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Knox Freed

Perugia, Italy — Amanda Knox will be coming back to the US as a free woman. Originally convicted for the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kerchner, Knox, 24, finally won her freedom Monday on an Appeal. The 4-month appeal centered on DNA evidence and Knox’s character, but felt more like a re-trial.

Knox and her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were originally found guilty of slashing Kerchner’s throat after allegedly watching some violent S&M videos. A bloody knife with Kerchner’s DNA was found at Sollecito’s apartment, but the DNA testing methods have been called under scrutiny. Apparently the Italian cops really did a sloppy job on this case, and the gaping holes gave Knox’s appeal that much more weight. Knox’s character also became an issue as the Prosecution (and the media) painted her as a slutty/freaky chick getting her kicks murdering her roommate, but Americans (like Oprah) started backing her and pulling the “she could never do this kinda thing” defense.

Fortunately for Knox, the evidence failed to put her and Sollecito definitively at the scene at the time of death. Unfortunately for Knox (and common sense) the evidence failed to prove they weren’t there either. Although the Italian legal process is different than ours, one can still only be convicted if the proof shows they committed the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”. As for adding a little doubt, the DNA of a convicted killer (currently serving time for another crime) was found all over Kerchner’s and Knox’s apartment.

Honestly, I didn’t follow the case closely enough to determine if Knox was really guilty, or just the victim of an over-zealous Italian media trying to crucify the hot American chick. But I do know that Knox gets to return home to book deals, movie deals and interview offers, so she better get herself an agent and make sure her PR girl comes up with something better than “Hey, at least it wasn’t my daughter!”

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"I got a feelin...WOO HOO...that tonight's gonna be a good night..."


Disenfranchising Disaster

Over 5 million voters are alleged to have lost their right to vote thanks to recent (and mostly Republican) legislation. The new laws basically eliminate a huge section of the voting population by requiring state IDs (and ignoring previously accepted forms of ID) or adding extra hurdles to the voting process.

While on its face, an ID requirement for voting sounds like common sense, it appears the application of such laws will put an overwhelming burden on voters who “coincidentally” vote Democrat. The Brennan Center for Justice (a liberal think-tank) just released a report which states:

“Some states require voters to show government-issued photo identification, often of a type that as many as one in ten voters do not have. Other states have cut back on early voting, a hugely popular innovation used by millions of Americans. Two states reversed earlier reforms and once again disenfranchised millions who have past criminal convictions but who are now taxpaying members of the community. Still others made it much more difficult for citizens to register to vote, a prerequisite for voting.”

The new laws themselves were mostly pushed by Republicans who claim that they will reduce Voter Fraud. Critics say the laws are specifically targeted to disenfranchise young voters, immigrants, and low income voters who almost always vote Democrat and not Republican. Though I personally have issues that most of our voting population votes without any foreknowledge of the issues, we still have an inalienable right to vote for our leaders. Laws should be enacted to make it as easy as possible to exercise this right, not the opposite way around.

This is just another example of trying to “fix” elections by means other than convincing the country that your ideas are better. These disenfranchising laws fall right along the lines of Redistricting, the process of redrawing political districts to eliminate areas that usually vote for the other party. The GOP is so gung-ho for this disgusting procedure that they brag about it on their website and say its the most important goal they face.

Its time to eliminate political parties; they no longer give you a voice, they take it away.

Read: New Voting laws could disenfranchise 5 million voters — CBS News

"I don't have ID. I have ADD, does that count?"

WTF? of the Day

I don’t mean to imply that Church is boring these days, but Aldo Bianchini makes a strong case. Aldo has been hearing some serious voices, and unlike the voices in my head which tell me I’m a pussy, Aldo’s voices talk him into doing great things. In this case, the great thing was proving his strength and aversion to pain by tearing his eyeballs out in the middle of Sunday Mass.

The 300 churchgoers could only sit and watch as Bianchini gouged out his own eyeballs and fell screaming into a pool of his own blood. According to Father Tanganelli:

‘I called for assistance and the paramedics were quickly at the scene and he was taken away and then I carried on celebrating Mass but a lot of people had left because they were so shocked by what they had seen.

Some people were shocked by the act, I’m shocked that Father Tanganelli tried to start services again after this ordeal! Paramedics were able to save Bianchini, but even though they were able to get the gouged eyes back in the sockets, Aldo will be blind for life. If this is what he did at Mass, be thankful no one took this guy to see Twilight.

Read: British worshipper tears eyes out in church — Daily Mail

"Please! No More! For the last time, America's Got NO Talent"


Bad Ass Goal of the Day

Its not often I praise a Soccer player, but its also not often you see a guy pass it to himself in mid air, then execute a precision scissor-kick past the unsuspecting goalie. I’m juss sayin, Bayer Leverkusen striker, Eren Derdiyok, deserves a Hornable mention…


On The Road

The hallmark of any great band is how well they do on the road.

This Russian band already has a helluva start.


Katy Day

You Horn-balls know I have a soft spot for Katy Perry. Today is the gorgeous, doe-eyed, impossibly huge-chested, starlet’s 27th birthday.

Since I couldn’t send her sexy pictures of me as a birthday gift, I did the next best thing….

Happy Birthday

I hate Russell Brand

Is this the Zooey Deschanel Convention?

I wish being this close didn't violate the restraining order

Is it MY birthday?

Do they give out awards to  wardrobe shoppers?

What's more offensive...the dress itself, or the fact that she's actually wearing underwear?

Where am I supposed to focus?

Katy loves the Horn

Have a Horn-y Katy's Birthday

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