GOP Debate and Hate

The view is better when you sit outside the BullCrap splash zone


Last night the Republicans held a “debate” for the Presidential candidates at the Reagan Presidential Library and I watched it so you didn’t have to.

I was shocked the Republicans accepted an invitation from the ultra-Liberal MSNBC, and hosts Brian Williams and (whoever they would sit him next to) were tougher on the Conservative candidates than previous soft-ball tossers. I couldn’t help but notice that many of the questions pitted them against each other instead of against President Obama. Was this intended to get the candidates to snip at each other (which they did) or was it intended to get them to actually debate (which they really didn’t) the issues?

Outside of listening to the Candidates take credit for stuff they didn’t do, there was very little to learn.

What I did gather was that everybody hates Obamacare and will repeal it day 1.

Also, every single candidate is suddenly a magical, Master “Job Creator” and somehow created tens of thousands of jobs during their respective tenures. Of course, other than Herman Cain (who ran companies) they’re all lying because Governors and Senators don’t create any jobs (unless its by public works, which accounts for very few), they only take credit for jobs created by business in their state.

The only “fun” moments of the debate came when candidates attacked each other on their fake job creation numbers.

I also found it interesting how deferential Gov. Rick Perry was treated by the hosts and the other candidates. This was the man’s first time on a National stage, yet they all treated him like the front-runner.  It was the everyone vs Perry debate; all questions came back to his policies, and each candidate addressed him in turn. They tried to dent his surging popularity, but instead they just gave him a bigger stage to introduce himself to the country. More importantly, he kept his cool, smiled through the jabs, and threw it all right back at them.

I was most impressed when he was attacked for calling Social Security a “Ponzi scheme”. He could have tried to soften the statement like his cohorts would, but instead he stuck to his guns and supported his controversial statement: “Maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in this country.” Clap. Clap.

That said, Perry comes off as a more intelligent George W Bush. Take that however you want it, but it means he’ll definitely be on the Ticket.


"If you take these two, smash their heads together, wipe away the get Me!"


Romney, freed from his status as front-runner, seemed to only be interested in “debating” Gov. Perry. He showed some spunk throwing jabs at the Texas Governor and touted his own status as the “businessman” candidate…as if we forgot he was Governor. Unfortunately for Mitt, he wasn’t the most “presidential” one on stage.

Ron Paul won a couple of the post-debate polls, but that’s because he just catches attention with his passionate nuttiness. The guy has great ideas, but loses the point when he goes off on his libertarian tangents.

The big loser of the night was Michele Bachmann. She came off as cardboard, and failed to rise above the other candidates no matter how much she touted how great a “leader” she’d be. She shines on her own, but got lost among the charm or charisma of the other men on stage. And her helmet-hair was way too distracting.

She did have my favorite line of the night though while bragging about her 5 kids and 23 foster children: “I know children, and what children need are jobs.” Funny, I would have gone with hugs. Her poor kids.

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain were all at the debate, but the MSNBC moderators actually forgot this little fact. They barely spoke, and when they did, it was more fast-forward worthy than an awkward Summers Eve commercial.


"Ronnie, I told you, speak out of turn again, and I'm sending you to bed with no dinner and no CSI"


The big winner of the night was Gov. Jon Huntsman. The man is so eloquent, and is just so cool and collected while explaining his thoughts. He is the only one whose plan actually differs from the others, and he has no problem pointing out that as a 3 time Ambassador, he is the only candidate with any type of foreign policy experience. He’s also the only one who can speak Chinese, which can come in helpful in times of Trade, War, or if he wants a happy ending.

It was great to hear him stand up on stage to talk about believing in things like Science and Facts. Apparently he didn’t know his audience.

Huntsman’s brilliance did shine last night when he repeatedly addressed the other candidates by their first names. It wasn’t disrespctful, but rather showed he isn’t an antagonistic competitor, and more importantly, it put everyone beneath him. Like a Boss.


The Manchurian Candidate


How does The Ryno rank it all?

Huntsman: most Presidential, but doesn’t stand a chance in an extremist Republican party.

Perry: Good first showing. Absent a breakdown, he’ll be on the ticket.

Romney: Lost ground, but good to see him attack for once.

Paul: Still batty, but has too many good ideas to completely ignore.

Bachmann: Bad robot.

Cain: An angrier, less articulate Ron Paul.

Gingrich: The professor should end class soon.

Santorum: living up to his Urban Dictionary definition.

If for some crazy reason you want to waste 98 minutes like I did and watch the “debate” yourself, do so here….


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  1. I like Huntsman.

    • Unfortunately he probably won’t be a choice a year from now.