The Tebow/Dolphins Dilema

Who will be more welcoming to  Tebow...Miami Fans or Miami Defense?

My worlds are colliding, and I don’t know which way to turn.

My allegiance to the Miami Dolphins is coming head-to-head with my allegiance to my man-crush favorite Florida Gator of all-time, Tim Tebow.

The Dolphins themselves haven’t made this an easy choice, both by sucking, and by establishing this Sunday as Florida Gator 2008 Championship Commemoration Day at Joe Robbie Sun Life Stadium. The ridiculous promotion has drawn the ire and ridicule of many who find this insulting to the neighborhood Miami Hurricanes (who also play at Sun Life), as well as those that see right through it as a blatant way to milk off Tebow-mania.

In essence, the Dolphins are throwing a Jam to bring fans in to watch for/root for the opposing Quarterback.

Which brings me to my dilema…I want Tebow to light it up on Sunday, but I have a hard time rooting against my team.

What’s a Gators/Dolphins fan to do?

Do I root for my 0-5 Fins?

It would certainly be nice to get that oh-so-unattainable first victory under their belts. Everybody assumes the season is over, but one win could lead to two, then next thing you know we won eleven in a row and we win the Wild Card.

Ok, that won’t happen, but many fans WANT the Fins to lose and gain ground in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes.

The long-term sounds good to bored/disappointed Dol-Fan, but the Dolphins themselves haven’t checked 2011 off their lists.

Karlos Dansby has made it clear that he is playing to win and finds it insulting that fans are rooting for them to lose.

Coach Sparano is annoyed with fans who think the Dolphins should “intentionally” call it quits.

Jason Taylor says the Suck for Luck phenomenon is ridiculous and asinine.

"YES!!! Its on the 2nd qtr, we haven't lost yet!!!!"

I agree with them. I refuse to “root” for my team to lose. Unfortunately, pride aside, a Dolphins loss is actually a long-term win for the organization.

That doesn’t help me sleep at night, but might help me feel better when I “accidentally” cheer that Broncos TD pass.

Because let’s be clear…I will be rooting hard (shut up) for Tim Tebow to kick ass the rest of the season. The demigod’s man’s career is hinging on whether or not he can lead this hapless Broncos team to victory.

The 1-5 Broncos are at the point where they need to see if Tebow can be the QB of the future, or if they should start sucking for Stanford’s Luck or Oklahoma’s Landry Jones.

The Broncos have NEVER won in South Florida; they’re 0-7 down in the Orange Bowl and JRS. Fortunately for Denver, the Dolphins have dropped their last 6 at home, and 11 of the last 12 (I can’t believe the gross numbers, even as I type them).

Oh yeah, the last time Tebow was in the house, he won the BCS National Championship against Oklahoma.

So is it “wrong” to root for the other team’s QB to kick-ass while still rooting for my team?

Who says we can only root for wins, right? Can’t I root for great individual play?

I want to see Sean Smith play well (though not get any INTs…crap, did I just admit that?).

I want to see Daniel Thomas bust out for another 100+ yard performance.

I want to see Matt Moore get comfortable with the offense, and see our WRs actually NOT drop 6 balls or randomly fall out of bounds from midfield.

I don’t want to see Tony Sparano fired….yet.

But with all that, it still comes back to one thing…Sunday is Tim Tebow day. Timmy needs a victory much more than the Dolphins do.

I refuse to root for the Dolphins to lose, but I will definitely root for Tebow to do well.

Chomp. Chomp.

How can you not root for this kid?

I knew the Gators were heavily recruiting him, I’ve been following Tebow as far back as his Nease High School days where he set the Florida state  record for TD passes. At the University of Florida, he posted arguably the greatest individual season and possibly collegiate career of all time. Tebow led my Gators to one National Championship, if not two, and almost made it a 3rd.

Tebow is the rare person who actually might be as good as he seems. Once you get past the media hoopla, he truly does bring out the best in those around him.

Plus, how many other players in the league are you confident that God sets aside 4 hours to watch play?

Its this greatness that many find frustrating, especially because he doesn’t have the game of the prototypical QB. Why is “unconventional” carry a negative connotation?

What’s worse is that half the country wants the kid to lose because they refuse to believe that anyone can be that good of a player or person. They root against him because he has faith, morals and heart. They make fun of his emotions on the field (both the screams and the tears) and they hate that he’s been anointed by the masses before accomplishing anything in the NFL.

But they refuse to understand that people don’t root for Tim Tebow because of his arm or his 6-3, 250lb frame. He’s a winner who will stop at nothing to bring victory and success to those around him. (If you want to see what true leadership looks like, check out the video below at 4:15). It has nothing to do with arm, and everything to do with heart and soul.

So when Sunday comes around, I’ll be at Sun Life proudly decked in my Dolphins gear.

I will cheer my home-team on, and be elated if we pull out a victory and climb out of the winless cellar.

But if you hear me screaming TEEEEEEEEEBBBBBBOOOOOOOOWWWWWW at the top of my lungs, just ignore me. I can’t help it.

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  1. “How can you not root for this kid?”

    Because people who stuff their religion down your throat with an insufferable air of condescension are douches.

    • He doesn’t stuff it (religion) down your throat. He’s never once told me to covert. He just really likes Jesus.

      And while you are right about 95% of evangelists, the other 5% actually use their faith as a reminder to be humble and help others. You and I might disagree, but I certainly feel Tebow belongs in the latter category.

  2. Think of it as a Rocky movie, back when they were still good. Rocky was the hero and even though he got his midget Italian as* handed to him we rooted for him not just because you wanted to see him win but also because you wondered, “how much abuse can one Guido take!?!”.

    So too can your underdog either the Herculean Teebow or your dolphins take a ton of punishment but still play well enough to win (or least keep) the hearts of all. It’ll work out so long as they don’t play in trunks handed down to them from Apollo Creed, you know the ones -gaudy American flag and all.

    Herein lies your true solution, both Teebow and the Dolphins can be victorious in their own way. Teebow can have the greatest game ever and score a ridiculous amount of points (I know it’s possible, he’s been used against me in NCAA enough times to that end) and the dolphins can also have the best game of their season. And let’s be honest, Teebow isn’t going anywhere but up. The dolphins needs this win more than Teebow does. As long as Teebow plays well *shudders thinking about the humiliation I’ve suffered at his hands* it’ll be all good.

    God help me, I never thought I’d say this but Go Teebow!!!

    In the end a high scoring game with a ton of glorious plays will satisfy all (except the hurricanes, but that’s another story).

    • J-Lo, don’t lie, you love Tebow

  3. Im a closet Teebow fan, but don’t tell him I’m in the closet he may tell me I’m going to hell.

    I don’t care what gods he sacrifices goats, virgins and small children to (nowadays small children don’t necessarily equate to virgins -see the horn regarding Texas) as long as he keeps playing the game and rocking my pigskinned world it’s all good!