Huntsman strays from the Grand Old Party line

".... Is Huntsman wearing Spanx?"


GOP Candidate Jon Huntsman continues to distinguish himself from his GOP counterparts and further cements his status as the Rational Republican candidate, far away from the extremist fringe that has taken over the party.

Last week it was sharing his views on science, evolution and global warming. This week he declared his distaste for tax loopholes that “cost American’s $400 billion a year”.  He wants to simplify the entire tax code, and “Get rid of all tax expenditures, all loopholes, all deductions, all subsidies, all corporate welfare.”

Those loopholes and deductions he mentions are in place to benefit Big Business, his party’s benefactors. One has to wonder: did this guy not get the memo?

This is in such stark contrast to his GOP brethren, they must either be scared shitless of his Centrist talk, or snickering at his GOP Death March.

But don’t worry Republicans, Huntsman’s recently released Jobs plan reminds us he’s still GOP at heart. One of the main tenets of his plan calls for job creation through Energy Independence. He wants the government to further deregulate the energy industry and open up new avenues here and in Canada.

This stance actually reverses his position as the “Greenest” of the GOP candidates, because energy exploration and harvesting aren’t exactly good for the environment. But he rationalizes that as long as its done responsibly, the short term ills will be outweighed by energy independence (from the Middle East and Russia) and more jobs.

Regardless, the former Utah Governor is not a Party Puppet, so he’s earning a tremendous amount of credibility among the coveted independent voters, as well as other rational Republicans and disappointed Democrats alike.

Huntsman wisely recognizes that the majority of the country doesn’t hang out on the “fringe”. He believes that most voters don’t want a pandering extremist (Left or Right) in the White House.


"Hey Jon, how about you and I start our own Party?" "No effin' chance, Sir"

It’s ridiculously refreshing to a candidate buck his party’s extremist platform, but can it work?

The last time we saw something like this was with the “maverick” John McCain in 2000, but when that failed, McCain resorted to pandering to the extreme right in 2008 and got the nomination.

Right now Huntsman is setting himself up as the Centrist candidate, but is there any way a Centrist will be nominated by a party that wears “extreme” as a badge of honor.

Huntsman’s progress will basically show which direction the GOP wants to take itself, but I’m guessing we already know the answer.


Hunstman wants to close Tax loopholes — NY Times



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  1. Huntsman is about the same candidate as McCain.
    It IS the GOP establishment that loves him, and it should come as no surprise that leftists love him too.
    Paul Ryan’s Plan for Prosperity relased in April and having passed the House on April 15th is the anti-establishment plan. Those that read it or listened, heard Ryan warn of a credit downgrade if a similar radical plan was not passed asap. The GOP establishment (like Newt Gingrich) panned the plan.
    The clowns in Washington DC have spent too much. They are to full of their power.
    Hoping for change from the golf course is not working out.
    Time to clean house, and send Mr. Smith to Washington.

  2. Huntsman sounds like a very promising candidate.

  3. I couldn’t resist commenting

  4. For the sake of accuracy, please change the headline to Huntsman stays the same as the same Grand Old Party line.