Crap you should read Monday (8/15)

Political Fix:

Couple things of note on the Political front. The Ames Straw Poll was hosted in Iowa, and this is where Candidates buy their way into an unofficial poll to see where their campaign stands 15 months before election time. Not all the candidates participate, so its just a poll between who pays. Romney wasn’t in it (he’s the leader, so only has something to lose), Palin wasn’t in it (she’s was only there to suck up attention) and Perry wasn’t in it (he announced this weekend, probably to feed off the attention without putting a number to it).

The results: apparently Iowa hates homosexuality and reading, because Michele Bachmann won the Poll. The big surprise was that 2nd place went to Libertarian Ron Paul whose decades-old “Small Government” crusade finally has supporters.

Tim Pawlenty finished 3rd in the Straw Poll, but it wasn’t enough for the former Minnesota Governor who decided to officially end his Presidential Campaign. Pawlenty is one of the few GOPers with no substantial personal wealth, so he’s unable to hemorrhage money like the other guys with no real chance at winning the Nom. But just like that, the GOP Race lost one of its more rational voices, and the only real “everyman” of the bunch.

On a plus side for Republicans, President Obama’s approval rating dropped to 39%, his lowest ever Gallup Poll number. This is lower than it was during the debt ceiling debate, so I’m guessing most of America didn’t like his Great Compromise with House Republicans. 54% disapprove of his job so far, also the worst figure he’s seen yet. While troubling, its par for the course at a time when Republican campaigns own the airwaves and spill Obama-hate day and night.

Bachmann and Paul top 2 after Ames Straw Poll — Washington Independent

Obama’s poll numbers drop below 40% — LA Times

"Oh, Tim, there's your political career...all the way back there, see it?


Meet the Press

Bachmann’s weekend seemed to be going great, so I’m not sure why her campaign let her go on Meet The Press on Sunday. MTP is a great show, one of the few left on television that holds Politicians accountable for, and holds them answer for their own words. If there’s one thing the Congresswoman can’t face, it’s her own words.

Here host David Gregory plays Bachmann’s anti-homosexual clips and asks her if this is what gay Americans have to look forward to in a Bachmann presidency. Of course, Bachmann refused to answer, and stuck to her canned nonsensical replies. Considering she folds (and gets visibly frustrated) under every interviewer that asks her real questions about her record and views, this might be the last time we see the Congresswoman on a channel other than friendly Fox News.



Pakistani Pals

Another big bump in the road of US/Pakistan relations, and once again its fallout from the Bin Laden Raid. You might recall that the US used super-stealthy BlackHawk helicopters to pull off the daring raid, and that one of the copters malfunctioned and crashed in Osama’s yard. Seal Team 6 members scrapped the chopper and blew up the wreckage to keep the super-secret technology from falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, it did…Pakistani hands.

America knew Pakistan was pissed we didn’t seek their approval to pull off this raid in thier country, but the US still pleaded with Pakistan to keep a remaining piece of the chopper wreckage, a tail section, secret until we could remove it. Now its reported that Pakistan Intelligence (ISI) shared the tail section with the Chinese, allowing them to photograph it and take samples of the stealth skin that allowed to slip undetected into Pakistan airspace. Needless to say, the US is pissed.

Is this any surprise? Pakistan is not our friend, they’re in it for themselves. If anything, they’re closer with China, a $9billion trading partner and their #1 weapons supplier. They laugh at our couple billion in aid, and their people hate us for battles that have taken place on their land and claimed Pakistani lives. They likely reveled in the chance to share our technology with China, who after all, will be our greatest “SuperPower” opponent for the next 100 years.

Pakistan let China see the Stealth Copter tail section from Bin Laden raid — Reuters

"Hell no! I asked for the football back. Its your turn!"


Stage Collapse

A scary tragedy took place in Indianapolis at the State Fair on Saturday. In the video below you see a devastating storm roll in during a Sugarland concert, and the accompanying wall of wind, dirt and rain that proved too much for the huge stage. The scaffolding came crashing down on the crowd; 5 were killed and dozens more injured.

The video is terrifying, but finally after my 20th viewing, I noticed the true heroes that immediately start running to the collapsed stage to help those in need.


Extra Sugar:

Melissa Redmond, 29, was a popular Dunkin Donuts employee, at least until Rockaway Police stepped in. Apparently the Graveyard shift wasn’t only time to make the donuts, but it was also time to turn some tricks in the back. The economy is tough on everyone, and Melissa was apparently making a couple extra bucks in the mid-morning hours by letting customers put the jelly in her doughnut.

Cops found out about this little go-getter, and came up with Operation: Extra Sugar to take her out. An undercover officer pulled up the drive-thru, and was told “if he wanted a good time, call her.” He called, she ran down the value-menu and pricing, and she was arrested.

I’m upset about this, not just the cops taking down a beacon of commerce, but also because her “if he wanted a good time, call her” line. I expected some cool codeword to get things started…maybe “I’ll take my coffee, extra HOT” or “Boston Cream (wink wink)”. In any case, Redmond is gone, but I still don’t recommend trying the Glazed again for a week or two.

Dunkin Donuts worker arrested for Turning Tricks — Big 1059

Screw you NJ! Miami Dunkin' employees look like too...except significantly more Haitian



Why so serious? Pittsburgh residents got to watch a little more Dark Knight Rises this weekend as the shoot played out on the streets of Downtown. This time they witnessed an awesome BatWing “fly” around  “Gotham City” in a chase with a couple of camoflauge Tumblers and Catwoman on the BatPod cycle. The BatWing looks badass, and when it turns the corner, you can even see Batman chillin in the cockpit.

Batman usually only comes out at night, so this Pittsburgh shoot has allowed Bat-Geeks because to see a lot happening during daytime hours. Director Chris Nolan is a smart guy, and realizes that taking the movie out of the sound-stage and onto the city streets grounds his comic-book tale in reality. The leaked footage is also great for general movie-nuts as we’ve been given a rare glimpse into the making of a HUGE blockbuster as its filmed on location.

Enjoy, and heres to a Horn-y start of the week…

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