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Hatin’ on Gov’ment:

A Gallup Poll released yesterday pretty much shows that America hates the government. A whopping 81% of Americans disapprove of how our country is governed. 65% of Democrats and 92% of Republicans polled  are dissatisfied with the partisan gridlock of all of government, and 57% of all Americans think our government is incapable of adequately handling domestic problems. 53% say they have little to no confidence in people that run for public office.

82% are dissatisfied with Congress, and a record 69% say they have little, or no confidence in Congress.

The scariest statistic: 49% think that the “federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens”. Are you kidding me? What is this government doing that it infringes on people’s rights? In 2003, AFTER the passage of the Patriot Act, the most damaging document to Personal Freedoms since the Sedition Acts, only 30% of America thought the Government was harmful to our rights. Now its almost half? Congrats Fox News, you have officially ruined our country.

Its fun to hear how idiot politicians try to spin this. The Right will say this is an indictment of President Obama. The Left will say this is an indictment of the No-bama policies of the Republicans. What this really shows is that people are damn sick of the new norm of American Politics.

Who will feel more election-day pain? Congressional Republicans or President Obama?

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"American, I hear you. I can't stand us either"


Jail or Church

Alabama — Non-violent offenders in Bay Minette now have a choice: serve jail time for their misdemeanors….or go to church. If they choose to do time, they will serve out their misdemeanor sentence. If they choose Church, they have to go to Sunday services for a year. Bay Minette officials say this sentence will restore their community, but somehow they don’t see how making offenders choose between punishment by Church or by State is a violation of the separation of church and state.

This is absolutely offensive. A Government should in no way, be pushing their citizens to Church. That is no other way to look at it, its the utmost violation of Church/State. I am not saying that going to Church, finding faith, and a loving environment wouldn’t make some people better members of society, but how could this even survive any type of judicial scrutiny?

If the “punishment” was some type of community service, and the person voluntarily did their service at a Church, then its perfectly acceptable. But when the actual ruling is to go to Church every Sunday, that’s the government promoting religion and favoring one religion over all others. Sure, non-believers are already going to hell, but now if they get a misdemeanor in Bay Minette, they have to go to Jail or convert. They tried this before, but called it The Inquisition.

Forget going to Church, Bay Minette officials need to go back to school because they’re morons.

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Easy decision


High Justice

Houston — There are few things worse than getting busted by the cops. One of those things is watching the Cops rip through your weed stash. Cops came knocking at the door just after  Nicholas Hill, 19, baked himself some pot-brownies. Then the cops checked the brownies into evidence…into their stomachs, that is.

Then the idiot cops exchanged incriminating messages like “So High…Good munchies” with one another through their patrol car computers. So there weren’t just dumb enough to dip into the magic snacks, but then they forgot that everything they type into their computers is tracked. Most cops are morons (how many smart people do you know went on to be beat cops?) and this is just another example of what happens when you give stupid people guns and badges.

Hill’s attorney doesn’t find this as humorous as I do:

“If they actually are true, then we’re talking about is destruction of evidence. That’s a felony…We’re talking about official misconduct. We’re potentially talking about police offices driving around the city of Houston high on drugs, conducting official police business while high on drugs. It’s a pretty big deal.”

Personally, I think Hill should be thankful he didn’t have to witness the cops as they found his porn stash. MEOW!

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"Do any of you gentleman know how to roll a blunt?"


“MJ Gone, Our Nigga Dead”

Conrad Murray’s trial for the Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson started today. For some reason the court allowed the State to show a picture of Jackson’s dead body.

I’m sure this isn’t prejudicial at all, after all, the Jury did need proof that Michael was dead.

Off to Neverland....

They also played a recording where MJ slurs his way through a conversation about upcoming concerts. Prosecutors say this was proof that MJ was high as a kite, but apparently they forgot the benefits of Jesus Juice. Is Murray really on trial for killing this guy? It’s more like he was keeping this Skelator alive. MJ insisted on these treatments and paid millions to circumvent the system. Murray should definitely lose his medical license, but prison might be taking it too far. The guy most responsible for MJ’s death is the one pictured on the gurney.

This will surely be an interesting trial, especially for the legions of fans that wish Michael was still around to not-babysit their children.

Read: Michael Jackson picture and tape played for Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case — Daily Mail

Monumental Earthquake

Washington DC —  Security cameras inside the Washington Monument captured the entirety of last month’s Virginia-based earthquake. Until I saw this video, I didn’t grasp how long this quake actually lasted. I have to imagine that’s terrifying 500 feet in the air.

Humorously, the female security guard who books it before everyone else is safe. I think she said something like “for $8 an hour?” Then there’s the guy who “Costanzas” his way past parents and children. People in danger are so funny!



Some things are just better in slo-mo. One of those things is an unbreakable water balloon to the face. Check it out.

Things get super slo-mo cool at 0:25.


Like this kid, try to have a Horn-y Tuesday


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