VIDEO: The Manchurian Candi-Dad

Mitt Romney has been running for President forever. In doing so, he realizes that sticking to your guns isn’t a recipe for victory. The key is sticking to other people’s guns for as long as they’re holding them.

Romney might look and (kinda) sound the presidential part, but the guy is such a phony. Even still, he’s at the top of the pack of GOP hopefuls, and apparently this doesn’t sit well with Republicans who keep begging new people to jump into the mix just so they don’t have to vote for Mitt.

This won’t deter the former Massachusetts Governor, who will just keep changing his point of view until he finds one (or a few) that works for his Republican base.

Fortunately at least one “newsman” isn’t letting the flip-flopping Gov off the hook so easily. Watch Jon Stewart use Romney’s own words to show how he’s completely flipped from the Pro-choice/Anti-corporate-loopholes candidate running for Senate and Governor, to the Right Wing mouthpiece running for President he is today.