only doing so now because Cain is in the spotlight, but if what she says is true, that’s 3 women from his days at the National Rest. Assoc. Are all 3 women lying or is there a chance that Herm’s got some loose lips or shady actions that make the workplace slightly uncomfortable for the ladies?
      So once again….maybe not “obviously” but certainly getting more and more suspicious and “likley”

  3. Remember Ray from our office, he had a claim of racism. The boss clearly wasn’t racist, the dude was just pissed because I won the tv that he wanted (no joke). Part of the agreement’s details were to keep it all silent. The firm did nothing wrong, but they still wanted it to stay quiet so as to prevent further damage.

    “But the disgusting and hypocritical mouthpieces of the Right Wing always hit back hard with their own BS if the facts are damaging to their candidate.” While I don’t disagree with you at all, in fact I agree with you 100%, “disgusting and hypocritical”? Aren’t you settling at their level with that type of statement? Call the shots, as ridiculous as they are but don’t sink to their level!

    About their blacks vs our blacks, while her statement is uncalled for and clearly inflammatory it’s based on some facts. A majority of minorities (wrap your head around that one) are liberal due to the social reforms that a liberal party seeks. I’m significantly more liberal than my parents, and I know a lot of people who fit in to this “liberal minority category”. She’s just a fool for saying “our blacks”, but then again IS she?! Look at shock jock Howard Stern, he makes these kind of statements all the time. Do we really expect anything more than a desire to build a career from a: woman, politician, republican, conservative, human??

    Any of the above, as would be any person looking to further their career, would seek to make statements to get the public’s attention. She may have had the benefit of gaining the cult following of the extreme wing psycho, but they just bought her books. Who keeps her relevant to today’s news?

    Lastly, why is that image considered to be a UFO? Any normal Angelino (someone from Los Angeles and not thus not on meth, but prescription painkillers) would call that a shooting star. The dots above the line could be the camera’s translation of an event. Unless the galaxy has an r-type ( spacecraft and those dots were the craft’s power-ups. But hey, if a shady, dirty, sexual predator like conservative Cain can be declared better than let’s say… any liberal “black man” just on the basis of their political affiliation then who knows what is possible in this galaxy… or one far, far away?

    • Julio – you are right, generalizations are ALWAYS harmful. It’s not done here to manipulate, but sometimes happens out of laziness; I can’t include 25 disclaimers every single post.

      I’m rarely talking about the everyday citizen, just the pundits/politicians/puppeteers who make it their job to manipulate the news and set their own narrative, while pretending to represent their “people”.

      If you notice, I’ll call out anyone who does this, left or right….just happens more often from the Right from what I see. Its the game they choose to play and they play it well.

      But glad you call me out if you feel I was doing the same.

  4. I totally hear ya, there are a few who make us all look bad. Obviously you can’t always be politically correct, but you don’t always have to call an idiot out for being an idiot. Their actions speak louder than any words ever could.