Crap you should read this Weekend (8/5)

When in Romney… 

Oh Mitt Romney, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to create fake corporations to funnel campaign money. Seems that a company named W Spann, LLC donated $1million to Restore Our Future, a Political Action Committee for the Romney campaign. The shady part is that W Spann LLC was formed in March, made the donation in April, then dissolved in July.

Corporate donations are perfectly legal, but the corporation actually needs to be real, and not just a means of hiding the true source of the political donation. It is a violation of Campaign Finance laws to set a Corp to use as a “straw man” to funnel money, and that appears to be exactly what took place with W Spann LLC. Someone’s gonna have some answering to do to the FEC and the Justice Department, but more importantly Congress and the Supreme Court need to get their heads out of their asses and clarify the corporate loopholes for campaign contributions. Transparency is key to avoiding corruption, and people shouldn’t be able to hide behind the corporate veil to make donations.

Romney is the wealthiest of all the candidates, so having to give back a mil wont hurt him. What will hurt him is if more illegal contributions are noted. I’m looking forward to the usual course of events: the Romney Campaign will “defend” itself by demonstrating that everyone else is doing the same thing. I love shady news!

Company that made $1 million Romney contribution disbanded 4 months later– Huffington Post

"Sheesh, you guys and your internet"


Hack This:

When I see that dumb commercial of the guy starting his car from his iPhone app, I can’t help but think how the hell that moron’s car hasn’t been stolen yet. Think about it, if you can open your car by code, that means your signal and the code both exist somewhere out in cyberspace. That means someone else, besides you has it or can get it.

According to Engadget, a team from iSecurity was able to break into and steal a Subaru Outback using text messages from an Android phone.

By setting up their own GSM network, they were able to snatch up password authentication messages being sent from server to car, allowing them the option to ride off in a brand new crossover.

How do people not see this coming? If there’s a code, it can hacked. Bottom line. How many times do I need to repeat this before the world listens???

Hackers break into Subaru through text message —

Subaru owners should be shocked but all answered "Who'd want to actually steal a Subaru?"


Magic’s Big Regret:

Magic Johnson retired because of fear and ignorance of HIV. People didn’t know much of the disease, and he was the first straight guy to really get the disease. Other players (ahem, Karl Malone) refused to play with him out of fear of contracting the HIV. Also, Doctors assumed that Magic’s body wouldn’t be able to handle the rigors of a full season, and that he would weaken his immune system further if he played.

This week Magic revealed to Bill Plaschke that knowing what he knows now, his biggest regret is that he retired early. Funny, somehow I thought it’d be the unprotected sex.

I guess what he means is that now he knows how well Money combats HIV, and that with proper medical treatment (and more money) his body could have survived for another couple of years, and in turn saved us a couple of years of having to listen to him as an announcer.

Magic reveals to Bill Plaschke he regrets retiring — LA Times

James Worthy makes the spot judgement call to never touch Isaiah again.


Come on Kirstie: 

When you spend an entire season as a dancing tandem, its only natural that you get chemistry with your partner. I saw Dirty Dancing, I know what goes down. But then there’s the age old question…does the chemistry thing still hold when when your dance partner is fat as hell?

Kirstie Alley is to have us believe that she and former Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy had a little somethin-somethin goin on. She calls him her “soul friend” and says there’s “more than chemistry” going on between them, more so since the show is done. I’m sorry girl, I juss aint buyin’.

Besides the fact that she is 60 and he is 31, he is good looking and she is gross. Just because he didn’t run away from her when she put on a leotard, doesn’t mean he wants to bang. It just means he is desensitized to whale-ness. He is, by all accounts, a nice guy and I’m betting he didn’t want to break her clogged heart. He has now escaped gone back home to the Ukraine to film a TV show, leaving Kirstie here in the states to eat up the attention like a buffet.

My thought is that she’s getting a new sitcom, so her people are leaking this to try to convince the world she’s a commodity again. Even Sam Malone is chiming in with “I choose Diane, I choose Diane!” so I don’t think Alley has a hit on her lap. She also, does not have a Maksim on her lap.

Kirstie Alley says more than chemistry between her and Maksim — NY Post

Reportedly, the final straw was when she said "He's just so cute, I can eat him up!"


Like a good neighbor:

Australia — David Muscat, 47,  of Park Orchards is apparently an asshole. He pissed off all his neighbors by violating some local ordinace and cut down all his trees. When neighbors raised hell, he took freedom of expression a step further.

Tell me you haven’t thought about doing this as some point.

David Muscat gives neighbors the middle finger — AOL

Neighbors are thankful he didn't choose his original sculpture, "Blow Me"


Oh Catwoman!!!

Its been a Dark Knight Rises kind of week, so its only fitting they saved the best leak for last. Earlier this week, some footage leaked from on location in Pittsburgh, and now pictures of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman have hit the net. Damn she looks amazing. A far cry from the Cat-women of the past, there are no stupid ears, or whips, etc. Just a hot body, tight outfit, and a cool ass bike.

Did I mention that she is, by far, my favorite actress in Hollywood? Not only is she ridiculously talented, but she fully understands the concept that the key to baring your character’s soul is to bare her breasts. The CGI nipple craze will not keep her from flaunting her perfect set. Rumor has it she almost turned down Christopher Nolan’s offer because she couldn’t get naked for Batman. Sure, I started that rumor, but it sounds like it could be true.

As far as what we can tell from these pics, the bike she’s on looks a lot like Batman’s Bat-pod, so I’m guessing there’s some sort of tie between Brucey and Selina Kyle that lets her get her hands on his bike. It also appears that she’s rolling up to the snowy fight scene we saw the other day from the Pittsburgh shots on the steps of The Mellon Institute.

Enjoy the pics, and have a Horn-y weekend.

Click here for more pics of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman —

Riding into my dreams

Did Lucius Fox foresee Selina Kyle when he designed the seat position? If so, well done sir.



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