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The Afghanistan Money Pit:

The US has lost more than $360million in Afghanistan to local leaders, bribery, theft, and profiteering. In reality, it’ s just a drop in the 10year/$31 billion bucket we call the Afghanistan War on Terror, but the $360 million number is troubling nonetheless. This is $360 million that could have built schools, hospitals and shelters, both here and in Afghanistan, and instead its been lost to scams, warlords and shady subcontractors. Obviously, some of the funds have likely found their way back to the very people we’re fighting. Nice, huh?

Think about this for a second. We go to fight a war in another land with an ancient tribal culture, and we show up with bags of cash to bribe them and show them how amazing our way of life it. We hands wads of currency to tribal leaders who hate their neighbors, borderline Taliban who hate our customs, local warlords to get them on our side, and then to shady contractors in hopes they’ll use the funds for reconstruction. We expect them all to keep their word to us because we were so nice to them. Its moronic and goes to show why we’ve been stuck there for 10 years with little to no progress.

 And for what, to battle Terrorists? Its an impossible dream. There will always be bad people in the world who wish others harm, and our presence over there is making more enemies than friends. Now we’re giving them an additional $360 million stimulus package, yet no one here at home cares. Doesn’t make sense.

US lost $360 million in Afghanistan — Politico

$360 million Lost means $360 million Found


Tea Party Brush:

The Tea Party might be one small sect of the Republican Party, but the White House’s new strategy is to paint all Republicans with the Tea Party brush. While all Americans seem to be on board with curtailing government spending, the majority of America now sees the Tea Party as right-wing extremists with questionable policies and tactics.

The Tea Party started as more of a “libertarian” group with a Financial or Economic revolution in mind. They felt that government was spiraling out of control and needed to be curtailed significantly. Tea Partiers played the anger card, and loudly, and people took notice. That’s when the opportunists jumped on board and changed the whole thing into a Right-wing political machine. The party’s ideas became muddled with the ridiculous hateful social policies of some of its most vocal supporters like Christine O’Donnell and Michele Bachmann. Then the loudest and the most angry Tea Partyers led the political climate into the shitter, and most of America (while appreciative that government spending is a topic) hates them for it.

Now the White house is doing its best to make the country think that “Republican” and “Tea Party” and synonymous. Will the strategy work? The White House firmly believes that Independent voters win elections. They know most Independents hate the current state of government and recent polls blame a Congress that’s hostage to the Tea Party mentality. Very few seem to share the Tea Party mantra that we need a New American Revolution. Can “rational” non-Tea Partiers like Mitt Romney or John Hunstman separate themselves from the Tea Party label without offending the loud, angry party that vows to revolt against anyone that stands in their way? Either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

White House painting all Republicans with Tea Party brush — MSNBC from AP

If you look around the room at your imaginary friends and can't spot the crazy person, then sorry Honey, its you.


Ingraham v Rangel:

Rep. Charlie Rangel (Dem-NY) went on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss Black unemployment and controversial comments by another Representative, but guest host Laura Ingraham beat the crap out of him. Its hard to root for anyone in this interview, but what is obvious is that Journalism is losing. Some of Ingraham’s questions are legit, but most are disgustingly pointed. All she was trying to do was get Rangel to agree that Barack Obama is a shitty president and that Liberals have ruined the world, and he refused to do so. She would cut him off, give him condescending “yeahs” and “okays”, and then beat the crap out of him for not giving the answer she wanted. She had no interest in the truth, or Rengel’s views, whatsoever. Just pushing the FoxNews propaganda.

Rangel wasn’t much better as he kept dancing around admitting his disappointment in what Obama has done for the black community. He kept trying to blame the Republicans, then blamed that Ingram was pestering him with questions without letting him answer. He really did himself in by saying “Bill O’Reilly told me he had a secret weapon…I didn’t know it was just a pretty girl that he would bring here.” Ingraham obviously found this condescending, but so was her damn attitude. One thing you gotta give Rangel, is that he took the abuse without walking off the interview (as some Tea Party darlings have done in the last 2 weeks) .

I don’t know how Charlie Rangel is still voted into office. He looks like Andre 3000 from Outkast in costume, and sounds like Watto, the creature that owned Anakin in Star Wars Episode 1. I wouldn’t want this guy repping my district, especially when he can’t take on O’Reilly’s pretty girl.


Where’s My Penis?

A Kentucky man is suing his doctor for amputating his penis back in 2008. Phillip Seaton went to Dr. John Patterson to treat a painful inflammation of his penis. Seaton was told the procedure would be a circumcision, but apparently Patterson found cancer in Phillip’s penis and cut the whole thing off. Patterson claims a job well done, but Seaton says the dick-cancer wasn’t an emergency, so he should have been given a choice or a chance to get a second opinion.

Jury selection started yesterday, but I’m tending to side a little bit with the Plaintiff here. Cutting off the shlong is a LAST RESORT, not a spur of the moment decision. I’d choose death over no-donging it for life, so I’m guessing Seaton might be in the same boat. At the very least, he should have been able to host a going away party or take a few pictures for the fireplace mantle.

Kentucky man suing Dr for amputating penis — Huffington Post

"Deborah, if you say "its not a big deal" one more time....they didn't cut off my hands so I can still slap the shit out of you!"


Could you be? The most beautiful girl in the world?

Susanne Eman feels sexier than ever now that she’s on her 20,000 calorie per day diet. 2 years ago she was struggling with her wake and hated herself. Now that she’s packing on the pounds, she is noticed by black men and apparently gets laid more. Right now the 32 year old single mother is around a svelte 800 lbs, and feels healthier than ever. Her goal is to be the fattest woman ever, more than 1600 lbs.

‘The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn’t I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?’

She can’t work because of her weight, and has to use a scooter to get around, but she insists its a healthy lifestyle. Her heart and her scooter think otherwise. Newsflash, if you can’t walk, and you can’t work, you’re not healthy.

Arizona woman aims to be the worlds fattest person — Daily mail

Brothas have been put on notice!


Ok, since I can’t leave you with that last pic, and say have a Horn-y weekend, I leave you with this madness…

Metaphor run amok

Kenny Powers convention?

"Oh this Riot's a RIOT!!!!"

Beer goggles get the best of everyone

What you can't see is Yoda giving him road-head

Do you carry any in black?

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