Crap you should read Monday (8/22)




Mitt’s Mansion:

Mitt Romney is taking some heat today over his plans to quadruple the size of his $12 million California beach home. Romney filed plans with San Diego to bulldoze the 3000 sq-ft mansion and replace it with a quaint 11,000 sq-ft property. Romney needs a bigger place to suit his huge family’s needs; he has 5 sons and 16 grandchildren. This is just one of three monstrous homes owned by the Romney’s whose worth is rumored to be as high as $260 million.

Many on the Left are pushing this story to prove how out-of-touch Romney is with the common every-day American, but who cares? Romney is a rich guy, and he has every right to spend his hard-earned money on whatever he wants, especially if its a house. Democrats are just trying to counter all the crap they’ve had from Obama taking a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard this week. That’s crap, and so is this story. This doesn’t prove that he’s out of touch, only that he’s out of room. And rich as shit.

Romney quadrupling California mansion — NY Daily News

He's ready for the beach


Enriching Enrichment:

GE is seeking permission to build a $1billion plant for uranium enrichment by laser in North Carolina. They’ve been testing the laser enrichment for 2 years and the one plant could provide enough nuclear fuel for 60 nuclear reactors and power near 1/3 of all US homes. The downside is that enriching uranium for nuclear fuel is the most difficult step in making an atomic bomb, so a laser enrichment process could make it easier for terrorists or rogue states to get material to build a nuke. An answer is expected by the US government within the year.

Is it wise for GE to escalate the nuclear game here? Iran has allegedly tested laser enrichment in a lab before, but maybe GE sparked a renewed interest in the project for Iran and others. What do you think: does our desire for clean energy trump the risks that other countries could use the technology to blow us up?

GE wants to build laser uranium enrichment plant — NY Times

"Yes, Yes. Keep up the good work!"


Ft Laudy Phonies:

Ft Lauderdale — 10 Psychic-Reader family members are being charged with swindling $40 million from bereaved clients. The Marks family operated a psychic business where they convinced clients that unless they parted from their cash and belongings, they’d be haunted by the spirits of dead family members. The Marks’ promised to give the cash and belongings back after the spirits left, but that damn cash must be spooked because it was never returned.

One of the “victims” is best-selling author Jude Deveraux, who gave the Marks more than $20 million. Why? Because the Marks said Jude’s 8 year old son (who died from a motorcycle crash) was stuck in limbo land between Earth and Heaven. It may seem idiotic to a layperson that someone would fork over cash to such swindlers, but people rarely think rationally when it comes to the loss of loved ones. But $20 mil? Money doesn’t make you smarter, I suppose.

Personally I never understand how psychics were allowed to stay in business anyway. You need a license to dispense any other type of advice in our country, how is this the one area that gets away with it?

Psychics arrested for $40 million scam – Daily Mail

Hey Nancy Marks, didn't see handcuffs in your future?


Va-Poo-Rizer needed:

Somethings in the air, and it surely ain’t love. It’s Dog Poop, according to recent bacteria studies. Researchers conducted tests in two midwest cities and found that up to 50% of the bacteria in the winter air is feces, most likely from pets.  Granted the study should be extended to other cities to see if this is an anomoly or the norm, but its still pretty damn gross when you think about it.

The good side is that every time you get that feeling that you want a breath of fresh air, you can now shove your nose directly (or up to 50%) up your dog’s ass.

Dog Feces polluting our air — MSNBC

"Sorry, my owner ate Taco Bell"


Guadalajara Fairy:

Mexico — A 22 year old con-artist man is raking in the pesos thanks to his scam discovery of a “Fairy” he found while picking guavas. Thousands have paid $1.60 (a fortune in Guadalajara) for the chance to see Joseph Maldonado’s Fairy…and to be blessed by its magic. What they see strikingly resembles a 2-centimeter plastic toy floating in a dish of formaldehyde. Little Tink is dressed in tiny Capri pants, with tiny shoes and her hair in a tiny bun; I’m guessing they don’t watch much Disney in Guadalajara.

“I was picking guavas and I saw a twinkling. I thought it was a firefly. I picked it up and felt that it was moving; when I looked at it I knew that it was a fairy godmother”

Its scary to see that this type of “flea-circus” bullcrap can still be pulled off in today’s world. How dumb are people? I just hope that “fairy catching” doesn’t catch on, otherwise kidnapping in San Francisco will skyrocket. Ultimately, what I need to know is: if thousands of Mexicans are skipping work to check out the fairy…how dirty is Mexico right now?

Real Fairy Captured in Mexico — AOL

According to her foot, this little fairy flew all the way from  Taiwan


Skywalker No More:

Michigan — Todd Green plunged more than 200 feet to his death when his air-show stunt went disastrously wrong. Green stood, untethered, on the wing of a bi-plane and tried to pull himself up into a helicopter hovering over-head. The 25 year veteran lost his grip on the landing skid, and fell to his death.

Many in crowd of 75,000 thought a dummy was tossed from the plane to build tension, but they soon found out they were desensitized morons. The fall (as well as an idiot spectator saying “its a fake dummy”) was captured in the video below.

Daredevil loses grip, falls to death at air show — DailyMail


Not a Flintstone kid:

Michigan — A Detroit man knew his truck’s brakes were broken, but he needed to get home and pass out for work the next day. His solution? He tried to Fred Flintstone his way home, using his feet as brakes. Unfortunately for the other cars on the road, the man’s feet suck as brakes. He hit 4 other cars, until he finally rolled/crashed to a stop and was arrested by the officer. Surprisingly the guy passed his field sobriety tests, but I’m guessing he didn’t fare too well on the field MENSA tests.

Watch the police video below of the moron as he rolls through the streets and listen to the cops nonchalant CB conversation.


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