Crap you should read Tuesday (8/16)

Magical Misery Tour:

President Obama saw his GOP friends having so much fun in Iowa, so he decided to take his own little tour to the Midwest. But Barry wasn’t campaigning – oh no! The White House will have us believe he just happened upon the “battleground” state randomly to mingle among everyday Americans.

They’ll have us believe that the fact that the GOP owned Iowa for the last week, and bashed The President the entire time, had no bearing on his choice to talk about the economy and job creation. Pure coincidence that it looks and sounds exactly like campaigning. Of course, the GOP is screaming that Obama should be back in Washington focusing on problems and not on his “Magical Misery Tour” (major props to Mitt Romney for that jab) campaigning against them.

Both sides are full of crap. A sitting President will always face this BS from challengers during the election cycle. He has to sit back and listen to challengers destroy him, but he can’t say a word. Every time he leaves the office he will be acccused of campaigning instead of governing. It’s lame. The President SHOULD be focused on governing, but sometimes that means taking the message out to the road. Should the President never leave his office for the last 2 years before an election? Should he never try to sell Policy just because it might help his re-election?

Election time doesn’t give challengers free reign to rule the airwaves 24/7; a sitting President must defend himself and his policies to ensure passage and execution. Right now this guy has a lotta defending to do to alotta people.

Obama takes it to Iowa — Des Moines Register

"'I give props to Hip Hop, so Hip Hop Hooray...' Come on Iowa, you know this one."


Warren Buffett Opines:

I love Warrent Buffett. The Sage of Omaha opined in the NY Times that the Government needs to stop “coddling the super-rich”. Buffett, the 3rd richest man in the world, is always vocal that he’s cool with paying higher taxes, but the recent government talk about “shared sacrifice” makes him laugh. He knows that he and his Mega-rich friends haven’t been asked to sacrifice a thing. And why not? Most of the Mega-Rich already signed the “Giving Pledge” to give away half of their fortunes to philanthropies in their lifetimes; they want to help their country and their fellow Americans.

Buffett attacks the fallacy that higher taxes leads to killing jobs. He never — nor do any of his friends — makes decisions based on the taxes; they are what they are. He never shies away from investment because he’d pay more in Capital Gains. He even points out that when taxes were at their highest, so was job creation. Since the Bush tax cuts, job creation has stalled. It’s obvious.

Its so nice to hear Buffett speak the truth. We need more unfiltered people of influence. Buffett offers a couple of suggestions for the new “Super Congress”, including:

…for those making more than $1 million — there were 236,883 such households in 2009 — I would raise rates immediately on taxable income in excess of $1 million, including, of course, dividends and capital gains. And for those who make $10 million or more — there were 8,274 in 2009 — I would suggest an additional increase in rate.

My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.

Do yourself a favor and read the whole Op-Ed…before you hear about how stupid and crazy Warren Buffett suddenly is.

“Stop Coddling the Super Rich” by Warren Buffett — NY Times

After the Economy, Warren Buffett's favorite lecture topic: Motorboatin'


Miracle on Ice Scam? 

Last week, 11 year old Nate Smith won $50,000 for hitting an impossible shot between periods at a Charity Hockey game. Now he might not get the money because it was supposed to be his twin brother Nick on the ice instead.

Pat Smith bought three $10 Charity Raffle tickets for the opportunity to win $50k by hitting the puck through a 3.5 inch mini-goal 89 feet away. Nate recently had a cast removed, so everyone agreed to put Nick’s name on all 3 tickets. Nick got bored and left the game at halftime, so when one of the tickets was called, Pat had Nate take the “impossible” shot. Wanting to set a good example, Pat later called and confessed to the switcheroo. Now his kid’s $50k prize is in doubt.

What does the charity (or rather the insurance carrier) do? The rules clearly stated that the person named on the ticket was the only one eligible, but such language wasn’t on the raffle ticket itself. The father bought the tickets, does it matter which of his kids took the shot? It wasn’t malicious, he surely (like everyone else there) didn’t think his kid could hit the shot.

Pat was wise to say he already earmarked the money for college funds, so now the Charity would have to take money from kids’ education. Its just bad PR. More importantly,was honesty the best policy or did Pat Smith screw his kid out of $50k?

Pat Smith might have given back $50,000 of his son’s money — DailyMail

"Shut the Fuck up Dad!"


Cleaver, but no Ward:

Jeremiah Lee Wright is certainly out of contention for “Father of the Year”. Wright took a cleaver, chopped off his 7 year old son’s head, then left the severed head by the side of the road for his mother to see “and feel stupid” when she drove by. Yeah, you really showed her. Obviously Wright isn’t right in the head, and claims he heard voices.

Wright also told police he got sick of taking care of his special-needs son Jori, who was plagued with cerebral palsy that relegated him to a life in a wheelchair with a feeding tube. The voices told him that an ax to the neck would solve his dilema. Has there ever been a Cleaver murder that wasn’t egged-on by voices?

Wright faces the death penalty if convicted, but why is it even a question? This human being does not deserve to live, and the good people of Louisiana shouldn’t have to house and feed him 3 meals a day. Just give the scumbag a cleaver and whisper sweet nothings in his ear; he’ll do the rest.

Father decapitates 7 year old son with cleaver because he was sick of taking care of him — Daily Mail

"Whats in the box??? What's in the boooooooooooxxxxxx?"


Nightmare Squared:

Talk about mixing your phobias. Two men were rescued yesterday from drowning….in an elevator. The construction workers were at the Staten Island Hotel during a heavy storm. The elevator started acting up, then finally stalled when they reached the flooding basement. They called 911, but couldn’t remember the exact building they were in, only the intersection. The phone died.

The elevator rapidly filled with water. FDNY arrived, but didn’t know what building to attend to. The Staten Island Hotel front desk told them everything was fine, but on a hunch, the Firefighters drove around the premises and heard screaming. By the time FDNY reached them, the two guys were standing atop supply carts, necks barely above the water. Fortunately their pants were still on, otherwise they’d have some ‘splaining to do.

FDNY rescues 2 guys drowning in elevator — Staten Island Live

"Took you 26 hours, least you can do it give me another 2 minutes"


Captain Awesome Fail:

Captain Awesome is here to remind you about Darwinism. And rockets.

Have a Horn-y one…


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  1. Magical Misery Tour
    You did not mention that the buses were paid for by taxpayers for over $2,100,000.
    Most of the complaining that I heard was that the President is clearly using the $2.1M busses to campaign for re-election.
    The White House claims that these are necessary to talk about his jobs tour.

    To be fair, none of his policies have effected the job market (positively), maybe riding around on Public Transportation and talking and talking and talking might work.