VIDEO: Bachmann on Meet The Press

Too Easy...


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s weekend seemed to be going great, so I’m not sure why her campaign let her go on Meet The Press on Sunday.

MTP is a great show, one of the few left on television that holds Politicians accountable for, and makes them answer for their own words. If there’s one thing the Congresswoman can’t face, it’s her own words.

Here host David Gregory plays Bachmann’s anti-homosexual clips and asks her if this is what gay Americans have to look forward to in a Bachmann presidency. Of course, Bachmann refused to answer, and stuck to her canned nonsensical replies.

Considering she folds (and gets visibly frustrated) under every interviewer that asks her real questions about her record and views, this might be the last time we see the Congresswoman on a channel other than friendly Fox News.

Watch the video below, and cringe accordingly…



  1. Oh sure…a fantastic show…let’s look at the transcript.
    MR. GREGORY: Let’s talk about the important issue in this campaign and what Americans are really dealing with right now, and that’s this economy. You said in the debate this week that you could, as president, begin to turn the economy around within several months. How specifically would you do that? How would you jump-start growth?

    REP. BACHMANN: Sure. I think the markets need to see a signal, what’s going to come out of Washington. And the only signal they’ve seen so far is that it is going to be more spending, spending money that we don’t have and more taxing. And so that leads the markets to say it doesn’t look like we’re going to see a new, a, a new face of our business world. And so what we need to do is have a president who is willing to come forward and have true spending reduction and people in the business world, I know this as a businesswoman, we have to know what the tax rates are going to be. That needs to be stable. And I’ll tell you the biggest job killer right now, because I’m all across Iowa asking people, business people tell me it’s Obamacare and it’s the Dodd-Frank law. Dodd-Frank is drying up credit for businesses.
    [[[[Okay…so he asked the question, and she answered. The President needs to send a signal that the government will stop spending, taxes rates will be predictable, and oppressive regulations that have been signed in the last two years should be repealed. 1,2,3.]]]]
    MR. GREGORY: Financial regulations.
    [[[[Gregory says, Ah ha! I got her! She can’t possibly believe that Barney Frank isn’t the 2nd Smartest man on planet earth!!!!!!]]]]
    REP. BACHMANN: Yes. And I have the repeal bill for Dodd-Frank. I also have the repeal bill for the Obamacare legislation. People want that gone. It is absolutely without a doubt a job killer. And I was just at a business…
    [[[[Yes. Dodd-Frank sucks, Obamacare is worthless, and they both kill jobs. People want it gone.]]]]
    MR. GREGORY: What…
    [[[[Oh my land! You didn’t just say that!!!! I’m shocked and appalled!!!]]]]
    REP. BACHMANN: …in Indianola, Iowa, they’ve let half of their workforce go, over 100 employees.
    [[[[You see Gregory…I actually talk to and listen to business owners. The citizens that make this country great.]]]]
    MR. GREGORY: What, what about immediately, though, because there are economists who are talking about you’ve got to do something to immediately stimulate the economy because the consumer’s simply not spending, there’s no demand out there right now.
    [[[[Kind of like that same question that I asked you before…well…actually, not kind of like…it’s the same one, but I didn’t comprehend your answer. So, I will ask it again.]]]]
    REP. BACHMANN: Well, we know what not to do, don’t we?

    MR. GREGORY: Well…
    BACHMANN: We know that, we know that you don’t pass another stimulus. We know that you don’t do a QE3, like the Federal Reserve wants to do. Those don’t work. And you don’t raise taxes. That will clearly put us in a double-dip recession.

    MR. GREGORY: What about, what about extending the payroll tax cut? Is that something you could support?
    [[[[Uhhh…uhhhh….well, uhhhh….uhhhhhh….]]]]
    REP. BACHMANN: I think what we need to do is to cut government spending right now. I think that’s…
    [[[[Let me reiterate because you seem to be breathing through your mouth and uttering uhhhhhhh…..uhhhhhh….uhhhhh]]]]
    MR. GREGORY: But I’m asking you about the payroll tax cut. Would you extend that?

    REP. BACHMANN: Well, the payroll tax cut, as many people know, was a part of the tax compromise that occurred in December. That is one aspect that can be done. But again, I think what we need to focus on more than anything is what will lead to job creation. And what will lead to job creation is taking the United States down from about the top corporate tax rate in the world at 34 percent, down to something that is far more competitive.

    Great job Mr. Gregory. You are a regular Edward E. Murrow.

  2. Hahahaha, it’s amazing how TeaBaggers can’t think on their feet & believe that if they say the same thing over and over something will become a “truthiesm”