When We Talkin’ About Jobs?

"We want Sept 7, They want Sept 8. Let's compromise and meet them in the middle...We'll do it on the 8th."


President Obama has a Jobs Plan, and he wants to tell you about it.

Naturally he wants to preach its wonders from the President’s ultimate bully pulpit, in front of a joint session of Congress. As is custom, Obama sent an official request to House and Senate leaders to address them next Wednesday, and they all graciously accepted. “Anything to help our President,” they cheered.

Obviously, I’m lying.

For what one historian says is the first time in history, a President’s request was denied. House Speaker John Boehner replied “Sorry, Buddy. No can do.How ’bout the next day?”

J-Bone explained that Thursday would be better because Congress will be returning from hiatus on Wednesday and a mere few hours would be inadequate to set up the proper security measures for a Presidential visit.

Obviously, this is complete crap. J-Bones real reason for denial is a GOP Republican Presidential “Debate” on MSNBC at the same time.

"Creating Jobs Daily....wait, Â are Ron Paul's pants completely off right now?'

The White House is under no obligation to conduct the country’s affairs around the schedule of the people trying to have the same job in a couple years, but this was bush-league, lose-lose politics by Team Obama.

Barry knew full well that proud-obstructionist Boehner couldn’t/wouldn’t back down. Even if Obama got his Wednesday slot, he’d look like a bully trying to drown out the opposition.

Worse, pundits would use TV ratings to determine popularity; Obama would be expected to win ratings, but if he didn’t….uh-oh!

In the end Obama’s crew finally blinked (surprised?) and moved their show to Thursday.

They’ll now compete against the NFL while the Republicans have Wednesday to remind the world how Tax cuts for the wealthy and slashing programs for the needy are actually better for the world.

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  1. I say the Republicans won that round.