She’s got Michele Bachmann Eyes

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is notorious for the meticulous crafting of her image. She goes to great lengths to ensure that the public sees only what they need to affirm her as the perfect Conservative Evangelical Darling.

Unfortunately for the Presidential hopeful, the curtain has been yanked back a couple of times this week.

The New Yorker ran a must-read piece about the difficulties real political advisers have with the Tea Party Queen.

It’s not only damage control from her numerous blunders, but also the transformation from loud-mouth evangelical hopeful into a legitimate national contender. After all, how can you take someone who panders to the extreme Right-wing and sell them to the rest of the country?

(Read: Leap of Faith: The Making of a Republican Front Runner — The New Yorker)

Bachmann’s people are none too happy as they likely assumed that the writer, Ryan Lizza, would be a sycophant kiss up like everyone that spends a significant time around the Congresswoman. An unfiltered version of their Queen (and her husband) leaking to the un-indoctrinated masses is their nightmare.

Fortunately for Bachmann, most of her supporters don’t take the time to read, so they won’t be too flummoxed by the New Yorker. But people in Bachmannville are pissed about Newsweek, mainly because that came with pictures. Especially the one of Michele’s face terrorizing gracing the cover over a headline The Queen of Rage.

(Read: Bachmann: Tea Party Queen — Newsweek)

Needless to say, Conservatives are all a flutter. Never mind that if this same picture and headline ran on, it would be applauded: “Yeah, take that Rage to DC! We’re angry, so are you!! Yeah!”

But Newsweek is a “Liberal” and “mainstream” publication, so now its proof misogynistic and anti-Conservative bias of the mainstream media. Shut up! Nothing about this is hating women or Conservatives.

You can't wipe out the Crazy

This cover only proves one thing: Newsweek just really doesn’t like Michele Bachmann. It’s obvious. There is no other way to describe the picture and headline.

The outcry becomes even more hysterical when you consider that it’s not a bad picture of the Congresswoman. She’s a pretty lady with a welcoming smile.

But we all see exactly what Newsweek wanted us to see. There’s only one way to describe it: Crazy Eyes.

Newsweek didn’t do anything too wrong (this time). The picture isn’t phot-shopped or doctored. Those are her eyes! Plus, Newsweek doesn’t have a contract with society to only print attractive pictures/articles. They could have posted a prettier picture of her, but those are everywhere.

This one captured the Bachmann they wanted to show people.

Many are crying that it was unfair to pick the ONE crazy looking picture of Michele, so Newsweek took it upon themselves to release more photos from the shoot. Hilariously, she has crazy eyes in almost all of them. (see pictures below)

Personally I feel they deserve a Pulitzer for capturing the “magic” that is this woman, but they really took a wrong turn by printing Queen of Rage on the cover. The article itself is called Bachmann: Tea Party Queen and doesn’t mention rage. The headline is too manipulative. It’s just dirty journalism; it makes it personal and completely kills credibility.

They should have just let the Crazy Eyes do the talking.

They eyes never lie.

(Here are a few more pictures from the Newsweek shoot, some of which also capture the crazy. It’s not camera trickery…)

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  1. I would have gone with the 2nd to last; the one that looks like she’s preying (yes, I know).
    Crazy without the controversial, that pic.

  2. This author and the Useful Idiots at Newsweek still do not have an understanding of what the Tea Party is all about.
    If they did, they would immediately realize that there are no Kings and Queens of the Tea Party. Like the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the Tea Party movement is comprised of citizens organizing against a ruling class that feels entitled to tax citizenry without representation(Federal Debt today is a tax to be collected in the future).

    The FEDERAL government has grown far to close to the Tyrannical side of the spectrum, the Tea Party is interested in moving back toward Liberty.

    • She is proud to take the mantle of the Tea Party Queen. If you Tea Partyers don’t want your message to be confused with her hateful messages, then kick her to the curb.

      It’s amazing that the Tyranny argument isn’t voiced more. Probably has something to do with it being blatantly untrue. 99% of the country doesn’t feel more “Liberty” because entitlement programs were cut. Nobody feels more “free” because environmental standards are lowered, defenses are minimized, and teachers, police and fireman are put out of work.

      There’s a big difference between responsible budgeting and drasticly harmful budgeting. This isn’t anywhere near the same as the Revolution against the British, so the Tyranny argument is bizarre.