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I Hate TV News

It’s not what you say these days, its how they say what you said. According to the idiots at CNN, Joe Biden went on the radio and told America that the Obama administration was to blame for the poor economy. The title of the video is “Biden: Blame us not Bush for economy” and the text on screen reads “Biden: Voters should blame Obama, not Bush”. Really CNN? Biden said Voters should blame Obama? Here’s what he said during the WLRN radio interview that CNN plays as proof of this statement:

Even though 50 somethin’ percent of the American people think the economy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant. What’s relevant is that we’re in charge and right now we are the ones in charge; and it’s gotten better but it hasn’t gotten good enough, and so I don’t blame them for being mad. We’re in charge.

So Biden goes does the grown-up thing and says they’re in charge, so its on them to get better and do more. He says he understands why they blame; basically people don’t care what happened before, they want results now. His statement of it being irrelevant wasn’t to nullify the feeling shared by more than half the country, he was saying that blaming doesn’t get results.

How the hell is this being spun to say that he absolved the Bush administration of dealing them a bad economic hand? Where did he say to blame Obama? How do they justify this bull crap? Brianna Keiler may be a hotter version of Tea Leone, but the way she and the CNN Producers spun that story was manipulative and obvious. Its just unfortunate that many people take the time to listen to her words, but not the Vice President’s.

Here’s my headline:  Keiler: Voters should blame CNN for poor state of journalism, not Fox News. 

Watch: CNN and Conservatives says Biden says to blame Obama for economy, not Bush — CNN



Twitter Wars: Trump v Hunstman

For some reason Donald Trump likes to pretend that his voice matters, and now he feels that a Presidential contender somehow needs his endorsement. A couple of candidates even fed his ego and sought his vocal backing. Fortunately for intelligent America, Jon Huntsman could care less about Trump’s ego, or his endorsement. Needless to say, that pissed off The Trump. Ergo, a 140 character-or-less war erupted.

The Huntsman Campaign’s spokesman, Tim Miller, first Tweeted a jab or two poking a little fun at Mitt Romney seeking the Don’s endorsement He joked about how both the rich moguls would fly in together by helicopter to make the announcement.

Trump responded with: @JonHuntsman has zero chance of getting the nomination. Whoever said I wanted to meet him? Time is money and I don’t waste mine.

Tim Miller then tweeted: @Donald Trump – @JonHuntsman isn’t wasting his time w/ Presidential Apprentice. His focus is on real solutions to fix our economy

It’s awesome to see respected men go at it like catty Junior High girls, but I just can’t grasp why anyone is wasting time with Donald Trump. He is a TV star who got famous (and rich) playing/abusing the bankruptcy system. What difference does his endorsement make? Will Herman Cain soon seek out Charlie Sheen? Will Michele Bachmann try to get a ringing endorsement from Mel Gibson? Hey Rick Perry, what’s Jonny Drama doing these days?

Shut up Trump, and go back to figuring out if you can mentor Meat Loaf.

Jon Huntsman and Donald Trump go at it on Twitter — Huffington Post

"I don't even care what words come out of my mouth. Why do you?"


Facebook TV

Facebook is making a TV show, and you’re in it. McG (he who ruined Charlie’s Angels and Terminator: Salvation) is directing a show about a high school student-turned-spy, and it will only be aired on Facebook.

As if that wasn’t novel enough, things from your very own profile will be used the show. The music will be from your playlists, and your (and your friend’s) pictures will appear on posters and billboards in the background.

Is this a cool thing to do, or yet another creepy example of how Facebook is invading your life? Oh cool, it looks like The King is listening to Wiz Khalifa on Spotify. Crap, damn you Zuckerberg!

Your Facebook profile will soon be a TV show —

"I'm sorry...'whatBook'?"


3rd Robbery’s a Charm

New York — Charles Burnett, 29, is an ambitious, gutsy man. Unfortunately he just aint that bright. Burnett held up the same Sovereign Bank 3 days in a row, taking in a haul of $26,000. Unfortunately for Charlie, people tend to recognize your fat ass after you already robbed their place a couple times.

The first day, he made away with $2,200. Day 2 took in a haul of another $14,000. That earned some attention, and his picture (snapped from Bank security cams) was blasted on the news. People were shocked, and as police said, “Maybe a handful of times I’ve heard of a guy come back a few weeks later. I’ve never heard of a guy come back two days in a row, let alone three.” See, they wouldn’t expect such idiotic daring behavior!

So  even with more than $16,000, Charlie went back on Wednesday for a bonus round. This time he coasted with $14,000, but its not like they didn’t know who it was. One bank employee solved the case immediately, “It was the same dumbass who hit us yesterday…He was huge.”

Cops spotted the “huge” Burnett casually walking home with a dark knapsack, chased him down, tackled him, and arrested him. One cop summed it up like this: “Same guy, three days in a row. Obviously he wanted to get caught. He didn’t seem like he was all there.”

Law enforcement just doesn’t reward persistence and dedication these days.

Crook caught after robbing same bank 3 days in a row — NY Daily Post

Burnett might be a criminal, but at least he's sanitary


Don’t try this one at Home

Massachusetts — School committee meetings are usually boring. That’s why Abington Committee Chairman, Russell Fitzgerald likes to break the ice with a magic trick. Pretty standard ice-breaker really…except for the creepy woman’s under-garment part.

Fitzgerald called up fellow committee members Steven Shannon and Ellen Killian to help him with his shtick. He held one end of a knotted handkerchief, while Shannon held the other. Then Fitzgerald had Killian hold the knot to her chest. When the guys pulled the handkerchif taut, a bra popped out as if it just popped off Killian’s chest. Awkward silence follows.

Shannon and Killian immediately said they had no foreknowledge of the trick, and Fitzgerald was left shrugging his shoulders at the silence like The Situation roasting Donald Trump. Why didn’t anyone tell Fitz that women’s undergarments and children’s education do not mix? That’s just wrong. Especially considering the entire thing was televised.

Unfortunately, because of all the humorless people in the school-board, Fitzgerald will no longer perform magic tricks to open committee meetings. I was looking forward to next month when he made a strap on dildo, a crack pipe, and Strawberry Shortcake “day-of-the-week” panties appear in the Superintendent’s suitcase.

Read: Magician apologizes for pretending to rip out bra at school committee meeting – NY Daily News

"So that's forwned upon then?"


I suddenly love Rugby

You wanted to learn the rules of Rugby, right? Exactly. That’s why I’m here to teach you important things.

I’m sure my selection of instructional video has nothing to do with the on-screen talent. Hey, sometimes if you want to make a lesson stick, you have to use insanely hot half-naked chicks. Learning is FUNdamental.

Friday Fun

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