VIDEO: Chinese girl gets run over and ignored

Guangdong Province, China – The world is a cold place, as a poor Chinese toddler named Yueyue, found out last Thursday. The 2 year old wandered into an alley, was run over by a van and left for dead. The van slowed long enough to realize it hit someone, but then sped off and ran over Yueyue’s head again with the rear tires. The struggling toddler was writhing in a pool of her own blood; but cars, motorcycles, rickshaws and pedestrians were all just too busy or selfish to stop. Yueyue was soon run over by another truck, and needless to say, that truck took off as well.

It wasn’t until 7 minutes and 18 people passed that a female trash collector, Chen Xianmei, finally moved the limp, paralyzed body out of harm’s way.

It was originally reported that Yueyue died on Sunday from brain injuries, but now Chinese officials say Yueyue is alive, stable, and taking weak breaths on her own. Its also been reported that Good Samaritan, Chen Xianmei has been given money and a steady state job as a means to demonstrate that caring and compassion are rewarded in China.

The surveillance video below went viral, and both hit-and-run drivers have since been arrested. That’s little comfort for Yueyue’s family who probably want the other 17+ arrested as well for wanton disregard of human life.

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  1. That is seriously disturbing but it makes you wonder, how many of us would do the same thinking it’s a prank and not wanting to get “punk’d”? We’ve become so desensitized to other people’s suffering (even when it’s obvious) it’s plain scary! Commission and omission share the same amount of guilt in this kind of scenario

  2. OMG i cant believe the people who ran that poor child over and didnt even bother to get out of their vehicle to see what they hit. Those who walked by and did nothing for her, i hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives.

    • Its really quite disgusting. Yet they didn’t are enough to even look down at the body, so I doubt they’re going to lose sleep over it.

  3. that is beyond f*&ked up!!!!!!!!! If they treat their own people like that, I hate to see what happens when they want us (US Government) to pay them back….