Video: Words with Friends…or ELSE!

Bitten by the Words with Friends bug? Check out the video Words with Friends…or ELSE! by Sean Klitzner and Toby Turner. Just a bench, a couple of iPhones, and two friends…or are they? Hilarious crap.

I was addicted to Words with Friends. It starts out as a fun game with a FRIEND over multiple sittings, and a great way to exercise your brain while on the toilet. Then it became an obsession. My innate need to complete every “Your Move” in one sitting was crippling once I’d have 12 games going. I couldn’t mentally leave the bathroom. I’d be washing my hands and hear a “bing” and contemplate sitting back down. I had to find a new bathroom app.

So watch the video below, then follow Sean Klitzner on Twitter and check out more of his videos on his YouTube Page. Funny, talented guy.

Words with Friends…or ELSE! — Youtube


Words with Friends…or ELSE — Youtube