VIDEO: Jon Stewart on “World of Class Warfare”

Do yourself a favor and watch Jon Stewart take on the ridiculous notion of “Class Warfare” eschewed from the right.

No one alive can point out absurdities like Stewart can, and here he turns the entire notion that the poor are attacking and “demonizing” the rich on its head. The Right is making a concerted attack to deflect attention away from their desire to not pay higher taxes by a) showing that raising taxes on them would be a minor drop in the bucket; b) the “Poor” aren’t as poor as they claim and are not pulling their equal weight; and c) the Left is out to make them look like bad guys.

No. It’s your words and actions that make you look like bad guys, and thank goodness Stewart and his team are here to show the hypocritical idiocy that is the Republican views on budget cuts versus spending cuts.

This is a must-watch for any person that wants to cut through the bullshit….