VIDEO: Rise of the Planet of the AAs

Sometimes I want to rant, but then Jon Stewart sums it up better than I ever can.

What’s pissed me off now? Basically the “Follow the Money” argument. Why did our nation’s economic system collapse? That’s right, follow the money.

In this case, our economy was thrown into the dumps when the Debt Ceiling madness caused the world to lose confidence in our government’s ability to handle our debt and economy. Was it done intentionally? You becha. Follow the money.

After our credit level was downgraded, the cost of our debt plummeted. After all the lowered rating meant US Debt is not as safe of an investment as it was.

The DOW then plummeted 634 points Monday which means stocks were dumped left and right for new cash. So what did financial institutions, and the wealthiest of the wealthy pour that fresh stock-dumping capital into? You guessed it, Treasury bonds, or US Debt.

So the debt got cheaper, and the wealthy gobbled it up.

Follow the money.