Crap you should read Thursday (8/11)

Super Congress:

Everybody’s favorite Debt Ceiling bill called for the creation of a Super Congress that could fast-track a solution to our budgeting crisis. This 12 person committee will compromise 6 Republicans, 6 Democrats, with half from the House and half from the Senate. If they are unable to come up with a solution by the prescribed time, automatic cuts and provisions will kick in.

So Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already announced the Senate Democrats, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has yet to announce the House Dems. House Speaker John  Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have named all 6 Republicans already.

To no one’s surprise, ALL 6 of the Republicans have signed Grover Norquist’s pledge to NOT raise taxes. As Norquist is the most powerful man in Washington, and vows to ruin the career of anyone that goes against the Pledge, this means that raising taxes to bring in money will NEVER be a viable option. So once again “compromise” means getting nothing in return, but forced slashing from entitlement programs and things that we need, like Defense, Medicare, Education, Enviornment, etc.

Some compromise, huh? It’s not so much a deal, as it is a promise that NOTHING will be done. The Republican Party’s entire policy is to ruin our country so the people blame Obama, and this will allow them another platform to pretend to debate when they have no intention of doing so. So the automatic slashing cuts will be put in place, and our country will fall further behind the standards we set for ourselves. Its beautiful Politics, horrible for our country.

Mitch McConnell and Boehner make appointments, all 6 signed Grover’s pledge — Huffington Post

"I know, I can hardly believe we're getting away with this Crap myself."


Name & Shame:

The Sun reports that the Brit Police are posting hundreds of pictures taken from security cameras that show rioters and looters breaking the law. Their hope is that people will step up, name them, and shame them.

This is a real interesting call for people power, and a new way to turn Social Networking into Social Policing. Its basically the old school way to use the network to find people, rather than turning the pics loose on facial recognition programs and letting Big Brother loose forever.

Are you a fan of Social Policing?

Name and Shame a rioter — The Sun

"That's the way... we became the Shady Bunch..da-da-da-da-dum!"


Anonymous v Facebook?

The world went a little nuts yesterday when some people re-discovered an old video (below), reportedly from hacktivists Anonymous, that threatened an attack on Facebook on November 5. The threat seemed real enough, especially given that Nov 5 is Guy Fawkes Day, the dude who’s face is celebrated on all those creepy white masks that Anonymous members wear (like ‘V’ for Vendetta) because he tried to blow up the House of Lords back in 1605.

The video says that Facebook is targeted because of their attacks on our privacy, especially the fact that profiles are NEVER deleted, but stored deep in Facebook’s server to be mined for information for eternity. They’re also claim that Facebook works with the Government to facilitate spying on its members.

Gawker reports that Operation Facebook is NOT REAL, but was rather created by a couple of fringe Anon members to scare Facebook into rethinking their privacy controls, and eventually set up a Facebook alternative. Speakeasy, took to Pastebin to make it clear that this is not a Anonymous operation, but was his own doing. Speakeasy’s group tried to set the operation up, but got bored with the idea and disbanded. Unfortunately, they forgot to clean up all the mess and now, months later, someone found the video and started hyping it.

“Anyway, the whole thing is a massive clusterfuck and i feel responsible, so can someone sort that shit out?”

I’m trying Speakeasy! But will there be a Facebook attack now that the hype has grown? Does the half-billion strong Social Site need to be concerned? They should be, even if no “damage” is done, there’s an infinite amount of personal information to be pilfered from Facebook, especially photos that can be entered into some hacker’s monstrous facial-recognition database.


Hacker plot to kill Facebook is a big misunderstanding — Gawker


Stratosphere Club

Today the Pentagon and The Pentagon and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will test a sub-orbital jet that travels at hyper-sonic speeds. They will launch the Falcon HTV-2 on a rocket, where it will separate and then glide back to Earth at 20 times the speed of sound, or 13,000mph. This means a trip from LA to NY would only take 12 minutes.

Hopefully this will go over better than the 1st test in April, which ended in an intentional crash once technical difficulties compromised safety of the project.

Of course, this is DARPA and the Pentagon, so we know that this is, in essence, a military program. This test flight is unmanned and unarmed, but the hope is that the Falcon can soon be weaponized to bring down the fire anywhere in the world in less than an hour. The costs is $308 million so far, and the program is set to be operational by 2025.

Can’t wait to see what Russia and China are building to match this. Escalation much?

UPDATE:  DARPA reports that it lost communication with Falcon after separation, about 20 minutes into its planned 30 minute flight. It stopped sending back information, which means it likely followed through on its termination plans and crashed itself at sea. Good thing 2025 isn’t right around the corner!

NY to LA in 12 minutes — Daily Mail

Can you imagine the FAA pat-down before you board this thing?


“My Bad” of the Day:

Everybody on board the NY-bound Jetblue flight was pissed at Robert Vietze. Probably had something to do with Vietze’s drunk ass pissing all over a fellow passenger.

Vietze had a couple drinks, 8 to be exact, then stumbled back to the lavatory. He only made it 5 rows back, thought it was sufficient, unzipped, and started peeing all over a sleeping 11 year old girl. The girl’s father came running over to beat the shit out of Vietze mid-stream. They were seperated, and Vieteze was cited for FEDERAL indecent exposure.

I have a friend who pees himself just about every time he gets wasted, but at least he has the decency to do it while he’s sleeping fully clothed on your couch. Vietze, on the other hand is facing a FEDERAL charge. The Feds don’t futz around on this stuff, so Vietze needs a good lawyer before he has to report as a sexual predator for life.

On the plus side, its reported that the girl stayed warm the entire flight.

Creep in Jet Stream — NY Post

"Why you in here?" "I killed a man, you?" "I had to tinkle."



Good Day at Work:

Thought your office had a good view? A Consulting Executive was looking out of his third Avenue office in Manhattan when he noticed a scantily clad woman on the balcony of a neighboring building. Turns out a porn shoot was going on, and he was a lucky witness.

The man realized his good fortunate, so alone with the pictures, he posted a message saying that the millions of windows in NYC are like playing voyeuristic Lottery.

‘The ticket price is a great view and time…The winner is determined solely by chance, creating a high level of anticipation. Both winners and losers will generally continue to play indefinitely, despite the infrequency of any reward.’

Thank you guy, and thank you iPhone, for a Horn-y Thursday.

Bored NY Exec gets porn show from Window — Daily Mail

Through the back-door

"Maybe she's born with it. Or maybe it shot on her face."

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