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He Threw in the Towel

John Boehner (R-Ohio) is an asshole. The Speaker of the House was at the Washington Ideas Forum talking about bridging the divide of the political parties. To prove how he’s above the political squabbling, he shared the following sentiment:

“Nothing has disappointed me more than to watch what’s happened over the past five weeks; to watch the president of the United States give up on governing, give up on leading, and spend full time campaigning.”

How is trying to fix the economy and pass a Jobs bill giving up on governing? Is it because one can only “govern” from inside the Oval Office? The President has to hit the road and show Americans that he has their side, because clearly Mr. Boehner could care less about the everyday American.

It’s also pretty hysterical to hear him say Obama “threw in the towel” on governing, considering J-Bone is the Speaker of the historically worst Congress ever. According to polls, the reason Boehner’s Congress is the most hated of all time is because they intentionally refuse to govern, and instead repeatedly try to shut the government down so the Executive Branch can’t govern. Then he has the gall to bring up his disappointment in Obama’s leadership! Hey Boehner, is it GOOD leadership to lie and intentionally cripple our economy and government just so your party can win the next election?

Can we just please eliminate political parties already?

Read: Boehner says Obama stopped governing to campaign —

"Chill Out J-Bone. I'll be there in a sec."


B of Hey, WTF?

Think about how banks work. You give them money, they take that money for investments. You get the security and convenience of an account and they get to keep the profit made from investments using your money. So how the hell do they justify monthly maintenance charges on debit accounts?

Bank of America just announced a $5 monthly fee for all debit card users. They claim the move is needed to combat the recent regulations which have capped the amount they can charge merchants when customers use debit cards for purchases. So since they can’t screw the merchants, they want to screw you. After all, they need to keep their profits at historically high levels. Its just hysterical that BoA, the Nation’s largest bank, says they need to cover their losses with this fee, because they stand to make significantly more from the fee than they “lost”. So it’s illegal to rob from a bank, but its ok for the banks to rob you. Hey, its the government’s fault, remember?

And they wonder why people are protesting on their doorstep? They have the gall to rail against paying higher taxes, but then go ahead and tax their clients on their own money.

That’s why some, like NC Congressman Brad Miller, are pushing for new regulations that will limit the amount that banks can charge account holders, and make it easier for customers to leave their current banks. Many insist that the problem now is that there are too few banks, and without a free-market its impossible to check banks into keeping their prices reasonable and competitive. Of course this is frustrating and embarrassing considering it was our government who forced the banks to merge into banking conglomerates to “save” our economy back in the “too big to fail” days.

Either way, the idiots at BoA need to realize that this counter-financial system they’ve helped create with their greed isn’t going anywhere, and they better start placating customers instead of screwing them if they want to make profits. What happened to the days when if you wanted to increase profits you provided a better product?

Read: North Carolina Rep. Brad Miller taking on Bank of American and banking industry — Huffington Post

Did you hear the one about the protesters who got everything they wanted by protesting? Yeah, me neither.


Gay Conversion Therapy

Driftwood, Iowa — Can you pray the gay away? After watching the video below, I bet there are some out there that wish they could; especially if their parents are strict believers in intense conversion therapy. Such therapy doesn’t mean sitting in a room  describing inkblots shaped like dongs. It starts with simple manipulative mind games then builds up to intense subjection to negative stimuli while shown pictures of gays and homosexual behavior.

Such tactics include forcing  “patients” to hold hot coils or blocks of ice while viewing the “negative” images (gays kissing or holding hands). Hopefully the process will trick their brain into thinking homosexuality is painful. In the video below, Samuel Brinton describes how his dad used to beat the gay out of him, then switched over to “therapeutic” torture like this:

‘The Month of Hell consisted of tiny needles being stuck into my fingers and then pictures of explicit acts between men would be shown and I’d be electrocuted’

Needless to say, the therapy didnt work, Samuel still likes dong, and his parents wont let him near their house. The most troubling part isn’t even the intense pain, but rather the close-minded stupidity that tears families apart. At one point, Sam tells about how he stood on a roof about to jump to his death, when his mom came up to comfort him with the words “I’d love you again if you’d just change.” Idiot.

Sad stuff, but a must read/watch to understand how half of our country thinks, and how idiot politicians can successfully run on platforms of hate.

Read: Victim of Gay Conversion Therapy describes torture —


No Dwarf Tossers Left Behind

Florida — Dwarf Tossing is the practice of throwing dwarfs for competitive fun. While it sounds totally awesome on its face, it’s actually a disgusting and demeaning bar game imported from Australia but now outlawed in some states. Florida is one of those states, but now Florida State Congressman, Ritch Workman (Rep), wants to remove that ban. Why? Because it’s an unnecessary government ban that kills job creation. Seriously.

“All that it does is prevent some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get. In this economy, or any economy, why would we want to prevent people from getting gainful employment?…I’m on a quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people.”

Don’t you just hate it when big brother says we can’t throw small people around in such a demeaning, dangerous manner? We must revolt! Admittedly, Workman may be right that passing a law like this was stupid in the first place (couldn’t someone just sue for assault if they were unwillingly tossed?) but to remove the ban now would serve as de facto government acquiescence of the demeaning and harmful activity.

Workman needs to seriously start consulting his staff before he hits the podium suggesting ending the war on drugs because it keeps minorities from making an honest living. Oh, I heard he wants to lift the ban on slavery lifted because it keeps some from getting free room and board.

Read: Lawmaker wants to re-instate Dwarf Tossing —

Toss my salad, Workman


No Honor Among Theives

Dehli, California — You know you effed up when criminals go to the cops to tell em you done bad. Such was the case with Kraig Stockard, whose house was burglarized by a couple of kids. A stash of 50+ CDs was part of the stolen loot, but when the kids popped in the discs to record music, they found megabyte after megabyte of child pornography.

The burglars eventually decided to call the cops, which must have been a tough choice considering how they came into possession of the discs. Their honesty seems to have paid off as they have not yet been charged with burglary.

Stockard was arrested and admitted to possessing the kiddie porn, starting back in 2004. At some point he’ll probably be quoted as saying “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!”

Read: Burglars turn in man they stole from for possession of child porn –

Dr. Phil meets Khalid Sheikh Mohammed


Les Grossman Live

So long as you forget Tom Cruise is a Scientology Brain-Washer, he sometimes seems pretty awesome. Yes, he can also be completely Hollywood and toolish, but the guy has a good time when he’s not jumping on couches or pitching child labor camps.

Cruise was at a person who’s richer than you wedding and busted out some splits to start a nice little dance off. The Ryno and C-Nasty are huge fans of the dance-off, so obviously this was making The Horn.

To be honest, I was hoping Tommy C would grab the mic and start belting “you never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your liiiips.” Then we’d see the bride soak her gown, and run off into the corner crying that she married the wrong man.

Alas, we just get a split or two. Check it out in the video below.

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Something Sweet

Sometimes guys do sweet things for the girls they love. The guy in the video below is one of those guys.

I’m sure his friends would say he’s so gay. I say you have no idea the BJ he got that night.

Friday Fun 


"Ok, who is it? Feels like Goofy...."Â


"Grandma, look at me!"Â

Thank you??

The Story of Life

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See? Hot Chicks rule the universe

What a douche...but I'd give my left nut for the shot from behindÂ

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