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Iran or No?

Some Crap went down in the last week that culminated in arrests for an attempted assasination on the Saudi Ambassador to the US. The US was quick to prove that Iran was behind the plot, and shared a ton of evidence to initially support their claims, including proof that the Mexican assassins traveled to Iran to meet with Quds Force officials.

Iran vehemently denies the accusations (which they would do regardless), but besides trying to fuck with their enemies, why would they actually attempt such a stupid course of action? Everyone is puzzled. I’m usually inclined to believe just about any story of Iran’s shadiness, but there are some sketchy and confusing issues to the story.

Everyone knows that Iran is heavily involved with financing terrorism, especially for terrorist groups that attack Israel, but they are always  extremely careful to cover most of their tracks; doing so allows them to deny it on the world stage. This attack was easily traced back to them. Why would they be so careless with such a big action? It’s just not their M.O.

Plus, why would Iran intentionally start a war with two major enemies (Saudi Arabia are Sunnis and Iranians are Shiites) at the same time?  Isn’t that an obvious move as if they wanted someone to guess it was them? Did they think the world would just buy into that Mexican Cartels took out Saudi and American targets on a whim? Sure Iran announced intentions to park their submarines off American shores, but they don’t seem to be ready for a massive war (let alone two). Iran is getting closer to building their own nuclear bomb which would be their ultimate middle-finger to the world, but they don’t have it yet. So why make a move now?

Is it possible that someone else did this to frame Iran? If someone wanted the finger pointed at Iran, they’d certainly get an assassin who’d blunder the attempt, or at the very least be careless enough to lead tracks. Even if its proved later to be phony, the initial narrative (that Iran tried to do this) would stick with the uninformed world. This would likely instigate some serious retaliatory actions.

So who would do such a thing? Could it be the US trying for a pre-text to start some shit with Iran? Could it another country (China, Pakistan) with an interest in deflecting attention and pitting these nations against each other? Could it be the shady puppeteers who pull the world’s strings for their own financial gain (defense contractors, reconstruction contractors, big-time financiers)?

I’m not saying Iran is innocent here (the smart money is always on their guilt), I’m just saying IF it was fake, this is how it would go down.

Read: Some analysts sketchy on Iran’s involvement in assassination plot — CNN

Read: US Puzzling over Iran’s motivation for assassination —

"Why does everyone think we would do such a thing?....Death To America! Death to Infidels! Death to Shi'ites!"


Afghan Abuse

Kabul — The UN released a report that Afghanistan is routinely and systematically torturing prisoners and detainees. The report followed a study of 300+ detainees who detail the brutish behavior used on them, even for those detained on relatively minor charges.

This is pretty indicative of why the US is having such a hard time transitioning power back to Afghanistan. They just see “civilized society” a bit different than we do. This also creates a big issue as the US can’t give financial assistance to countries that are abusive to human rights. How can we help “save” the country and fight terrorism if we aren’t legally allowed to give them money and assistance any longer?

One has to ask, why the hell is anyone surprised by this crap? Afghans have survived in one of the least hospitable and most volatile places on the planet for hundreds of years; do we think they did this on smiles and butterflies alone?

Read: UN finds routine abuse of detainees by Afghanistan —

"CHOOSE NOW!!! Team Jacob or Team Edward?"


Cain and Romney

Depending on what paper you read or click on, you’ll see that the Republican Party have themselves a Presidential leader…its just they can’t seem to decide if that leader is Mitt Romney or Herman Cain.

What is known is that the majority of the country is shocked that Cain, with a head full of crazy-talk and a body filled with no political experience, is even in the conversation.

But besides his ridiculous assertion that Occupy Wall Street Protesters furious with Corporate America should instead be protesting Obama, Cain is catching attention for his 3 numbers ringing true with people:  9-9-9. That’s his tax plan, and its based on a 9% income tax, a 9% business tax and a 9% sales tax. People just like simple numbers even if they don’t know what they mean. Except of course Michele Bachmann who says that 9-9-9 is too close to 6-6-6, so the “Devil’s in the details“. Oh, Satan humor.

Cain points out that 47% of Americans are currently paying no taxes, and that his  flat, no-loophole 9-9-9 plan is fair because it ensures everyone is paying taxes, not just 53%. In reality, his plan screws over poor people to make it more “fair” for the rich. NEWSFLASH: poor people don’t have money; raising their taxes takes food off the table. For a guy who made his money on pizza, why would he not understand the buying habits of the not-wealthy? And why do people (Republicans) insist that the key to fixing the economy is taking spending money out of the hands of the majority of the population?

Cain is just more out of touch with American than the super-wealthy Romney, and that is an accomplishment in itself. Read some more about Herman Raising Cain so can you decide just how nutty or sane you think he is.

Read: How in the World is Herman Cain on top? —

Read: Inside Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Plan — The Slate

"Are you listening America? Well stop, because I aint talking to you!"


DomAss OK Now

Topeka, KS —  If you just have to beat your girl, get your ass to Topeka. Topeka’s City Council voted to lift their ordinance banning Domestic Violence. They say the measure will force Shawnee County to prosecute Domestic Violence (because its still banned by the State of Kansas) instead of “Dumping” the cases on Topeka and costing the city a fortune.

The reason they had to do this was because Shawnee County WASN’T prosecuting these cases, so now Topeka thinks the County will suddenly find the time and resources to handle all the Domestic Violence cases county-wide?

What will actually happen is that piece-of-shit husbands will get more leeway in beating the crap out of their wives. Sure they’ll be arrested, but this means they sleep it off yet won’t actually be punished for their behavior. The District Courts are just too busy, and they won’t/can’t get around to prosecuting. These slaps-on-the-wrists will just mean more slaps-on-their-bitch.

Read: City Repeals Ordinance banning Domestic Battery — Capital-Journal Online

"I Love you Topeka!!!!"


Math is HOTT!

Montpellier, France – For reasons yet to be explained, a high-school math teacher waltzed out into the middle of the school-yard during recreation, doused herself with flammable liquid, and lit herself on fire.

She was immediately flown to the hospital, and in intensive care. While still alive, she’s considerably less attractive.

If you thought your teacher was hot….

Read: Math Teacher Immolates herself during school (from the AP)


BadAss Trick Shots

Trick Shot videos are all the rage, but this is one of the better ones I’ve seen in some time. Let’s just say basketball v frisbee makes for an entertaining video. The baseketball guys are mad impressive, but the Bee-tosser must be smokin’ some magic herbage to be so dialed in.

Alls I got to say is Go Gators!


Have a Horn-y Thursday

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  1. I vote to have more pictures of Ass to get me through the week. Tuesday was very helpful. Also, Mr. Cain is getting support because he is not a politician. thats his big basing. people are fed up with politicians so they see this business man who used to make a killing off selling arguably the worst pizza of all times, and they think hey he could make us some money.

    • I hear you on the pics. Next week will be overflowing.

      As for Herman Cain, I hear your argument, but maybe that warrants him being Secretary of Commerce, but certainly not President of the US.

  2. Ryno,
    When you invite your reader to evaluate Herman Cain’s plan, why would you refer them to the Gawker website or Slate? It would be more appropriate to have your readers read Cain’s plan with their own eyes, and evaluate it.

    They may also choose to read one of Herman Cain’s books, I would recommend:
    They Think You’re Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Republicans Must Do to Keep It

    In reference to your post.
    #1 The 9% Sales Tax does not apply to food. It will not “take food off the table of poor people”. Many poor people (1 in every 4 people it is reported) use food stamps…also not taxed.
    #2 Eliminating loopholes for corporations should be something everyone (except the political establishment and their useful idiots) can agree with.
    #3 The fiscal certainty of this plan provides a green light for businesses and entrepreneurs to expand operations and hire more people. Clearly, central planned government stimulus packages have failed in their promise.
    As it relates to the poor; Herman Cain has articulated that successful government programs should provide temporary support to Americans in need while the Government provides a stable climate for jobs to be created.

    There is nothing quite as compassionate as a Government that will support poor people when in need, and get them to work so they no longer need government support.

    Herman Cain is a leader.
    Before his business career he worked as a mathematician in ballistics as a civilian employee of the United States Navy. He has also served on the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank (KC).

    The Gawker calls Cain “wacko”, and writes that “we still don’t get this Cain thing”.
    So, if a person was seeking knowledge, would you seek it from a name calling blogger that doesn’t get it? They shouldn’t.
    The Slate goes after the Cain plan without consideration or comparison to the current tax system. The current system is trrrible. Millions of pages and a small army of IRS agents, and a half of Billion dollar budget and supposedly GE doesn’t pay corporate income tax?
    Kudos to Cain for advancing a plan that some people get.
    Most liberals and 20-something blawkers will simply omit the fact that Cain has a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and continue on with the “crazy”, “wacko”, “stupid” narrative that useful idiots are supposed to advance.

    Herman Cain has leadership and great ideas befitting of a President. Clearly, he will have to beat the politicians and the useful idiots in the media to win public opinion, but in the arena of ideas, he is a very capable American without a doubt.

    • Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the Slate article and thought others should read it as well. But for the record, Ive tagged many other sources re: Herman Cain and others. Just impossible to do so in every single post, so am glad you do so here.

      As for Tax plans, I am surely no expert, which is why I leave it to others to break down the intricacies of the plans. What I do know is that while it sounds “fair” to tax everyone “equally”, the application of such a law, especially in today’s economic climate, is harsh, dumb and extremely “unfair”. We need more creativity than a 9-9-9 plan that seems to benefit the few more than it does the many. Plus, to suggest its a NEW plan is hysterical. Its a rehashing of the same GOP plans that have been around forever, which was a point expressed in the Slate article which I also found very interesting.

      Alas I NEVER said Herman Cain was unintelligent, you don’t get to be where he is in life (unless your Dad was President) without being brilliant. Although I disagree with almost everything he says fiscally, he at least has earned his cred on business/financial aspects. But Cain’s lost all credibility in my book by acting as an unwavering mouthpiece for his party/wing.

      As for any fun language used to make learning fun, I point you to Cain’s direct quote from today regarding his policy to set up an electrified fence to kill border-crossers: “Americans should learn to take a joke”.