Crazy Caption Tuesday

Those Weasleys fuck like Rabbits 


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For the record: Mariane Power has joined thousands of others in Breda, Holland to celebrate the International Redhead Day / Grant Triplow



  1. MTV sinks to a new low with their open casting call for the new reality series: Ginger(bread) Whorehouse.

  2. Hundreds gathered for the Guiness world record recording of shittiest hair color in one location

  3. Still not one soul in the whole bunch.

  4. Gingers unite in support of Southpark TV Ban


  6. Red Headed Step Children UNITE! — Jeremy Lechner (posted on Facebook)

  7. Fire-Crotch Rally 2011 held in Dublin — Jeremy Lechner (posted on Facebook)

  8. The famed “running of the bulls” in Pamplona got off to a rousing start, with a bunch of chubby redheads brought in as bait for the bulls. Ole!!
    — John Mullin (posted on Facebook)

  9. “Better red than dead!” — Sam Broxmeyer (posted on Facebook)

  10. The Red Sea

  11. Raise your hand if you have freckles

  12. 2 days later a saddened and humiliated Waldo finally quit hiding after nobody could stomach staring at the gingers for more than a few moments.