Crap you should read this Weekend (7/29)

Murdoch Madness, Crazy Atheists, Bash Brothers, Tyler Had-E, Forrest Gump Puma, Hidden Cam Scam…lots of Horn-y Crap to get you through the weekend….


More Murdoch Madness:

UK — The News of the World saga gets slimier and slimier.  Back in 2000, NotW‘s editor (and Murdoch’s top deputy) Rebekah Brooks “befriended” the mother of a murdered 8 year old girl and gave her a cellphone as a gift so she could “stay in touch with supporters”. Sweet, right? Wrong. The cellphone Brooks gave her was hacked by a private investigator working for the tabloid so all communications could be monitored. Of course Brooks denies knowledge, but are we believing anyone from that organization at this point?

I find this entire story intriguing. There is so much shadiness, blackmail, privacy invasions, government and police corruption…come on its awesome. I also love that everyone is now referring to it as the “Murdoch” story. Sure he’s the owner, so ultimately the buck stops with him, but there’s something more to it. First, for a good story, you need a villainous face, and oh boy does Rupee have one. Second, Murdoch is a media Emperor who has manipulated the industry for so long. When you make an empire by polarizing the world, one pole hates your guts. Or in the words of a great Pole, Walter Sobchak, “This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.”

I’m sure it was one of those liberal enemies who created this little browser gadget that will block any Rupert Murdoch owned websites from your browser. If only that poor mother had that on the cellphone. With over 4,000 accusations of hacking, I am sure this hopefully won’t be the last shady detail t0 emerge.

Never visit a Murdoch website again with this browser add-on

Murdoch paper hacked phone it gave as gift  to murdered girl’s mother — CNN

It's called the sun, guys. Look into it.


Crazy Athiests:

NYC — A National Group of Atheists are suing for removal of the 9/11 Cross from the World Trade Center memorial site. A group of people who don’t believe in God are pissed that a cross will sit on a site where almost 3,000 people perished. The Groups president, Dan Silverman said this in a press release:

“The WTC cross has become a Christian icon…It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn’t be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross. It’s a truly ridiculous assertion.”

Dude, how insensitive, stupid and off-the-mark can you get? I am not a Christian, yet I am in no way offended by this. It’s not a big gaudy, gold cross to celebrate Christianity. This piece of debris coincidentally shaped as a cross was pulled out of the rubble of dead bodies, friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and copy machines. It became a symbol, a shared memento to thousands that had to deal with this tragedy first hand.

Who the hell is this guy to take that away from them? I bet Silverman wouldn’t have the same point of view if they pulled out two triangles fused together. I don’t care if it was in the shape of a dong, if it had meaning to those that actually were a part of the disaster, and the resulting clean-up and healing, then it is perfectly acceptable.

The group is willing to accept a compromise to removal, and asks for other religious symbols to be included as well. If they’re atheists, why would they want that? Assholes.

Atheists sue over World Trade Center cross — Huffington Post

Stupid Atheists don't realize the benefits of the cross: has anyone seen any vampires around the site? Nope.


Bash Brothers:

Miami — Two brothers went a little ape-shit on an American Airlines flight headed to San Fran. An attendant tried to wake Jonathan Baez to put on his seat-belt while the plane was taxiing. Baez appeared loaded on something and unresponsive, so the Pilot returned the plane to the gate. After trying to wake him several times, the Pilot kicked Jonathan Baez off the plane, and his brother Luis went with him. Luis was also pretty wasted upset and threatened the Pilot: “When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed.”

A moment later, a beligerent Jonathan charged back onto the plane and punched the Pilot in they eye and decked a flight attendant that got in the way. The Pilot kinda got control of the situation, escorted both brothers off the plane again. That’s when Jonathan and Luis flipped the script and jumped the Pilot, beat him and chased him through the terminal. The subtlety brothers were finally subdued and arrested, but no word yet on how this affects their Frequent Flyer status.

I know the brothers were assholes, but why do they have to turn the plane around for a passed-out passenger? Couldn’t someone else put the seatbelt on this guy while he was sleeping? Its not like he was in the emergency exit row where you have the intense responsibility to nod your head “yes” when they ask if you’re hypothetically capable of helping people out if the plane doesn’t explode on impact.

Also, what does it mean to be “in no condition to fly”? Doesn’t that have more to do with the pilot than a passenger? Also, don’t they know that Miami Latins talk with their hands? The Baez brothers were just trying to get a point across, mainly they thought they booked their tickets in “low class”.

Brothers beat up Pilot — CNN

"Hey it wasn't United, no one said anything about flying the FRIENDLY skies!"


Tyler Had E:

Tampa — Tyler Hadley was apparently high on Ecstasy when he bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer before an epic house party. The kid was loaded with 3 pills in his system at the time of the pre-party murder, which leads to the obvious conclusion: worst E of all time, call your dealer and ask for your money back.

Tyler Hadley was high on E when he murdered his parents — CBS

Maybe they shouldn't have let him see "Thor"


On to Aslan:

Connecticut — DNA tests have confirmed I am not the daddy a mountain lion found dead in Connecticut was a tourist from 1,800 miles away. The puma is from a species native to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and became the first mountain cat spotted in CT in over a century. When asked why he traveled so far, surprisingly the dead puma said nothing. His family was unavailable for comment.

The puma’s Forrest Gump-like continental trek likely took him around Lake Michigan, through Chicago, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, until June when it arrived in Connecticut. Then he was hit by a car. Given that scientists say this inspirational journey was one the longest ever recorded for a land mammal not in a minivan, there is something to be learned from this.

Look both ways before you cross the street, stupid cat.

Mountain Lion goes the distance — BBC

The vet shows that Pumas just really want to hug


Hidden Cams Found:

Tampa — Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me. Two hot Bulgarian chicks actually did. Vanya Samokovareva, 22, and Ralitsa Dzhambazov,23, found my hidden cameras stashed all over their apartment in conspicuously fake smoke detectors and motion sensors. No room was safe from digital eyes, including the bathroom. Oh yeah, the girls had modeling jobs where they would dress in superhero costumes for some delivery service, which I am sure made for some good web viewing. They now claim they live in constant fear of being watched, though they will stay in the pad until their lease runs out. I’m sorry girls, that wasn’t my intention.

The two students sub-leased the apartment from a Bulgarian agency that sets people up on study/work abroad programs. I’m guessing someone that works there might own a voyeur porn website or twelve. I promise to diligently research and get to the bottom of this story.

Have a Horn-y weekend.

Girls find hidden Cameras in their Apartment — (from St. Petersburg Times)

Step 1 in making sure no one watches you shower: Get a shower curtain


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  1. Re; Crazy Athiests. Thanks for posting this story! As an atheist and first-hand witness to the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, I firmly believe that the cross should remain. For many, that cross resembled strength through its steely construction and was a beacon of hope during one of America’s darkest days. The way this beam stood defiantly proud among the rubble of a terrible tragedy bestowed upon Americans (of every background) was an iconic and powerful message of hope that many of us needed at the time.

    Lest we forget that we all need to exercise a little tolerance here, even from those of us who don’t see the spiritual relevance in a cross. The beam should remain as a reminder of the strength and courage many of us (especially those who lived near the WTC) found. A lawsuit is absurd.

  2. I think the Athiest group has a point here, though I agree that a lawsuit isn’t the best way to go about it. In my opinion the alternative with other religous symbols sounds reasonable. Let’s remember over 20% of those that died in the Twin Towers were not Christian (approx 15% were Jewish). Thus, though this cross in many ways transcends religion and is a symbol of hope, strength, etc (and therefore I believe it is appropriate to include in a shrine for Christian and non-Christian deceased) I also think that other religious symbols like the Star of David should be included.

    One more thing, the fact that this particular Athiest is willing to “compromise” and have other religious symbols included in the Memorial shows that he is not protesting based on an anti-religion agenda but, rather, on what seems to be separation of church and state / fair representation agenda. Again, I don’t like the lawsuit angle but I think you speared this guy a little too hard, Señor Ryno.

    • Wish I could agree with you RHS.

      I don’t see this is a “shrine” at all. And I totally don’t see this as a separation of church and state issue. Its a “What was pulled from the rubble” issue. If a star of david or a crescent moon was pulled from the rubble, then they should be included as well. I don’t think the WTC memorial was excluding anything, this was just pulled from the rubble and it meant a lot to a lot of people.

      If they were establishing a church on the site, then other religions would have to be included as to not do so would be selfish and insensitive. I just dont see that in this case.