Scott Galvin Still Works with Kids, Are You Kidding Me?

Scott Galvin gets comfy with your kids


by Justin Smith

It’s now been 3 years since Greg Horowitz succumbed to the pain and took his own life. That means it’s been 3 years since Scott Galvin was exposed in Greg’s suicide note for molesting him when he was a 12 year old boy.

Scott Galvin is City Councilman of North Miami. He is still in office, and he still works with kids. Are you kidding me?

I read the May articles on The Ryno’s Horn about the accusations of molestation, as well as providing drugs and alcohol to kids, and was shocked. To be honest, I’m done being concerned whether Councilman Galvin is lying or telling the truth.  My big concern now is how someone can keep a job working with children when such detailed accusations are brought against them from multiple young adults.

Besides his post protecting the Citizens of North Miami, Scott Galvin works as the VP of Education with the Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, Inc. This is a 50 year old, non-profit organization that helps children in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools.  J.A. relies on the donations from companies and individuals to survive.

A man who serves as VP in this type of organization, one with this type of access to children, needs to be held to the highest standard. Galvin’s name was all over Greg Horowitz’s suicide letter. 6 more men came out to say he used to get them drunk and high when they were kids.

(For a recap of the horrid, shocking story, you need to read: Is Councilman Scott Galvin a Child Molester? and More witnesses come out against Councilman Scott Galvin)

I understand that Statutes have run and Councilman Galvin can’t be prosecuted in a court of law on the evidence at hand. I also understand that his “constituents”
and voters apparently care less about the evidence pointing to Scott Galvin being a child predator; they continue to vote him in as Councilman. The evidence we do have is too dangerous to ignore for parents, and certainly enough to warrant his immediate removal from Junior Achievement and working with young adults.

This article is not about Scott Galvin as a human being.  I am not trying to convince anyone of his guilt. Regardless of the extent of the “truth”, these allegations come from more than once source. They come from the final words of a young man lost to suicide, and at least 6 more that say he regularly provided drugs and alcohol when they were younger. They say he was a man in his late 20s who hung out and partied with 12 year old boys. Parents, grasp that for a second.

Galvin should no longer be allowed to work around children until he proves every single accusation false.

Yes this is a high standard. I’m not saying to throw him in prison. I’m saying that we need an extremely high standard when our children are involved.

Galvin has a few canned replies when ignoring the accusations: “Greg was a scorned lover”, “I don’t remember when I met him”, “these are dirty political games” or my favorite “this is a homophobic attack on a homosexual”.

These aren’t defenses, and surely they surely don’t satisfy any type of standard when it comes to working with children. He should answer every allegation to a reasonable satisfaction, otherwise he needs to be fired.

Accusations of Child Predator Behavior = No jobs around our kids.


It’s irresponsible to sit back and do nothing just because a court can’t prosecute him anymore. We need to prevent our children from people who are accused of abusing children from spending time with more potential victims in a professional capacity. We owe our children much more than that.

There is no room for error. Molestation is something that impacts you harshly when it happens, even more so when its someone you trust or someone in a power of authority. In most cases defines and ruins someone’s life.

Scott Galvin is not accused of cheating on a lover, he is not accused of shoplifting and he is not accused of cheating on his taxes.  All these things while frowned upon, should not be cause to prevent him from working with children. We are talking about accusations that deal directly with harming children!

Can we risk having a man with allegations against him like this to be around our children in a professional capacity?  To me, the answer is an unequivocal “NO”.

To be clear, Scott Galvin obviously has his supporters; after all he was re-elected numerous times. Many people say he’s a great guy, who has dedicated his life to doing wonderful things. This support doesn’t prove anything.

How many people at Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, Inc. have accusations like this against them?  I am going to make an assumption here, but I am going to say ZERO.  So why hasn’t Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, acted on it?

The way I see it, we have four possible situations right now.

Situation 1: Scott Galvin continues at his current position. Nobody is ever molested or violated in any way by Scott Galvin. All accusations are false and Scott Galvin is a victim of lying conspirators and a scorned lover. Catherine Haga, President of Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, Inc. rests easy because she ignored the allegations and did not fire Scott Galvin.

Situation 2: Scott Galvin is let go from Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, Inc. and forced to get a job that doesn’t involve children. Years later, we find out all accusations are false and Scott Galvin is a victim of lying conspirators and a scorned lover. Catherine Haga, feels guilty for firing Scott Galvin and she feels guilty for firing him even though he was innocent. Fortunately, she can rest easier knowing she did her job to protect children.

Situation 3: Scott Galvin is let go from Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, Inc. and forced to get a job that doesn’t involve children. Years later we find out all the accusations are true and Scott Galvin is a child predator. Catherine Haga breathes a huge sigh of relief knowing her caution possibly saved children who might have otherwise been victims of a child predator.

Situation 4: Greg was telling the truth and he was molested by Scott Galvin when he was 12 years old. Everything those 6 witnesses said about what Scott Galvin did with them when they were boys is true as well.  Galvin continues at his current position because Catherine Haga didn’t want to be rash and fire him. Years later we find out another child was preyed upon by Councilman Galvin.

Now I ask you, which of those situations is most tragic?  While it is sad if an innocent man loses his job, is it tragic?  Will Scott Galvin have nightmares until the day he dies because he was fired?  No, he will get another job not working around kids and he will be okay.

Situation 4 is tragic and should be avoided at all costs. It would be horrible to have a child’s life ruined because of inaction, even though the evidence was in front of us.

What does Catherine Haga, the one with the power to stop this, say to the parents of the child in situation 4? She surely can’t say that she would have stopped it if she could have. She surely can’t say it’s a surprise.

She can say that she felt bad firing someone because a court didn’t find him guilty. She can say that she put her friend’s job and political career ahead of their children’s safety. She can also explain this story to the court that could surely hold her and her friends at Junior Achievement criminally negligent for ignoring the evidence in front of them.

So what can we do to prevent this?

Email Catherine Haga, President, Junior Achievement of Greater Miami [ or call 305-687-3977 (ext 27)] or others within the organization to let them know you don’t want children subjected to this possible danger. The folks at Junior Achievement are the ones who need to act, and they haven’t.

Help me remind them their job is give kids the tools to a successful future and avoid the dangers that life has to offer. They surely can’t add another victim to the mix.


  1. We don’t convict people on accusations in this country. We don’t take away a man’s job because someone accuses them of a crime. There is ZERO evidence that Scott did anything wrong other than a suicide note written by a highly intoxicated and disturbed young man.

    • I’m happy American commented because other readers need to see what denial looks like. We don’t take away people’s jobs based on accusations, we fire them when their job entails working with kids and they’ve been accused of getting kids wasted and molesting children. Even if it’s one single accusation, with an iota of merit, they should be let go.

      It’s real nice that you mentioned that the young man who committed suicide was highly intoxicated (the drugs in his system were mostly prescribed for a medical condition) but I wouldn’t expect you to focus on facts. Also, why do you think the young man was disturbed? He was molested as a youngster by Mr. Galvin and when he finally had to come to grips with what took place, he was unable to cope.

      Mr. Galvin and other child molesters in society are lucky to have supporters that make up excuses that allow them to do their dirty work.