The Sherms NFL Week 8 Forecast

The Sherms streaks through Week 8


by Ryan “The Sherms” Sherman


You didn’t think I’d let Week 8 sneak up without a Forecast, did you?



Cardinals (1-5) at Ravens (4-2)  ♣

The Ravens must be hungry after a surprising Week 7 MNF defeat at the hands of the lowly Jaguars.  Unless Joe Flacco has another terrible game the Ravens should win easy.

Prediction: Ravens 27 – Cardinals 20

Beanie Wells was psyched to hear the Cardinals won the World Series, but was seriously let down when he found out that was in baseball.


Vikings (1-6) at Panthers (2-5) ♣♣ 

This game is somewhat interesting as it pits two rookie quarterbacks against each other.  Christian Ponder had a solid debut in the Vikings’ Week 7 loss to the Packers, and Cam Newton has played well all season, despite the Panthers only having two wins.  Look for both rookie QBs to carve up suspect defenses, and for Adrian Peterson and Steve Smith to both register over 125 total yards from scrimmage.

Prediction: Panthers 31 – Vikings 17


Jaguars (2-5) at Texans (4-3)  ♣♣

The Jaguars shocked the world when they beat the Ravens last week on Monday Night Football.  Lightning will not strike twice, and the Texans will win this divisional matchup by a touchdown.

Prediction:  Texans 23 – Jaguars 16


Dolphins (0-6) at Giants (4-2) ♣

Getting beat up at The Meadowlands is something that the Dolphins are used to.  Though they’ll be playing the Giants rather than the Jets, Sunday’s result will be the same.   Eli Manning throws 3 TDs and racks up 300+ passing yards, and Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham all have field days against the undermanned Dolphins secondary.   Manning and Nicks get their tickets to Honolulu stamped.  The Dolphins’ Perfect Season (for Suck For Luck purposes) stays in tact.

Prediction: Giants 27 – Dolphins 20

Speech impediment aside, Eli is going to have a field day against the Dolphins secondary


Saints (5-2) at Rams (0-6)  ♣ 

The Rams traded for Brandon Lloyd, and I’d love to see him help lead them to victory (as the Rams are also a frontrunner in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes).  Unfortunately, it won’t happen. For the second straight week, the Saints smoke a winless team (Week 7: Colts).  Brees throws for 400 yards and 4TDs, and 99% of Fantasy owners that have him win.

Prediction: Saints 48 – Rams 17


Colts (0-7) at Titans (3-3)  ♣ 

Just like the Dolphins and the Rams, the Colts are sucking (hard) for Luck.  They are probably the worst of the three top Suck for Luck Contenders however as they have Jim Caldwell at the helm rather than Tony Sporano, they’ll probably figure out a way to win a game before the Dolphins.  This will not be the week though.  Chris Johnson has his best game of the year (I’m thinking 175 total yards from scrimmage and 3 TDs) and the Titans improve to 4-3.

Prediction:  Titans 27 – Colts 13


Redskins (3-3) at  Bills (4-2) ♣♣♣

Both these teams came out of the gate strong but have sputtered since.   Now, with both of their respective divisions up for grabs, this becomes almost a must-win game for both.  This game will turn on which QB plays better; given that Ryan Fitzpatrick is good and both John Beck and Rex Grossman stink, the Bills will win.  Sometimes it’s just that simple, folks.

Prediction:  Bills 24 – Redskins 20


Lions (5-2) at Broncos (2-4) ♣♣

Tim Tebow played like crap for 55 minutes in Week 7 before he led the Broncos to two TDs and a 2-point conversion in the game’s final three minutes to tie the score at 15.  Of course, the Broncos won in overtime after Matt Moore fumbled the ball away in Dolphins’ territory.

Unfortunately for Tim Tebow, and despite popular belief, he really isn’t the Second Coming (or the First Coming), and Ndamukong Suh and the Lions D are going to chew him up and spit him out in a Sunday Bloodbath.

Prediction:  Lions 31 – Broncos 10

"Man I wish I could start something that would become a craze..."


Patriots (5-1) at Steelers (5-2) ♣♣♣♣

It this battle of AFC juggernauts expect Big Ben and the Steelers to have their way with the subpar Patriots defense.  However, aside from one game against the Bills this year, Tom Brady has been unstoppable, and this week will be no different.  Look for Tom Terrific to lead the Pats on a 75 yard game-winning drive in the final three minutes.

Prediction:  Patriots 30 – Steelers 27


Browns (3-3) at 49ers (5-1) ♣♣

Don’t let their 3-3 record fool you, the Browns are bad.   Stinky.  Flat out hurtin’.  Accordingly, they’ll be no match for the 49ers.  Look for Frank Gore — a proud member of one of my Fantasy teams: ADD II (Another Dolphins Debacle, II) — to light it up for 125 yards and 2 TDs. Also expect Alex Smith to continue to benefit from Captain Handshake Comeback Jim Harbaugh’s mentoring, throwing for 300 yards and 2 TDs in the process.  The Niners will probably register a special teams TD courtesy of Tedd Ginn, Jr.

(Note for those who have tried to forget: Tedd Ginn, Jr., of the famed ”Tedd Ginn Family,” is the guy the Dolphins’ drafted way too early in 2007 Draft then tried to make a #1 receiver and when he wasn’t good at that, traded him away for a measly 5th round pick rather than let him do what he is good at…returning punts and kicks.  Of course, the Niners are now maximizing his potential.  Go Dolphins.)

Prediction:  49ers 27 – Browns 10

"Crap, am I gonna score? That can't be right...Someone come take this from me, quick!"


Bengals (4-2) at Seahawks (2-4) ♣

The Charlie Whitehurst-led Seahawks scored 3 points last week, falling in defeat to the Browns, 6-3.  This week Charlie Whitehurst probably starts again, and the Seahawks get doubled up again.  Andy Daulton throws 2 TDs (both to AJ Green) and the Bengals stay in the AFC Central hunt.

Prediction:  Bengals 28 – Seahawks 14


Cowboys (4-2) at Eagles (2-4)  ♣♣♣♣ 

Finally a great Sunday night game.  The Dream Team Eagles are two games back in the NFC East and need a win over the ‘Boys to save their season.

Tony Romo has had a see-saw season thus far but look for him to have a stellar performance on Sunday.  The ‘Boys will go up two scores early which will cause Vick and the Eagles to press and, thus, make a lot of mistakes.  Philly’s season goes down in flames.

Prediction: Cowboys  27- Eagles 17


Chargers (4-2) at Chiefs (3-3) ♣♣♣

Three weeks ago it seemed the Chargers would run away with the AFC West and the Chiefs would be contending for the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes.  Now, all of a sudden, the Chiefs are .500 and look to propel themselves into a three-way tie for the division lead in this compelling Monday Night matchup.  Philip Rivers has struggled without a healthy Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews has not looked like the stud RB the Chargers were hoping for.  On the other hand, Matt Cassel has been solid and the Chiefs defense appears to have pulled it together.

All this equates to the Chiefs having a fighting chance in front of their home crowd at Arrowhead Stadium. That said, I see this game coming down to a Nick Novak (ADD II) game-winning FG.

Prediction:  Chargers 26 – Chiefs 23

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