The Pressing Palestine Statehood Problem

....Here I am, stuck in the middle with you....

Palestinian officials had a big week this week as they asked the United Nations for a unilateral vote to grant Statehood to their displaced people.

This might sound like a nice diplomatic means of accomplishing statehood, but asking the UN for a vote is just another way to avoid negotiating fairly with Israel and hoping they won’t need to comply with Israel’s legitimate concerns.

There are two humorous angles to this. First is that Israel says such a ruling from the UN means crap, but apparently they forgot this is exactly how the Jewish people got Israel in the first place. Second, is that Israel and the Palestinian people have been “negotiating” the terms of a state for some time, but can’t come to an agreement because the Arabs have no interest in working with Israel…their only interest is seeing them wiped off the map.

This conflict isn’t exactly new, its been going on say, centuries, but in the last 30 years the two parties have been to the negotiation table numerous times. Sure Israel is to blame for some of their antagonistic policies in the name of security, but the talks usually fizzle out once the Arabs walk away from the table because they aren’t getting the complete destruction of Israel.

There’s the fight over who gets Jerusalem (both claim the Holy City as their capital) and a big fight over whether or not Palestine would recognize Israel as an official state and stop calling for its destruction.

Israel refuses to grant the Palestinians a “Full Right of Return”, because if the millions of displaced Palestinians “return” to Israel as full citizens, then they can -and will – vote the Judaism out of Israel and destroy it from the inside. This isn’t just conspiracy talk, this is what they brag about doing. Wiping the hated Israel off the map is their main goal.

The big sticking point for the Palestinians is that they want the Jews completely off their land, but Israel shadily continues to build in the disputed West Bank territories.  Obviously they miss the irony in the fact that they want their displaced Arabs to be allowed in Israel,  but don’t care about displacing hundreds of thousands of Jews and not letting them in their state.

"And with the 5th selection, in the 2011 UN World Draft, statehood goes to...."

The whole mess puts the US in a weird spot. President Obama has loudly called for a Palestinian state, but as a voting member of the UN Security Council, the US has to step up to make sure the anti-semetic world doesn’t unilaterally screw Israel in the tuchas. Obama doesn’t want to piss off the Arab world (especially the Saudis) but he certainly can’t afford to alienate American Jews who support Israel, our only strongest ally in the Middle East.

Wednesday, Obama told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in no uncertain terms, that the US will veto any UN resolution establishing a Palestinian state. Obama explained that he’d rather both sides come to their own agreement rather than having the world arbitrarily decide for them.

Without the US vote, nothing can go through, so the Palestinians won’t get their state (yet), but might be bumped from “observer” to “non-voting state” status. This basically means they get to watch and still not vote. Woo-hoo, that will totally make things so much better for those starving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

As for totally making things better, Obama is hoping that his tough stance will win him back the Jewish support he lost trying to assuage everyone else in the Middle East but them.

Watch the video below for a great primer on everything that’s going on.

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