Crazy Caption Friday

My other ride is a lightning bolt


Think you have a better caption?

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Winners will be announced over the weekend.


  1. Lost footage from Christopher Reeves’ last film, “Flash Gordon: The Disabled Days”

  2. Black guys go to Comic-Con?

  3. “This Segway gets me to AA meetings in a flash.” — Sheldon Frankel (posted on Facebook)

  4. ‘It’s not my hand that’s doing the steering…’ — Jimmy(posted on Facebook)

  5. In this recession, even the Flash had to downgrade from supernatural speed to fat Walmart tourist speed.

  6. Even our superheroes are suffering from the Great American Plague: Laziness.

  7. In an attempt to cater to his audience, GOB Bluth dressed as the Flash for his first annual Comic-Con Magic Show

  8. So daddy, that’s what a virgin looks like.