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UN Workers Trade Food for Sex:

A WikiLeaked cable from 2010 shows that UN Peacekeepers in the Ivory Coast used humanitarian aid to entice young girls to have sex with them. The US Embassy cable says that in a random poll of 10 underage girls in the Ivory Coast town of Toulepleu, 8 were routinely forced into sexual acts by their Beninese “peacekeepers” in exchange for basic food and supplies for their families.

Since 2007, more than 40 allegations of sexual misconduct by UN peacekeepers have been reported in the Ivory Coast alone, 16 of them involving minors. Thankfully none have been reported this year.

How disgusting do you have to be to force a kid to have sex with you so her family can eat?  I’m just not cut out for rape…when I have sex, I worry too much about her telling her friends how awesome I am in bed, and rapists don’t usually get rave reviews about performance. I’d be too upset by the tears, screaming and cursing….”so you’re saying you’re NAHT enjoying it?”

Anyway, after a year long investigation, 16 UN peacekeepers were “punished” and sent back to Benin in April; shockingly 10 of them were officers. Why they were just sent home, and not strung up at the gallows, I’ll never know.

UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast trade food for sex with underage girls — Washington Post

"OK, lets go get us some ASS!!!"


Miracle Hands Indeed!

Did a non-profit director use $250,000 in donations to build a Northeast DC strip club? DC Attorney General Irv Nathan says that’s exactly what Cornell Jones, the director of Miracle Hands did. Jones, a convicted drug dealer, somehow got more than $300k in District HIV/AIDS grants for Miracle Hands, a non-profit organization that promised to build a job training center for people with AIDS.

The $1,000,000 suit against Jones alleges he never even tried to build the training center, and instead funneled more than a quarter-million dollars into the property and the club where you can see boobs and have a great steak at the same time. The current owner of the club says that isn’t the case, and he bought a dialpadated property from Jones and built Station Club, the high-end strip club, himself. AG says that’s probably BS, considering Jones was paid $2.5 million for the “dilapidated” warehouse, which means it was probably spruced up with city funds before he sold it.

As of now, Nathan and his team will do the dirty work to see who paid for what, and when it all went down. In the meantime, I’m really hoping that the AIDS patients weren’t job training at the Strip Club, because that’s just not wise. After all, you’d have to replace the staff every couple years.

DC AttGen says AIDS money used to build strip club — WUSA9

Yes. She. Is.


Book Him, Mr. Boogeyman:

Sometimes you have to resort to drastic measures to discipline disruptive young children. Some use alcohol, some lock the little boogers in broom closets, or in my case, you get forced to wear pigtails and girl’s clothes until you behave. Others like the folks at Carver Primary School on the South Side of Chicago have Security pretend to arrest their First Graders for disrupting class.

In a Scared Straight ploy gone awry, Security handcuffed the 6 and 7 year olds for talking in class, then kept them cuffed for an hour while explaining they were going to prison where they’d never see their families again. In some areas of Chicago this should actually be considered Vocational training, but the handcuffs and threats pissed off some parents, and now they’re bringing a $100,000 suit against the school.

I don’t know why they’re being so sensitive; its not like they stuck to their original plan of throwing annoying kids out the window! I say be thankful that Security didn’t introduce the trouble makers to their prison’s “Sisters” who have their own ways of  shutting kids up.

Security handcuffs First Graders for talking in class — Chicago Tribune

"Better get used to these bars, kid."


My Summer was better than your Summer:

21 year old Chris Jeon wanted a “sick vacation” before returning to UCLA, so he took his ass to Libya and fought with the Rebels against Qaddafi.  Jeon had a dream and a $800 plane ticket, and it dropped him right in the middle of a Revolution. He hasn’t spent a dollar since, owing everything to Libyan hospitality.

So while his friends are off getting drunk and getting ass on their vacations, Jeon’s getting shot at and hauling ass into towns to help liberate them. Chris seems awkward posing with an AK-47, so he’s probably helping in other ways. Regardless, he’s in the thick of it; more so than your pussy ass anyway.

Best part of the story? His parents don’t know he’s there. “What do you mean Muammar? He told me he was sleeping at your house!”

US Student goes to Libya for Summer Vacation to fight with Rebels- The Christian Science Monitor

"Um, I heard something about  a Foam Party?"


Drag la Hoya:

Boxing great Oscar De La Hoya is in the news this week for admitting to numerous addictions that ruined his life in recent years. On his opening-up publicity tour, De Lay Hoya talks about the drugs and booze that left him in the gutter.

Golden Boy also finally admitted that it’s really him in the cross-dressing pictures floating around the interweb since 2007. Even though its clearly him posing in lingerie and bras/panties, Oscar denied it and even paid $20 million in hush money to make it  go away. Now that its out, I hope he got a receipt.

Of course he blames the booze and drugs for the kinky pictures, but that’s crap. Look at the smoking hot Siberian model, Milana Dravnel; I’d have taken any picture she asked me to. Except maybe the hosiery and the boxing gloves one…that’s just creepy, O! Stop blaming alcohol, bro…you’re into kinky crap, its ok. The only thing alcohol made you did different was letting someone take pictures. By the way, who WAS taking the pics…dude or chick?

De la Hoya admits to drag pics and paying $20 million to cover them up — NY Post

"Golden Boy by day, Golden Girl by night"

"Wait., Â how about this pose...tougher?"


Ref Gets Ass Kicked:

Sarasota — Every player dreams about it, but few actually try to beat the crap out of the Referee. Players and Coaches from the Sarasota Gators got a chance to live out that dream last week during a Junior football game against the North Port Huskies.

Video clearly shows that Gators Coaches and players were going nuts on the Refs, even throwing water bottles at the zebras. At one point a HUGE Grimace-looking Parent or Coach got in Referee Jayme Ream’s face. Then another big Coach/Parent comes over and Ream and these guys start pushing one another. Out of nowhere, #6 (a 13/14 year old, by the way) flies in to drop the unsuspecting Ream like a tackling dummy. #6 then Ali-danced over the man he dropped.

Ream isn’t pressing charges, but the Sheriff’s department is investigating 4 suspects for assault nonetheless. For the record, attacking an Athletic Official is a Felony in Florida. Obviously the parents/coaches going after the Ref sets a horrible example, but #6’s actions need to be punished: he went in way too high on the tackle, he should have went for the waist and wrapped him up.

Referee gets spear tackled by player in teen football brawl —


Friday Fun:

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If you squint, it almost looks real...but then he thinks you're making fun of him

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"I wonder if she's gonna drink all that Diet Soda"

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