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Thank God for Wookies


Solyndra Sucks

You know how you love something so much that you give it $530 million to watch it grow and use it as a model for the future only to watch it go bankrupt and embarrass the shit out of you? Me neither, but President Obama sure does.

Barry O has always pushed for America to be the leader in green technology and sources of renewable energy. In his last State of the Union, he singled out a solar-panel production company, Solyndra, for leading the way in green production. He loudly praised and bragged about Solyndra because since 2009, they received more than $530 million of Federal Stimulus Money to spur production.

Solyndra was intended to be a model for the job creation potential of green energy production, yet instead it filed for bankruptcy, laid off more than 1100 workers, and closed its doors on September 6th. The FBI raided Solyndra’s San Francisco offices soon thereafter.

Did the White House just make a bad bet and back the wrong horse, or is there something sinister and shady going on? Embarrassing emails and testimony show many already knew Solyndra would be an economic failure based on an extremely poor business model (panels cost $6 to make, but they sold them for $3). Some studies even explicitly predicted the company would run out of money in September 2011.

Why would Obama push so hard to support a company that many advisers said was a piece of crap?

(CONTINUED IN The Ryno Reports on Solyndra Sure Sucks for Obama)

"So this is what's gonna bring me down...."


Casey Anthony Payback

Orlando —  The age-old question “How much does it cost to lie to the Police and start a state-wide manhunt for your missing daughter even though you know she’s already dead?” was answered yesterday when a Florida Judge ruled that Casey Anthony must repay $97,000 to Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

Prosecutors aimed high for $500,000, but the Judge decided Casey owed $61,505 to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, $10,284 to  Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, and $25,838 to  Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Casey probably doesn’t care as the tab will likely be picked up by her rich Mexican benefactor (and future husband); he’s already given her $200k and will move her to his remote Mexican villa once shes done with probation for check fraud.

Just to recap, Caylee died, Casey lied, got caught lying, will pay back money for all the lying she did…yet she’s still NOT GUILTY in the death of her daughter.

By the way, your Honor, why don’t I get a check for the hours I wasted with her sham of a trial?

Casey Anthony must pay back law enforcement agencies for lying — Miami Herald

"Only $97k, huh? Thanks. Thanks, a lot"


Tweeting Kills in Mexico

Mexico — Everybody hates critics, and that goes for Mexican Drug Cartels as well. Two bloggers said some not-so-nice things about the murdering drug rings, so in turn the Cartel did some not-so-nice things to them.

By “not-so-nice” I mean the man and woman were disemboweled and hung from a bridge as a warning to others to keep their cartel opinions and trafficking information to themselves. The victims will be tough to identify because of the severe mutilation.

Next to the disemboweled, hanging bodies was a note that read:

‘This is going to happen to all those posting funny things on the internet, You better (expletive) pay attention. I’m about to get you.’

Apparently Mexican Bloggers are the only ones with the balls to spill the beans on the illegal cartel activity because many of the Cops and Politicians are bought or just scared as hell. So these poor victims, both in their early 20’s, were butchered to set an example and further scare the shit out of a country in disarray.

Ok cartels, I got the gruesome message.

Here’s mine: Go Fuck Yourselves, you murdering bastards. I’m going somewhere else to pick up Spring Breakers.

Mexican bloggers disemboweled and hung from bridge for criticizing drug cartel — Daily Mail


Do Toddlers Dream of Racist Sheep?

UK — Over 30,000 British school children, some as young as 3 years old, have been tagged as “racist” and “homophobic”, and thrown into a database where their racism and homophobia will follow them forever.

The kids were reported for playground taunts, schoolyard scuffles, and saying the standard racists or homophobic slurs. But some were tagged for using lame words like “broccoli head”, “gay”, or “gaylord”. Its not even just name-calling to other students, but one kid told his teacher that the homework was “gay” and now he’s on the list as well. Half the time kids this young don’t even know what these words mean, they just repeat the crap they see on TV or hear at home. Now they’ll be treated like racist monsters or criminals for the rest of their lives.

Are you kidding me? This is just another example of ridiculous government intrusion and a scary reminder how far people go to protect the senstitivities of others. This crap will stick with them, and if its in a database, its always accessible; by schools, employers, or anyone with a computer.

Kids aren’t given a handbook on what’s socially acceptable at birth, they learn the lessons of right/wrong throughout childhood! So basically, the government is punishing kids for growing up.

This is fucking GAY.

3 year olds branded racists and put in database — InfoWars

"Vat, too soon?"




Astronomers have found proof that George Lucas might not be such a dolt after all. NASA reported the discovery of Kepler 16b (named such because it was found by the Kepler Space Telescope) a planet that orbits two suns, much like Luke Skywalkers home planet of Tatooine.

The planet is 200 light years away, and roughly the size of Saturn. It’s two suns are cooler than our sun, and smaller; one is 69% of our sun’s mass, the other 20%.

Binary systems (with two major stars) are very common in the universe, but Kepler 16b is the first planet ever discovered to orbit the two suns in its system.

Could a planet with a binary system be hospitable to non-Jawa life? If there is already life on Kepler 16b, lets just hope they haven’t discovered Pod-Racing yet.

NASA announced discovery of planet with 2 suns — NASA

Luke takes time to watch the binary sunset even though he  missed out on going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters


Toe-Sucker on Loose 

Conway, Arkansas — Police are searching for a Toe-Sucker. Some creepy dude is trolling around town striking up conversation with old women, only to start complimenting their feet and asking to kiss or lick them.

Conway residents want Police to get this man off the street, but I’m not quite sure what he’s done wrong. He might be creepy, but it isn’t illegal to want sexual gratification. In these cases, the women said no, or appeared turned off, and the man left. How is that a crime?

If turning women off is a crime, then lock me up and throw away the key.

Little Rock on the lookout for a Toe-Sucker — Reuters

"No Dave, I haven't been to Arkansas in years."


Friday Fun

Someone take these girls to see 'The Help'

"Hands off pal, that foot's good luck"

"It says you're open til 11. Its 10:50. I ain't movin'"

Lesson Learned


Love is in the air

Keep your eye on the ball

"I just saved a ton of money on my scooter insurance!"

Didn't see that coming, eh?

Pretending to be Black and Proud

"I was told I can't wear Hush Puppies anymore"

"Don't worry Mr. J Fox, you'll get better at this"

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