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Tale of Two Wars

This last week brought us two very different  “conclusions” to two starkly different means of removing dictators from power. The first was in Iraq where Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield pushed a method that called for a full scale war backed by an international coalition that never took place; the US went at it alone, and without the support (or request for help) from the Iraqi people. That took more than 9 years, and at points we had more than 160,000 US soldiers on the ground. The war claimed almost 4500 American lives and squandered American trust and capital. Now we’ll leave there more as vacating occupiers than saviors.

The Obama intervention method in Libya was a NATO coalition of support for Rebels who pleaded for our help in the face of slaughter. No American boots were put on the ground, and instead we provided integral air cover. The support took a little over 6 months, but no American soldiers were lost, and now we get to celebrate with the world as they Libyans feel good about winning their freedom.

The Obama administration’s example should be glorified, not ignored. Yet the Right is going out of their way to NOT give credit to the Democratic administration. They’re even painting this as a British and French victory, not an American one. US intervention in other countries shouldn’t be the norm, but if it has to be done, it should be in such a way that we look like saviors, not enemies who destroy a country over 9 years.

So in case you’re keeping score at home, under Bush we suffered our worst terrorist attack in history, started a couple wars (that he couldn’t finish) and increased anti-Americanism across the planet. Obama has taken down Bin Laden and had a hand in taking down Qaddafi, and ended the way in Iraq, yet somehow we”re going to hear about how he’s failed us in foreign policy and destroyed our credibility around the world. Those Republicans are brilliant at making up their own news/stats because they just assume you aren’t paying attention anyway.

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Qaddafi’s Loot

$200 billion. That’s how much Washington said Muammar Qaddafi had stashed around that world in bank accounts, real estate and corporate investments. According to the LA Times, that comes to about $30,000 per Libyan citizen.

Besides the 40 years of violence, its no wonder Libyans wanted this guy out. In a time when more than 1/3 of Libya lives in poverty, the man who called himself “the King of Kings” got rich by raping their country blind, yet telling them it was for the betterment of the nation.  At least here in the US, the Kings don’t run for office, they get other people to do it.

Now the interim Libyan government is trying to get their hands on the $200 billion, but most of it is tied up in accounts that were frozen during Qaddafi’s reign. So after all that’s settled, and Bank of America takes out it’s fees, Libya will probably just get a couple of coupons and some free miles.

Read: Kadafi hid lots of money — LA Times


Drop a 9

As the GOP leader-of-the-week, Herman Cain is feeling the heat of national scrutiny. His now famous 9-9-9 plan is under attack because people finally started to plug in actual numbers to see the plan’s effect. Needless to say, the studies show it would raise taxes for 99% of Americans and according to the Tax Policy Center:

Households making between $10,000 and $20,000 seeing their taxes increase by nearly 950 percent…Households with the highest incomes, however, would get big tax cuts. Those making more than $1 million a year would see their taxes cut nearly in half, on average….Among those in the middle, households making between $40,000 and $50,000 would see their taxes increase by an average of $4,400…Those making between $50,000 and $75,000 would see their annual tax bill go up by an average of $4,326.

Rather than lie and try to show how it won’t hurt the poor, Cain is bucking the GOP trend and actually amending his plan. Now he says that the Middle 9 of his 9-9-9, the Individual income tax would not be implemented for the poorer Americans.  On Friday, Cain told supporters in Detroit:

“If you are at or below the poverty level, you’re plan isn’t 9-9-9. It’s 9-0-9. Say Amen, y’all.”

While that’s a welcome relief for the 15% of America living in poverty, consider this: the poverty level covers those making around $1000/month or less, or a family of 4 making $22,314/year. So individual Americans making more than $15k/year or families making $2k/month will still have their taxes raised, while the rich get their taxes cut.

I’m thinking we’re going to hear about a couple more addendums to this brilliant 9-9-9 plan in the coming days.

Read: Herman Cain defends 9-9-9 plan by dropping a 9 —

"I know why you think that, but its not 9. Surprisingly its more like 5 or 6 inches"Â


Yue Yue Backlash

China — The world shared a collective gasp of horror last week as we all witnessed 2 year old Yue Yue get run over by two cars, and ignored by 18 passers by while she laid in pool of her own blood. Yue Yue died a week later. The security footage went viral, and thankfully the two drivers than ran over the toddler and left her to die have both been arrested.

But is that enough to stop something so disgusting from happening again? What’s the problem with the world that none of the 18 people would stop to help out the dying toddler? Excuses range from fear or blame, to fear of the Chinese legal system, but those excuses aren’t holding water for the 1 billion Chinese embarrassed by the footage.

Now there’s a huge cry to institute some kind of “Good Samaritan” laws that would punish those who DON’T help those in dire need. While the heart of the law comes from a good place, should we punish people for not coming to the aid of others? Not everyone is a hero, and some people freeze under pressure. Should countries FORCE their citizens to help each other? Should someone be required to put themselves in danger to help someone out? What extent of involvement is required? If someone walks past someone in need, but calls authorities, does that suffice?

Personally, I think governments should spend more time rewarding and celebrating heroic deeds rather than punishing those who don’t have heroism in their blood.

Read: Two arrested in death of Toddler for running over her twice —


Big Hack Attacks

Hacker attacks on infrastructure like power and water plants have tripled in the last year. TRIPLED! Why? Advancements in technology have made it easier and cheaper than in the past, so now this type of espionage isn’t just left to nation states and terrorists. So this means any punk kid or disgruntled social activist can shut down a power plant, water plant, prison complex or basically anything attached to a grid.

Unfortunately heightened security only escalates the opposition, so this is a never-ending challenge/game for both sides. Soon it will be so easy to do; “Siri, shut down Florida Power and Light, please…”

Read: Hacking attacks on infra-structure easier and multiplying — The Slate

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Armless Carpenter

Ethiopoa — Sintayehu Tishale is a 42-year-old carpenter with no arms. Yet he still works everyday, carving, hammering, sawing, beveling…all with his feet. What was your excuse again?



I’m Sorry, what?

Thanks to the skeletal tattoos that cover his torso and head, model Rick Genest is better known to the world as Zombie Boy. His good looks hidden by corpse tattoos earned him recognition, but his fame skyrocketed after Lady Gaga decided he was the perfect amount of freak for her music video for Born this Way. Now Zombie Boy is a part of a Dermablend campaign to show that their cover-up makeup can conceal any Tattoo or blemish.

What I found most interesting is what takes place inside his head; while looking at his makeup covered self in the mirror, Genest said “‘It looks the same to me, I guess I’m just used to being in my own skin.” What we see as paint is just a natural extension of how Genest and other skeletal-tattooed folks see themselves.

Take a look below at the trippy commercial shot in reverse, and although you might be happy that he’s so comfortable in his own skin, I dare you not to feel bad for his mother.

Watch: Zombie-boy Un-Masked —

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  1. Not that I’m pro bush, unless it’s a 70’s retro night, but don’t you think it’s a tad unwarranted to state that under his presidency we had the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history?

    In essence it is true, he was president while it happened but you can’t assign blame to him for that one instance. He did a lot, and I mean a lot of jacked up things but the act of an outside force being blamed on him? You might as well say that we suffered the worst outbreak of the bird flu under obama’s presidency. While true, blame can’t be assigned.

    Unless it can be proven that bush knew the attacks were coming. I’m not talking Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory proof either (though he did turn out to be right in that movie), I mean actual legitimate proof -Nixon bombing Cambodia back in to the stone age type sh*t.

    Funny how I don’t see Michael Moore running around filming Fahrenheit 99.4: Obama’s Bird Flu Cover up 😉

    • Great response Julio. While I can see how it might have read as blaming W, I was only pointing out how ridiculous the foreign policy/safety claims against this current White House are, considering the events that took place under the last Republican administration.

      • Aww shucks 🙂

        I think that the party in general has forgotten (or at least tried to forget) him in general. I mean would you want to remember those four years you had the clap?

        He did do one thing right. He wrote more midnight resolutions than any other president other than Clinton. Go big or go home yo and since he was going home, he went out in style. Obama had more cleaning up to do than most people realize