What a Sucker (Puncher)


Even Referee Joe Cortez is shocked this went down


Floyd Mayweather might have won Saturday night’s fight against Victor Ortiz, but his image took a big hit. Floyd likes to blame everyone else for his cocky, bad-boy persona, but Saturday night his own actions solidified himself as Boxing’s #1 bad guy.

Sure the match was just a warm-up fight for the long awaited bout versus Manny Pacquiao, but the hugs, kisses and sucker-punches will surely be remembered for years to come.

Mayweather was controlling the fight, but In the 4th round, Ortiz unleashed a flurry of punches and that shook Mayweather for the first time all night. Ortiz got a little too hyped up and lunged at Money May with a headbutt reminiscent of Blanka from Street Fighter. The Ref stopped the fight and penalized Ortiz who quickly apologized for the unsportsman headbutt attempt.

Ortiz might have realized that Mayweather handpicked him to make millions from the fight (don’t bite the gloved hand that feeds) so he went above and beyond to show how sorry he was. Ortiz even went over to kiss Mayweather, as if that would make everything all-right in the testosterone-filled ring.

Hug it out, bitches

The Ref started things off again when the two fighters met mid-ring, and Ortiz went in for yet another sportsmanship hug. Mayweather seemed to oblige, but when Ortiz’ arms were down at his side, Mayweather threw a devastating left hook at Ortiz.

Stunned, Ortiz looked towards the Ref, but Money May pounced and clocked an un-guarded Ortiz for the 2nd time, and knocked him on his ass.

Fight over.

Mayweather defended his cheap-shots by saying a fighter should “protect yourself at all times”, but that’s just not holding water to those calling this the suckiest of all sucker-punches.

To be fair, there was really no reason for Ortiz to hug it out and apologize again; enough was enough already. But it was clear that his behavior was an act of GOOD sportsmanship, so why did Mayweather take advantage of it with POOR sportsmanship?

Floyd’s first hook would have been acceptable in my book, if he didn’t follow it up with the Death Blow. One unblocked hook would have been justifiable revenge for the Blanka-headbutt, and it would have taught the lesson of “protect yourself at all times”. Mayweather wouldn’t have come off as dirty, but rather as the wise old teacher ensuring his pupil understood the lesson.

Instead we have a controversial knockout that does nothing to “help” the career of a boxer begging to be recognized as the best ever. Money May fans will blame Ortiz’ naivete for the mishap, but this was a conscious decision by the Champ to end the fight easily before it went any further. He could have held back the knockout blow, but instead he pounced on an unprotected fighter.

In the process he further tarnished Boxing’s image as a Gentleman Sport, and alienated more fans who prefer legitimate fights over WWE shenanigans.

And if the fight itself wasn’t enough to permanently etch Floyd’s asshole behavior into our psyche, he started yelling at legendary HBO post-match interviewer Larry Merchant who questioned the cheapshots:

“You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don’t know shit about boxing. You ain’t shit! You’re not shit!”

Merchant, 80, then shot back at Mayweather:

“I wish I was 50 years younger…and I’d kick your ass.”

Street cred gained for one, lost for the other.


"Oh no he di'int"


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