The Sherms NFL Week 6 Forecast


Winning ain't pretty, which is why Cam ain't winning yet


by Ryan “The Sherms” Sherman


Week 6 of the 2011 NFL season features some intriguing matchups, and a couple of snoozers as well.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons  ***

For those who haven’t paid attention, Cam Newton is on a tear. I definitely see him tearing off the Georgia Dome roof on Sunday.  Atlanta’s defense won’t be able to contain Newton, who will put up at least 3 touchdowns (passing and rushing, combined).  Look for Steve Smith (is the “(CAR)” distinction still necessary for this born-again stud?) to be the biggest beneficiary of Newton’s unstoppable-ness, and to go over 100 yards and find the end-zone at least once.  Conversely, don’t expect Panther RBs DeAngelo Williams or James Stewart to find paydirt as Newton takes the majority of rushes inside their opponents’ 10 yard line, and rightly so.

On the other side of the ball, Matt Ryan aka “Matty Ice” aka “Vanilla Ice” (what?  no one calls him that?) needs a big game.  His team is struggling and he isn’t living up to the expectations he created in his 2008 rookie season (and which were created by him being the #3 overall draft pick that year).  Fortunately for him Carolina’s pass defense isn’t great; Roddy White and Tony G should be able to put up some big numbers.

Prediction:  Panthers 30 – Falcons 27


Indianapolis Colts v. Cincinnati Bengals   *

But-for fantasy football, this game would be unwatchable. With that said, look for A.J. Green to light up the Colts D and for the Bengals D to register a defensive TD.  As Peyton Manning’s future beyond this year may be in jeopardy, Reggie Wayne should request a trade before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Prediction:  Bengals 24 – Colts 13


Jacksonville Jaguars v. Pittsburg Steelers **

If the Jags want to even think about being competitive they’re going to have to shorten this game by chewing up clock.  The only way to do that: running MJD 30+ times.  If MJD has a great game the Jags stand a chance.  If he doesn’t, and/or rookie QB Blaine Gabbart starts airing it out, its going to get ugly.  You know, like Troy Polamalu INT-30 yard return-lateral to James Harrison-Harrison run the last 15 yards for TD type ugly.

Prediction:  Steelers 27- Jaguars 17


Buffalo Bills v. New York Giants  ****

The Giants beat good teams and lose to bad teams.  The Bills (4-1) were supposed to be bad, but so far Ryan Fitzpatrick and Co. have been the AFC’s Cinderella story.  Thus, the Giants should win…and I think they will in a nail-bitter.

Prediction:  Giants 23 – Bills 20


San Francisco 49ers v. Detroit Lions   ****

A lot of people predicted Detroit would be great this year and they weren’t LION!!!  In fact, at 5-0 Detroit is now mentioned as one of the NFL’s elite teams (at least for now), and deservingly so.

At the other end of the spectrum, the 4-1 San Francisco 49ers are largely overlooked.  Of course, they play in the NFC West where every team is figured to suck until (and unless) they prove otherwise.  This year, the Niners managed to beat the Bengals and Buccaneers, both who are 3-2 (and 3-1 not including said losses to the Niners).  The Niners also beat a decent Eagles team (despite being 1-4 the Eagles are far from a bad team) coming back from three scores down.  I guess great things happen when you hire a great coach.  (Why didn’t the Dolphins try to get Jim Harbaugh?  Oh…wait…)

Alex Smith will continue playing well but Megatron and the Lions will prove to be too much to handle.

Prediction:  Lions 31-Niners 20

Megatron will blow by the 49ers


St. Louis Rams v. Green Bay Packers **

You know that “any given Sunday” adage?  Well throw it out the window.  This game only received Two SHERMS STARS because of the sheer entertainment value of watching the most prolific Offense in football.  The only thing that’ll happen in Green Bay this Sunday is an all-out beating.  Rogers throws 5 TDs.  Rams to the Slaughter.

Prediction: Packers 38 – Rams 10


Philadelphia Eagles v. Washington Redskins  ****

NFC East games are generally hard fought, and this one will be as well.  The REX-skins have surprised many this year with their 3-1 start, while at the same time, the Eagles (aka the “Dream Team,” aka “Vince Young Isn’t Allowed To Talk Anymore”) have shocked most starting out 1-4.  This game is truly a MUST WIN for the Eagles, and Vick will carry them to victory.  Look for him to rack up over 100 yards rushing.

Prediction:  Eagles 27 – Redskins 17


Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders  **

Cleveland is 2-2, but their victories have been against the 0-5 Colts and 0-4 Dolphins. (At least they got Miami back for taking LeBron for them.  What’s that?  That doesn’t make it even?)

Of course, those teams are terrible, and so is Cleveland.  The Raiders will honor the memory of Al Davis in their first game in Oakland since his passing with a three touchdown victory.  McFadden will score twice and rack up 140 total yards.

Prediction:  Raiders 31 – Browns 10


Houston Texans v. Baltimore Ravens ***

Andre Johnson is OUT Sunday.  Thus, despite Arian Foster and Owen Daniels both being stellar, not having Johnson to take 2 defenders with him on every play is going to be a major handicap for Houston.

Between Foster and Ray Rice this game is going to be mostly fought on the ground with both RBs going over 100 yards.  I see it coming down to the wire, and ending with an Ed Reed game-winning-drive-killing INT.

Prediction:  Ravens 20 – Texans 17


New Orleans Saints v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ***

Going into last week’s game with San Francisco I thought the Bucs were good.  Then they got pummeled by the Niners to a tune of 48-3.  They return to the friendly confines of Raymond James Stadium this week but, while they won’t get blown out (as bad), they will lose again.

Drew Brees throws for 350 yard and 4 TDs and the Saints show the country that — despite only having an average defense — they are clearly the class of the NFC South.

Prediction: Saints 38 – Buccaneers 26


Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots *** 

Has anyone noticed that Tony Romo does exactly the opposite of what his prior week(s)’ performance leads you to expect?

In Week 1 he choked against the Jets with an inexcusable fumble on the Jets 1-yard line and an almost-as-inexcusable INT that lead to the Jets’ game-winning field goal with time expiring.

In Week 2, after written off for dead, he (with at least one broken rib) led the Cowboys back from a 10-point 4th-quarter deficit, and to an overtime win.  He followed that up with a tough 18-16 Cowboy win against Washington Week 3 and, suddenly, he was drawing praise again.

Then came Week 4, where he and the Cowboys blew a 24 point, second-half lead…in large part (though certainly NOT FULLY) on account of Romo’s mishaps.

Romo has had to listen to the media and fans alike (Cowboys had a BYE in Week 5) write him off a choke-artist who will never be an elite NFL QB (which, to be fair, is true) and will never win a Super Bowl (this remains to be seen).  Judging by the pattern, he should rise to the occasion this week in New England.

The bad news for Romo and the Cowboys:  Brady is unstoppable, and the Patriots will put up at least 30 points.

The good news for Romo and the Cowboys:  Brady doesn’t play defense, and the Patriots defense is far and away the most over-rated defense in football.  They are nothing short of PRETENDERS, and Romo will expose them as such.

Prediction:  Cowboys 34 – Patriots 31

Rewriting stereotypes since 2004


Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears **

These old NFC Norris Division Rivals collide on Sunday Night…which is perfect as it should be the cure for insomnia.

The Bears ‘ O-Line can’t pass block.  Vikings QB Donovan McNabb is beyond washed-up and if Christian Ponder isn’t starting by Week 8, Leslie Frazier should be summarily fired.

Prediction:  Bears 16 – Vikings 13


Miami Dolphins at New York Jets **

Monday Night Football should consider opting-in to that whole flex-scheduling thing, and begin utilizing it this week.

The Jets are highly over-rated and if not for the Romo choke-fest discussed above they’d be 1-4 right now.  Fortunately for them, they get to face the pathetic Dolphins this weekend.  It will take a miracle for the Dolphins to beat the Jets.  In fact, they need the following four things to happen in order to be victorious:

(1)  Brandon Marshall catches every ball thrown in his direction and doesn’t achieve his GOAL OF GETTING KICKED OUT OF THE GAME IN THE SECOND QUARTER

(2)    Tony Sporano is fired sometime between now and 8:00pm on Monday Night

(3)    Daniel Thomas carries the ball at least 20 times, and gains 100+ yards, and

(4)   Rex Ryan parties too hard at this weekend’s NYC Foot Fetish Convention and forgets to show up at the game.  Plaxico Burress is named interim Head Coach and decides to shake things up by starting himself at both WR and CB.  This enrages Antonio Cromartie, who starts a locker room brawl, which results in 19 Jets — including Santonio Holmes and Darrelle Revis — missing the game with various injuries.

Prediction:  Jets 27 – Dolphins 13

Hopefully Sanchez will get a Cameron Wake-Up Call

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  1. I will say this about Eli Manning… his brother is a pretty darn good quarterback.