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Its been a long ten years since the terrifying events of 9-11. Just like everyone else in America, I remember everything about that day in horrifying detail. I was in law school in Washington DC. We just left our ungodly early Civ-Pro class and a crowd was gathered around the lobby television. The Towers just came down, and an announcement was made that a 4th plane was on its way to DC.

Mass panic flew through the lobby, people screamed and darted for the exits; as if terrorists were headed straight for my school. A group of friends came to my house and we watched the news all day like it was Red Dawn and we we’re being invaded. The images from that day were etched into our memories. But its those very images that I know so well that don’t sit well with me.

I don’t want to believe that any American had anything to do with the events of that tragic day, but we’ve been fed too much Crap over the last 10 years for me to believe that isn’t so.

Today, let’s see if we can digest any of this Crap on our own…


Kamikaze mission for Flight 93

Word came that a 4th plane, United Airlines Flight 93, was on its way towards Washington DC, and the likely targets were the White House or the Capitol Building, Vice President Cheney gave the order to take down the plane, and that task fell to F-16 pilots at Andrews Airforce Base.  Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney was one of two pilots charged with that terrifying task. The F-16s had to take off immediately, but back in those days F-16s on standby weren’t weapons-ready. Penny knew that meant she only had one weapon to take down the 757 heading towards DC: her own F-16. Not so Lucky.

10 years later Lt. Penney opened up about her Kamikaze mission. The other pilot, Col Marc Sasseville said he’d aim for the cockpit. Penney vowed to take out the tail. She hoped for an opportunity to eject from her self-guided F-16 missile before it made impact, but in the back of her mind she knew she couldn’t risk leaving the controls and not making impact. This was a one way mission.

But Penney was Lucky, and didn’t have to make that decision. Her mission was called off when the passengers of flight 93 screamed “Let’s Roll” and took down the plane themselves. Yet another brilliantly heroic moment for Americans facing the roughest day of our generation. But did it happen?

I’ve always had a hard time believing that we didn’t shoot down Flight 93. We were already hit by 3 planes that day, so there’s no way we wouldn’t take down a 4th if we thought we were under attack. Don’t get me wrong, if they did shoot it down it was the right decision. But even if it was to save thousands, its a tough thing to have to admit you shot down your own citizens (and a legal liability conundrum). A heroic tale about the passengers defeating the Terrorists themselves would be a “necessary” lie to distract attention away from killing your own citizens, and also give us one of the best heroic tales from the entire horrid affair.

What do you think?

Female F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept 11 — Washington Post

The smoke was all that was the only "proof" of the heroics of flight 93.


Were earlier witnesses lying or just crazy?

There is really only one good video of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. Why were so many eyewitnesses insistent that the plane that crashed into Tower 1 WASN’T a commercial airliner?

A simple Youtube search pulls up a ton of scary eyewitness acounts, like that of Fox Employee, Mark Burmbach, who went ON AIR and described a plane that had NO windows at all. Burmbach was positive that the plane was unlike any he’s ever seen at an airport, and was likely a cargo or military plane.

What reason did he have to lie? The event just happened and he didn’t know that there was even an official story to contradict yet. He, and the others, spoke about what they saw and only later found out they were blind, stupid, lying, or just plain crazy.

They just couldn’t be telling the truth right?


Did a bomb go off in the lobby of Tower 1?

Why did hundreds of eyewitnesses who escaped the Tower before it fell, say that the Lobby was ripped through by explosions before or at the same time as the plane crash 80 floors above? Why do all of these eyewitnesses say that bombs went off in the lobby, on in the basement underneath the lobby? I’m no forensic investigator, but the explosions below could have been caused by a chain-reaction from the tumult 80 floors up…I’m just saying that bombs in the basement and lobby would be very helpful if you were intentionally trying to bring the structures down.

Once again, these interviews weren’t taken days after the fact. These people weren’t contradicting any story. These are immediate impressions taken by reporters outside of the Towers, way before any type of official narrative was entered as to what “actually” happened.

I am not trying to give any suggestions of impropriety, only that the testimony of hundreds of eye witnesses have an interesting story to tell.

Did a plane crash into the Pentagon?

I was in DC at the time of the attacks, so obviously I thirsted for answers. From everything I’ve seen, there is no way that a 757 crashed into the Pentagon. The hole was too small, and the damage is inconsistent with the story of a huge 757 barreling through a building at almost 300 mph. If planes filled with jet fuel demolished two “indestructible” skyscrapers, why was this 4 story building struck with relatively minimal damage?

There is no way that Flight 77, with a 120 ft wingspan would leave a hole anywhere from 60-90 feet wide. Don’t forget, the original hole didn’t include the top two floors which collapsed a while AFTER the crash. How did the 45 ft tall Tail Fin NOT take out the upper two stories? Plus, even if you’re telling me that the hole was large enough for the fuselage to go through, where are the wings? Wouldn’t they have been ripped off and left OUTSIDE the building?

Does this look right to you?

By the way, where is all the debris? Where are the wings? Where are the engines? If the official story is that the plane evaporated in the explosion and the resulting fire, why didn’t more of the Pentagon do so as well?

Also, if its a plane crash, where is the crater? Any plane making an angular descent would have crashed and made a crater, but there wasn’t one at all. So they try to say that the plane came in perfectly level to the ground, as if it was landing…at 250 mph! But to ONLY hit the bottom 2 stories of the 4 story-building, and not the top at all, the belly of the plane would have dragged and left some sort of mark on the lawn in front of the Pentagon. No such mark exists. There are no craters, lanes, divits, or any proof that the object touched anything other than the building. A physical impossibility for an object of this size at that angle of approach, making impact where it did.

No crater, huh?

If this obvious evidence isn’t enough for you, maybe the absence of any evidence at all will strike you as odd. Why did the FBI instantly confiscate EVERY SINGLE video-taped recording of the “Plane’s” flight path (from security cameras and traffic cams)? They still have yet to release them. Why? For our sensitivity? There’s no chance the video would be tougher to watch that the footage from the WTC. There weren’t people jumping 100 stories to their death in Washington.

What are they hiding?

Many believe an unmanned Global Kitty Hawk disguised as an American Airlines plane was sent on a crash course with the Pentagon


Why did Building 7 Fall?

A steel building never collapses on its own. Never. Not from fire, not from an explosion, not from a bomb. It just doesn’t happen. Even if there is severe damage, only parts of the building collapse, or fires just burn it out. But they NEVER fall.

Yet Buildings 1 and 2 did fall.  Obviously this isn’t hard to believe considering airplanes flew into these buildings, and never left. Their fuel and the explosions melted the structure, and the incomprehensible weight of the tower above couldn’t be sustained. The top of the buildings fell straight down, taking the rest of the building with it. We saw it happen. It makes sense.

So what happened at WTC Building 7? Why did it collapse hours later, in a matter of seconds, fall and evaporate perfectly into its own footprint? Buildings 3,4 and 5 all sustained direct blows from the destruction of the Twin Towers falling. The buildings were destroyed, but they didn’t collapse; the steel structures remained intact.

Sure Building 7 was on fire, but the fires weren’t caused by jet fuel like Buildings 1 and 2. The official story is that the sprinkler system for the entire WTC complex was destroyed when 1 and 2 went down, and that allowed Building 7 to burn uncontrollably. Fine, but that means the building would have just burned out and been gutted. There is no reason for a steel building to collapse by fire alone. Its impossible.

Officials point to a large chunk gouged out of the Southwest corner of building 7 from the debris when the Towers fell. They say this chunk destroyed the structural integrity of the building. If that’s the case, the building would have toppled over onto one side, like an axed tree; not fall perfectly into its own footprint. Or that one section of the building would have collapsed alone; but not all 3 other corners…at the same exact time.

A building only falls so perfectly in controlled demolitions. You know what else happens in controlled demolitions? They blow out the middle column first so the building collapses into itself, rather than toppling over. Um, isn’t that EXACTLY what happened at WTC 7?

Just watch the video. Does it make sense to you?

WTC 7 Tenant List:

If you believe that building 7 didn’t fall naturally, then you think it was brought down by someone and meant to be blamed on the surrounding chaos. Why? The only reason that makes any sense, is to destroy evidence. But who would do such a thing?

It’s worth noting that WTC 7 was leased exclusively to Financial Institutions and Government Agencies. Besides tenants like Solomon Smith Barney, ITT Hartford Insurance and American Express, WTC 7 also housed:

  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Department of Defense
  • US Secret Service
  • Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management
  • SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)
  • IRS

Quite the list, no? Lots of people who could use a good cover up or disappearance of information.

Any plausible conspiracy theory would have to include rogue factors in intelligence or the military to pull off such a cover-up. Elements from the CIA and DOD would definitely be involved in some fashion, so its not far-fetched to see them destroying the evidence any way they can.

Some also point to the obviousness that the SEC and IRS had all their documents destroyed, including damaging documents for the litigation against Worldcomm and Enron. I doubt the people incriminated in those documents aren’t thankful for their disappearance.

Just some food for thought.

World Trade Center 7 Tenant List


Follow the Money

50 days prior to 9-11, Larry Silverstein became landlord of the World Trade Center. The Port Authority was having trouble finding tenants for the buildings, so they decided to open up a 99 year lease (it was easier than outright selling property from a government authority to a private entity) for the WTC.

It was also well known that the Towers were asbestos-ridden monstrosities. The cost of repair would be astronomical; the cost of demolishing two of the World’s largest buildings in the middle of the world busiest area was even more unfathomable.

But Silverstein (through Silverstein Properties and Westfield America) went ahead with the $3.2 billion purchase and even added $15 million of his personal money.  Less then 2 months later, the planes strike. Silverstein’s insurance plan had a generous terrorism clause and also mandated that Silverstein rebuild in such a situation. He sought to rebuild ASAP. When it came time to collect, he convinced the court that two planes meant two separate terrorist attacks. He sought double the 3.7 billion buyout, over 7 billion total. They settled on$4.55 billion.

So Silverstein buys this Money Pit that’s hurting for tenants, and he has to eventually decide on major, project-bankrupting work done to remove asbestos, or to demolish two of the World’s Largest etc. Instead Terrorists knock the buildings down, he nets more than $1.3 Billion from Insurance, and now can rebuild the property with a cost-effective World Trade Center.

Not for nothing, but I’m saying that’s the most fortuitous horrible real estate decision of all time.

10 years later

Now 10 years later, the “Truther” movement still exists. People are still dissatisfied with the official story, mainly because our eyes can’t be lying to us in all these accounts. If there was a conspiracy to commit or cover-up these events, the big question becomes “Why?” I don’t have the answers, but maybe a look at how the world has changed since 9-11 is helpful.

  • The post 9-11 world restructured our government, and our way of life. In the immediate aftermath, Security was a new business, and the Bush Administration pushed through the Patriot Act which gave Government tremendous power to infringe upon civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security was formed and completely reshaped our Government. Lots of turf gained/lost and lots of money spent on the new departments.
  • Defense contractors and Re-Construction firms made out like bandits. We went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and after we destroyed those countries with the new weapons we bought, someone had to help rebuild. Trillions of dollars spent and “earned” as a result of 9-11.
  • The powers that be in the Bush Administration wanted a New World Order (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc all signed a pact declaring such). The attacks on the US provided the justification for those in power to re-shape the world.
  • Downtown Manhattan was completely rebuilt with more efficient, cost-effective buildings, and the developer made more than $1billion from the accident.

The events of that tragic day were incomprehensible, and to think that Americans had anything to do with the death and destruction is sad to even contemplate. Its even more sad that 10 years later, we’re so accustomed to the official story, that its considered “disrespectful” to search for the truth.

I disagree. Its disrespectful to assume we’re a country of 300 million idiots, and even more disrespectful to let killers and abettors get away with their crimes because the official story is easier to digest.

Have a Horn-y time contemplating this Crap.

The Obamas and Bushes paying their respects.Â


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