The Pres’ Hip-Hop BBQ

Chuck: Yeah. Barry: Awright. Chris: I made it. Jay-Z: Who the fuck are these poor muthafuckers?

Fox News is so racist…

How Racist is it?

Fox News is so racist, they actually ran a story last Friday about Obama’s 50th birthday entitled “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ didn’t create jobs”.

Under that racist headline were 4 stock photos: Charles Barkley, Obama, Chris Rock and Jay-Z.

I’m not sure what’s the most offensive part about this. Is it…

A) The blatant racism of calling it a hip hop BBQ?

B) The blatant racism of only showing pics of black attendees?

C) Implying that Obama is a horrible person for having a 50th birthday party?

D) That his birthday party didn’t create jobs?


a) They didn’t play hip-hop. The US Marine Band started things off, then R&B singer Ledisi followed, as well as jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. Then Stevie Wonder closed things off. DJ Cassidy played Motown, hip hop, and ’70s and ’80s R&B.

Its not like Common was there. This wasn’t hip hop, its a dentist office.

b) He didn’t throw a Dre Day bash with hoopties and hos. It was a White House Lawn BBQ, and plenty of white people were there too stifling giggles when asking for fried chicken.

Besides racist, Fox News is just dumb: is it an insult to be pictured alongside self-made black millionaires?

c) He’s not a CEO who threw a multi-million dollar bash on company money. It was his 50th birthday. He and his wife served BBQ chicken, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and an assortment of pies. They paid for it on their own dime, not the taxpayer’s.

d) It did create jobs, dumbasses; people had to work the party!

This is such a blatantly dumb and racist heading/article, there is no way it was accidental.

These are the types of journalistic liberties that poison the mind of the easily manipulated masses. They should be embarrassed, but they’re not.

Naturally, in trying to show how classless the Pres is by having the chutzpah to have a 50th birthday and celebrating it with Those People, they actually made it seem like a party I’m pissed I missed out on.

Obama Parties while Rome burns — Fox News