Crazy Caption Tuesday


"Someone has to step up and tell Precious that she'll never be the top of the pyramid."

“That’s not a fart. This is a fart!”

Winner: Number Two

Runner Up:  BET’s version of Heroes makes it tough to save the cheerleader — Sophonda Cox

Runner Up:  The Ground is scared.  — The Babe


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  1. BET’s version of Heroes makes it tough to save the cheerleader

  2. Glen “Big Baby” Davis pursuing other options during the NBA lockout

  3. LaFawnda, in a startling display of school spirit, ate the mascot and trampled two male cheerleaders to death with her enormous feet.

  4. Director Ron Howard, to add realism to his upcoming high school football movie, donned uniform # 40 and played middle linebacker, where he was crushed like a bug.

  5. Bernice is psyched! She’s been asked to block for the new QB, her favorite player, #40, J-Smitty.

  6. Bluejays cheerleader working it to the max

  7. “That’s not a fart. This is a fart!”

  8. After failing in the NFL, Michael Oher went back to his bread and butter – getting discovered and adopted by a sympathetic rich white woman – this time as a high school cheerleader.

  9. This cheer was based on the novel Push by Sapphire

  10. “Who does Number 2 work for?”

  11. Chad exchanges a nervous glance with Becky and wonder how they will muster the strength to lift Tamika for the finale of an awesome cheer.

  12. An undated photo of Renyel Pinto as a Jays male cheerleader, immediately before the incident that caused him to give up cheerleading for a career as a shitty left-handed reliever.

  13. Auditions up and running for cheerleaders for Wildcats Part 2

    U G L Y you aint got not alibi, you UGLY (what what !?), you UGLY…..

  14. The most powerful fart ever.

  15. The ground is scared.

  16. Unfortunately the cheerleading squad could only have two girls because the bus hit its weight limit.

  17. The scripts for “Bring it on 19” and “Big Mommas House 7” were combined into one movie, “Big Momma Brings it on: Heart Disease and Diabetes”