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Occupy Your Face

Oakland — Once the police resort to mass force, bad crap starts to happen. Such was the case late Tuesday night when Oakland Riot Police opened up on a crowd of protesters with tear gas, flashbangs, and beanbag bullets. While supposed to be non-lethal deterrent weapons, one of the tear gas canisters cracked 24 year old Scott Olson in the head. Olson, a Marine who survived two tours in Iraq, is currently in critical condition with a skull fracture.

So the kid went overseas to “liberate” a people and give them the same freedoms he allegedly had back home, yet he comes home and is hospitalized by oppressive, fascist policing. Al Qaeda couldn’t take this kid down, but Oakland PD did. I bet irony isn’t very comforting to the Olson family right now.

Read: Marine in critical condition because of Tear Gas Canister at Occupy Oakland —


Income Inequality Triples

The big issue preached by the entire Occupy movement is Income Inequality. As much as the wealthy try to paint the movement as class warfare rhetoric, the facts are hard to ignore. Over the last 3 decades:

For the richest 1 percent of Americans, income rose a full 275 percent between 1979 and 2007, — accounting for inflation — according to the CBO. For the poorest 20 percent of Americans, meanwhile, income rose just 18 percent in the same time period. For the middle 60 percent of earners — that is, the 21st through 80th percentile — income grew by just under 40 percent. And for the 80th through 99th percentile, income grew by 65 percent. That’s a rapid climb, but the top 1 percent experienced a rate of growth more than four times as fast.

A 275% increase for 1% as opposed to 18-65% for the rest of the country? How does that even make sense? The 400 wealthiest people in the US hold as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the country. If that trend holds up, that’s 400 people who will see their worth tripled in the next 30 years as 153 million see it grow by around a third. Brutal.

Read: Income inequality figures — Huffington Post

"I'll take 'Unemployed Trivia Contestants' for $800 Alex"


European Vacation: RSVP No

So that great 6-game Vacation tour for the unemployed NBA stars might not be happening after all. Now Lebron, Carmello and Chris Paul have announced they are not involved with the tour. They claim they never officially accepted to begin with (a promoter has never lied about confirmed attendees before, right?) but their “backing out” might be a sign of something greater. Rumor has it that talks between owners and players are “inching forward”, which means an actual NBA season might be salvaged.

I wonder who buckled; was it the owners seeing their players starting to make money or was it the players who saw a season disappearing rapidly? In the meantime, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose are also out, but Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudamire and Kevin Durant are all still confirmed for the tourney; at least Macau gets to some ballers rather than the B-team of Juwan Howard, Jaleel White and The Professor.

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"Hey Puerto Rico...Yes I DID do that!!!"


I call your death machine, and raise you…

There were two cool inventions that I saw on the intrawebs today, unfortunately they’re both precursors to impending doom.

The first is a hovering spy drone created by the Japanese Military. Touted as the world’s first speherical aircraft, it hovers like a helicopter, flies with wings, yet can take off and land vertically. The Hellraiser-like drone weighs just above 11 ounces and can last about 8 hours on one charge.  The device itself derived from a desire to find a good vertical liftoff propulsion system for jets; instead they got the ultimate spy machine and bomb dropper.

Back here at home DARPA announced that a Flying Humvee will begin production next year. The flying tank will have a body similar to a Hummer, but what doesnt come standard on your Douchebag H3 are the HUGE propellor wings. DARPA is currently seeking bidders for production, but is confident the Flying Hummer will take to the skies by 2015.

These things look  like a Na’vi’s worst nightmare, or like a ADHD kid was stuck in the basement and welded his toys together. If I saw these things in the sky, I’d think I was in Back To The Future 2 and Biff stole a military manual.

It's like Avatar meets Jersey Shore


Destroying Nukes

Amarillo, Tx — From creating weapons of war to destroying them…the US demolished the last of one of its longest serving models of Nuclear Bombs this week. The 10,000lb B53 “bunker buster” was the size of a minivan and equipped with enough ass kicking to deliver a 9000 megaton explosion (for comparison’s sake, Hiroshima was around 1.5 kilotons). The B53 was built in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, and for a while was in constant flight above our world for retaliation purposes in case of an attack.  If used, the bunker-buster bomb would cause “lethal burns to anyone within 18 miles, destroy all buildings within nine miles and penetrate up to 230m underground.”

The bomb itself was shredded at a plant in Texas, and the nuclear material removed will be stored at the plant until it can be sanitized, recycled and disposed of. While it’s nice to see these things go, I think we have a long way before we can find comfort in any of this. At one point the US created over 70,000 atomic warheads, and as many as we dismantle, it only takes one to really ruin someone’s week.

Read: B-53 shredded to pieces by nuclear scientists —

"She likes it when you put your fingers right here....just be careful because she might blow...."



iGlide WTF?

Not sure how the human body can move like this, but its hypnotic as hell.

Watch: iGlide to Christina Aguilera — Youtube


How About a Hug?

This next video is amazing in both its sweetness and its accidentally bizare social commentary. While demonstrating the power of the hug, it also shows how we as a people have a hard time getting close to others…unless they’re in costume. If this dude was standing in the middle of the streeet in regular clothes with his arms open, people would look at him like a freak and moms surely wouldn’t let their young kids hug him. But he puts on a big furry bear costume and people enthusiastically hug a total stranger. Amazing.

Dare to get closer to your fellow man…hugs just feel good dammit.

Watch: Dare to get closer — Youtube


Thursday Fun

Dedicating today to Alison Brie. Some might know her from Community, but I know her from my dreams…

"Hot Annie" giving sweaters a good name since 2009

Yes, its the same girlÂ

I know, I know...I have "a type"Â

Damn you Joel McHaleÂ

Sorry Alison, you can't possibly turn me offÂ

How is it possible that she's wearing a tablecloth but still winning?Â

This is why Community is better than ScrubsÂ

And this is why we tolerate a show with a surprisingly unfunny Chevy ChaseÂ

Have a Horn-y Briesday

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  1. I feel sorry for the Marine. It reminds me of a story out here locally in LA where a soldier (I forget the branch) had survived multiple campaigns in the middle east only to come back and get shot in his back yard by a gangbanger who randomly opened fire.

    From the other point of view as well, while protesters claim peace most are not. It is very easy to get swept up in a mob mentality from a psychological point of view, and c’mon now… it IS Oakland. It’s not like it’s Bel Air or anything. With the Raiders, and the gangs it’s almost become synonymous with violence.

    While I don’t condone violence in these situations I wonder what prompted the action(s) taken by the police. Most of these cops have a wife and kids to come home to and if the group is getting rowdy because they don’t want to leave then you have to protect your own a*s. The decision to kick them out wasn’t from the cops present, it probably came down the grapevine from somewhere above their pay grade.

    When it comes to the 1% getting richer, how much is context is taken in to consideration? I’m not saying the bank are not evil slimy bastards, but with people taking out loans to buy houses that they knew they couldn’t afford simply on the word of the lender telling them that they could always refi… I mean come on, it’s not about making money, it’s about knowing how to work it. You can give everyone equal wealth but some are going to blow it and others are going to get it to work for them. People lost a lot, yes. It sucks, absolutely. However, no one forced them to sign at the dotted line. No one forced a refi. No one hid the terms of the agreement, and this is coming from a background in bankruptcy where I saw ignorance on a daily basis. Ignorance does not equate to innocence. That said, what percentage of that increase is because the 1% knew how to work their money and use it to make more while the other 99% (although they do not speak for the rest of us) made poor financial decisions and didn’t have their wealth increase as much?

    On a happier note, when I was at E3 this past year I saw something similar to the spherical hover-thingy (that’s the scientific term mind you). This one could be controlled via an app for your apple device, and I believe they’ve come out with an android app as well:

    Who cares if it’s spherical? What is this, mork and mindy?!

    You know you want a flying hummer, isn’t that a part of the mile high club?? It gives Arnold and his affection for cigars a whole new meaning… Or old meaning if you think about Freud.

    And lastly, iGlide. Holy damn that’s cool. Gotta love dubstep. I couldn’t move with that much finesse and coordination if my left nut depended on it.

    • That’s why I love you Julio!

      As far as the protests are concerned, you are absolutely right that everyone there isn’t all peace/love but some are some violent disrespectful jerks. In Oakland, some idiot protesters were throwing bottles and shooting cops with paintball guns.Even still, law enforcement needs to go above and beyond to NOT use force. They are the state’s representatives and force should not be used if it can be avoided.

      As for the income disparity, no matter how you futz with the stats were are talking 275% growth as compared to 18-40% growth over 30 years. That’s not right. I have no problem with the rich getting richer, but the disparity is disgusting.

      Also, poor financial choices made by some does NOT equate to 99% the country having their income barely increase over 30 years while the rich use government manipulation to insure they get richer off the 99%’s money.

      But you are 100% right that the “The evil banks kicked us out of our house” arguments HAVE TO STOP. Bottom line, I dont care how “bad” the bank is, the homeowner signed on the dotted line and didnt hold up their end of the bargain (to pay the mortgage). That is NOT the bank’s fault.

      What is the bank’s fault was lending them the money to begin with when the income numbers didn’t warrant a loan. What is the bank’s fault is the use of customer’s funds to get wealthy, destroy the system, take taxpayer dollars for a bailout, keep trillions in their coffers, NOT ensure the money works its way back into the general masses, but either ends up in company coffers or executive compensation packages.

      We are a society of 300 million people, and all need protection and benefits of the laws to help us succeed…not just 400 families. It should be a symbiotic relationship where all benefit, not just a few who benefit at the expense of others

  2. I agree with what you’re saying and the disparity is disgusting (unless you’re in the 1% then life is pretty golden right now).

    In regards to the police using their force. I’m still of the mentality that if some jerk is shooting at me -even if it’s with a paintball- I’m tossing in gas. My job is to protect and serve. I serve the public’s best interest, and protect the public, even from themselves.

    I doubt that the Marine was hit intentionally, maybe training on how to shoot better would help the PD.

    If you notice the video you have the typical protest gone wrong scenario. It hasn’t changed much from the days of MLK or the Watts riots. The crowd is agitated, teeming with raw emotion and madness. The best thing to do is to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible. Mobs don’t listen, they act and react. Gone are the days of truly peaceful intentions, even in MLK’s protests when some groups started getting rowdy there was a leader who would step up and calm the group. The Occupy movement lacks that. It’s a group sure, but without control leadership or censorship. They do what they want.

    It’s emphasized by their lack of demands, although they’ll tell you in person that they have them. I’ve asked. They have a list of suggestions that need to be voted on, but nothing has been approved as of yet because they want to start an open dialogue. With whom? Who’s the leader? Where’s the control? I’ll admit they’re pretty organized for what they are, but they’re severely lacking.

    In regards to the banks, they are being penny wise and dollar stupid. They’re acting just like the irresponsible people who lost their homes. Proper investments in their communities will bring business back and in the end turn a profit.

    One last thing that grinds my gears, is the complaint about not being able to find work. I’ve taken jobs I didn’t want to take. I’ve humbled myself to make a dollar to survive. I know people who have found work, and while it may not be the work that they want or feel that they deserve, they have taken it. Most of these protesters are there all day long “occupying”, are you looking for a job while you’re there? Who’s raising your kids?

    So many people feel that they “deserve” something without working for it. It’s beyond government handouts, it’s in their daily lives. This bullsh*t society of, “I deserve all this and more”, and, “he has it, why don’t I” needs to stop. The problem is that our kids are learning it and they’re growing up with that f*cked up mentality now.

    Gone are the days of responsibility, reasoning and consequence. It’s not just the 1% that’s messed up in the head, it’s society as a whole. Not to excuse corruption, or greed, or even impropriety but there are a lot of things that need to be addressed and fixed. Not just Wall Street.

    My dad, at almost 70 wanted to get back to work. In about 60 days he went out and made it happen. His English isn’t perfect, his skill set is specific but he did it. He’s a citizen, but wasn’t born here. You mean to tell me that the rest of these individuals cannot do the same?

    • Its not just about finding work, and I agree with you that there is always someone out there to pay you if you REALLY want to work. It might not be the job you like or want, but you can make money for you and yours.

      So let’s take the 10% of the population that’s unemployed out of the equation. That still leaves 89% of the population that has the board set against them. So that’s 89% with a legitimate gripe against the 1%.

  3. Is the unemployment rate only 10% or is that the percentage of occupiers that’s unemployed?

    Suffice it to say that I agree that a majority of occupiers have a legitimate right to complain and while I don’t particularly think there methodology is effective (which also speaks to our society) I do applaud them (somewhat) for doing something. If no one ever took a stand for what they believed in we wouldn’t grow as a society.

    What they need is a leader and direction. If they already have one, they need a better publicist.

    • Completely disagree. While I think a popular figure will emerge from this (and eventually run for office) they don’t need it. Everyone in the country knows the Occupiers message: The system sucks, its unbalanced, fix it.

      The nationwide sit in is trying to bring attention until someone does something. The people can’t do anything with the rules, thats the lawmakers jobs. All the people can do is make a statement that they want change, or show their collective power at the ballot box.

      What is needed is for our actual leaders, the ones we already trusted with our nation’s responsibilities, to listen rather than trying to wait them out because their benefactors prefer it that way. If they don’t this movement thats been created will vote them out of office and bring in people who will.

      People who want a “simplified” message are those still struggling to understand just how fucked up our system is.