Obama’s Job Plan

Who picked out all the pastel ties?


President Obama shared his Jobs plan with a joint session of Congress last night.

As usual, it was perfectly delivered, and the same thing happened as it does during every speech he gives: I get thrilled that he’s my President. Unfortunately nothing happens the next day, both from his poor political tactics and the Republican’s dirty political tactics.

In any case, the President laid out his $447 billion plan to fix the stagnant economy, and it calls for payroll tax cuts, extension of unemployment benefits, breaks to companies who hire unemployed workers or veterans, $60 billion in robust Publics Works projects to fix our nations decaying infrastructure, plans to fix schools and bolster education and job training.

Although Team Obama claims the American Jobs Act is a neutral, bi-partisan piece of legislation, the details (including costs and the eventual tax hikes) will surely be debated over the next weeks.

But Obama’s speech didn’t just lay out a plan for massive job creation, it was also a STRONG defense of American government and the benefits it brings to our society.

“In fact, this larger notion that the only thing we can do to restore prosperity is just dismantle government, refund everyone’s money, let everyone write their own rules, and tell everyone they’re on their own — that’s not who we are.”

Basically it was a big F-You to the strong anti-government stance that the Tea Party has made the cause celebre. Opponents will decry this as Socialism, but its just his feeling that a strong, responsible government is a benefit to the people and our way of life, not a hindrance.

The American Jobs Act will be presented to Congress next week, and the President pleaded with Congress to pass it immediately. Unfortunately for our country, Republicans care more about Obama losing the election than they care about the recovery of our economy.

Even though something must be done – anything really, to get things going – Obama’s plan will be ignored; there’s just no way the Republican party will do ANYTHING positive for the country while Obama is in office.

So just expect to hear how the President sucks and the bad economy is all his fault; no solutions, just the same country-harming crap for the next 14 months.

At least the speech was kick-ass.

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  1. He forgot to mention where this 447 bil was coming from, unless he has a really large petty cash account. Is this another Manopoly money program from this watermelon chucking hickey plucking President ? Talks cheap but execution costs.

    • I can think of few more worthy expenditures.

    • Watermelon-chucking? Really Big Ed?

      What does hickey-plucking mean, anyway?