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Debate and Hate:

Last night the Republicans held a “debate” for the Presidential candidates at the Reagan Presidential Library. Although the liberal MSNBC hosts were tougher on the conservative candidates than previous soft-ball tossers, there was very little to learn other than everybody hates Obamacare and will repeal it day 1.

Oh yeah, magically, every single candidate is a master “job creator” and somehow created tens of thousands of jobs. Of course, other than Herman Cain (who ran companies) they’re all lying because as Governors and Senators they don’t create any jobs (unless its by public works, which accounts for very few); they only take credit for jobs created by business in their state. The only points of contention throughout the night came from when they attacked each other on their fake job creation numbers.

I did find it interesting how deferential Gov. Rick Perry was treated by the hosts and the other candidates. This was the man’s first time on a National stage, yet they all treated him like the front-runner. All questions came back to his policies, and each candidate addressed him in turn. They were trying to dent his popularity, but instead they showed he can keep his cool and throw it back at them. He comes off as a more intelligent George W Bush, and certainly has the charisma to go the distance.

In my opinion, the big winner of the night was Gov. Jon Huntsman. The man is so eloquent, and is just so cool and collected while explaining his thoughts. He is the only one whose plan actually differs from the others, and he has no problem pointing out that as a 3 time Ambassador, he is the only candidate with any type of foreign policy experience. Huntsman’s brilliance came out last night when he repeatedly addressed the other candidates by their first names. It wasn’t disrespctful, but rather showed he isn’t an antagonistic competitor, and more importantly, it puts everyone beneath him like he’s a Boss.

If for some crazy reason you want to watch the “debate” yourself, do so here….

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Casey va a Mexico:

Casey Anthony is going to Mexico to elope and become a Mexican citizen. Some wealthy Mexican guy started sending letters to Casey while she was in prison for murdering her daughter, and they developed a “thing”. When she was acquitted, he hooked her up with $200k to get a fresh start, and now she’s going to move to his secluded villa (only accessible by airplane) so she can escape the media attention.

Who is this guy? I’m guessing he has a few kids from a previous esposa that he needs “taken care of”.

Anthony plans on leaving for good once she’s done with probation in Orlando…for check fraud (At least they found her guilty of something important). One word of advice hombre, resist the urge to go swimming with her.

Casey Anthony moving to Mexico — DailyMail

"What do you mean 'pobre sita'? Poor baby? Poor ME!!! That bitch had it coming"


Bath Tub Death Machine:

Little Rock — It was just a normal morning for local TV weatherman, Brett Cummins, who awoke in an unfilled bathtub with another naked guy wearing a dog-collar. Except this morning, naked dog-collar guy, Dexter Williams, was dead. Cummins popped out of the tub, puked everywhere, then took off.

Williams’ cause of death is still unknown, but Cummins, Williams, and Christopher Barbour (the guy whose house they were in) had a fun filled night of drinking and snorting drugs. There were also small traces of blood found in the tub, but I’ll leave you freaks to guess where that could have come from.

As a talented weatherman, I’m sure Cummins can see the shit-storm on the horizon. There’s no way, with the gay orgy, drugs and collared death, that this guy will keep his job. I’m guessing he’ll end up in a villa next to Casey Anthony.

Corpse found in Tub with TV Weatherman — My Fox DC

Cummins, Brett: not just a name, but also a suggestion


Is that illegal?

Bronx — Monique Exum, 36, is in a bit of trouble for stuffing her 76 year old roommate’s corpse in a suitcase and dumping it outside an abandoned home. Why the 36 year old lived with a 76 year old is another story, but Exum claims she panicked after she found the Johnny Davis’ dead body in her home.

“My friend told me if someone dies in your apartment you go to jail, so I got really afraid…I didn’t know what to do.”

Exum stuffed him in a suitcase, rolled him down the stairs and left him in front of an abandoned home nearby. There the suitcase sat for 3 months with a cardboard strip left on top that read, “rest in peace”. So sweet.

Investigators are now trying to establish cause of death, and while they don’t suspect Exum of anything except idiocy, she has been charged with illegal body disposal. Next time, recycle.

Woman panics and dumps roommate’s corpse outside — NY Daily News

"Uch, why did I let him eat so much Taco Bell?"


Cop Freaks Out:

My brother and I are always amazed that they give just about anyone a gun and a badge, and this video proves that. While there are many intelligent officers, there are too many idiot cops that couldn’t get jobs elsewhere or bullies trying to find a job that makes them feel powerful.

I’m thinking the guy below falls into both of those categories. Also the one checked with “Mentally unstable”.



The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft is floating around Saturn, and some of the photos of the ringed planet are like nothing we’ve ever seen. The photograph below is REAL and was taken with the sun eclipsed directly behind Saturn, which gives it the eerie glow. You can even see the dot of Earth in the upper left ring.

Damn awesome.

But do they get the DirecTV NFL package?


I Love Miss Columbia:

Miss Columbia, Catalina Robayo got herself reprimanded by Miss Universe officials for not wearing underwear. This just in: Miss Universe hates me.

WTF are they thinking? So Robayo was caught wearing mini-skirts sans panties…don’t they realize this is GREAT for ratings, not the opposite? They’re pretending that this somehow diminished the respect for the event. Are you kidding me?

Why do you think ratings are horrible for this stupid event? This isn’t the 1950’s, we know what the female body looks like. The internet has desentized us to hot chicks, if you want people to check out the show, you need to make it mandatory that contestants DON’T wear underwear!

Thank you Catalina for realizing this. It wasn’t until my 30th viewing of the picture below that I realized you were gorgeous as well as an exhibitionist.

Have a Horn-y Thursday.

Give her the crown now


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